XDefiant: How to Fix Can’t Add Friends

If you keep getting an error when trying to join a party with your friends, you're not alone.

XDefiant players have been running into problems adding friends during the Open Session in June 2023. If you’ve gotten the “failed to join party group not found,” here’s more about the issue and potential fixes.

What is The Can’t Add Friends Error?

It seems the main issue with being unable to add friends in XDefiant comes from its crossplatform capabilities. Friends who’re both on the same platform are able to add each other without issue. Friends on different platforms, however, are unable to add each other or party up.

Is there a fix for the Can’t Add Friends error?

Ubisoft has confirmed there’s an issue with friends trying to party up across platforms, adding the error to their list of known bugs from the Open Session. They’ve released one patch already to attempt a fix of the error, but it persists. There are no known fixes for the error there’s no ETA currently listed for a fix. You’re best bet is to play with friends on the same platform until Ubisoft deploys another patch for error.

That’s all we know about being unable to send invites to friends or party up in XDefiant. If you’re experiencing other errors, such as an ECHO error, check out the rest of our guides for assistance. If your looking for gameplay guides, we have various builds, gun rankings and best settings for XDefiant for you to reference.

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