WoW SoD: How to Get the Hound Jawbone in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery

Wondering what enemies drop Hound Jawbones in WoW SoD? Here's where you can find them.

Undead Mage fighting a darkhound
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Whether it’s new reputation grinds or item farming, your class will jump through hurdles to get Runes. Warlocks, in particular, need to go toe-to-toe with a few howling foes to get Demonic Grace. Here’s how to get the Hound Jawbone in WoW Classic: SoD

What’s the Hound Jawbone in WoW SoD? Answered

The Hound Jawbone is one of the items required to summon the level eight demon Soboz to get the Rune of Grace, which grants Warlocks Demonic Grace

It’s a specific drop for Undead Warlocks, whereas Gnomes and Humans of the same class will need to loot a Wolf Jawbone. Additionally, the reagent for Orc Warlocks is a Makrura Leg. Aside from the slight variations in item names, they’re all used with the same purpose of completing the ritual. 

How to Get the Hound and Wolf Jawbone in WoW SoD

There are three ways you can go about getting Hound and Wolf Jawbones for both factions. Here’s what I recommend: 

  • Loot it from any low-level hound or wolf enemies.
  • Purchase it from the Auction House in your capital city.
  • Trade with a friend.

Similar to Fish Oil, this is a common drop that can be traded amongst party members and guildmates, or sold for gold on the Auction House. At the time of writing, I saw both types of Jawbones going for less than one gold. However, there was also less than a handful of them available. Thankfully, you only need one to use it for the summoning ritual. 

Auctioneer in the Undercity
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What Enemies Drop Hound Jawbones in WoW SoD?

The nice thing about this reagent is that it’s accessible in your Warlock starting zone, as you just need to focus on killing Wolf enemies. This goes for both Alliance and Horde Warlocks. There will be plenty of wolves in the surrounding area that you can farm. Here are the best zones to focus on:

Where to Get Wolf Jawbones as Alliance

  • Gnome Warlocks: Coldridge Valley in Dun Morogh. You can fight Ragged Timber Wolves, Ragged Young Wolves, and Winter Wolves. 
  • Human Warlocks: Elwynn Forest, which offers low-level Young Wolves and Timber Wolves to farm. 

Where to Get Hound Jawbones as Horde 

  • Undead Warlocks: Tirisfal Glades, particularly between Brill and Deathknell. I found several Decrepit Darkhounds around the coordinates 49, 53. But there are many throughout the area, too. 

What Does Demonic Grace Do? Answered 

With a Hound or Wolf Jawbone in your possession, you’re one step closer to getting Demonic Grace. This is an instant-cast ability that improves your dodge and your pet’s dodge by 30% while also increasing your critical strike chance by 30%. 

It’s engraved on your Legs slot, and it’s one of those abilities that sounds too good to be true. The 30% dodge is extremely high by WoW Classic standards. The short cooldown of 20 seconds gives you high uptime, especially considering it lasts for 6 sec. All in all, if you’re planning to PvP as a Warlock, you’ll want this Rune. 

That covers how to get and use the Hound Jawbone and Wolf Jawbone in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery. For more tips on finding Runes, check out our dedicated guides hub, where we break down how to find a hidden Rune vendor and how to complete Spell Research

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