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Wuthering Waves F2P Schedule Guide

If you plan to stay free-to-play in Wuthering Waves, you'll need a F2P schedule to keep your account on-pace with other dedicated players.

Progressing in Wuthering Waves takes time, and you shouldn’t expect to be max level or have anything close to the best gear in even a week’s time. Instead, if you’re free-to-play, you’ll need to play the long game and stick to a daily F2P schedule of activities, tasks, and farming. Today, I’ll go over everything you need to do consistently to get the most out of Wuthering Waves.

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Wuthering Waves F2P Guide: Daily Tasks

Wuthering Waves offers about a half dozen tasks to complete every day, especially if you want to stay on pace with the members of the community who also play regularly. Some are incredibly simple, and others take a bit more effort.

Daily Missions

By far, the easiest and most immediately rewarding tasks you should do every day in Wuthering Waves are the daily missions. And until you reach Level 80 (apparently the current max), daily missions are also a great source of Union Level EXP. They also provide Asterite, upgrade materials, and a bit of spending money.

And what do you need to do to get all these juicy rewards? Tasks like “go to place and kill five dudes,” “craft a thing,” “upgrade an Echo one time,” “perform any character skill three times,” and so on. The whole process can take less than five minutes, so if you just don’t have the time to get in a longer Wuthering Waves grinding session, you can at least do the Daily Missions.

Spend Your Waveplates

Waveplates are the Stamina mechanic in Wuthering Waves, and you have a maximum of 240 to spend each day. They refresh at a rate of one every six minutes, meaning it takes 24 hours to get them back if you spend all 240. Waveplates have several different uses, but all of them boil down to collecting an upgrade material of some persuasion. Harder difficulties yield more and higher rarity materials. Specifically, you can spend Waveplates on:

  • Forgery Challenge: Weapon and Skill materials in timed challenges that pit you against a small group of enemies.
    • Cost: 40 Waveplates per completion.
  • Simulation Challenge: EXP and Credits in the easiest timed challenges available against a few waves of weak enemies.
    • Cost: 40 Waveplates per completion.
  • Boss Challenge: Resonator Character Ascension materials in fights against world bosses.
    • Cost: 60 Waveplates.
  • Tacet Field Cleanup: Echoes of various rarities in fights against the Echoes you could earn.
    • Cost: 60 Waveplates

There are also weekly challenges pitting you against story bosses (and one big, angry turtle) and the Tower of Adversity. The Tower of Adversity is a longer-term challenge that rewards 1,800 Asterite in one-time challenges, then 750 for its toughest difficulty, with rewards refreshing every 20 days or so.

Farm as Many Echoes as You Can

The Crownless boss Echo in Wuthering Waves
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While farming Echoes is the Wuthering Waves equivalent to Artifact or Relic Farming in Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail, respectively, Wuthering Waves is technically much more generous than its inspirations. Echoes have a fixed (but increasable) chance to drop from any non-human enemy in the game, bosses included. And you don’t even need to spend Waveplates to farm boss Echoes. Instead, all you need to do is kill the boss, and if it doesn’t drop an Echo, leave and come back in a few minutes. You can fight it again and again, then simply leave the Waveplate rewards unclaimed.

The amount of Echo farming you do is entirely dependent on how much time you have every day. If you only have enough for your dailies and a few minutes of farming, I’d recommend doing a couple of boss runs, then clearing one small or medium-sized area of the map.

If you’re looking for a specific type of Echo, you can use the Echo Gallery in the Databank menu to track a particular enemy type, placing a marker on your map where you can go and kill them. The marker updates with a new enemy until there are no more currently spawned, so while there is a limit to how many you can farm in a day, it’s not a small number.

Additional Regular Tasks

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There are a few additional tasks you should check in for every few weeks:

  • Pull (or don’t pull) on the new limited event character banners. Every three weeks, a new and/or returning character will be available on the limited character banner. Depending on the characters and teams you’ve already built, you might want to pull for the new hotness or just because they’re hot.
  • Buy the free Lustrous and Radiant Tides in the shop. Every 40 days, the in-game shop offers six standard and limited banner pulls for 70 Oscillate Coral, a currency you get from pulling on any banner. Buying these is a good way to supplement any pulls you’ve saved up, provided the timing is right.
  • Participate in limited in-game events. Each major update in Wuthering Waves has two phases, and there are two or three limited-time events you can do to earn extra Asterite and upgrade materials.

I’m hopeful we’ll get even more activities as Wuthering Waves evolves over the coming months and especially during its first year. For now, though, doing the activities in this guide regularly is the best F2P schedule for the game. For more content, check out our Wuthering Waves guides hub.

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