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Give Link the finest protection using our guide to the best armor sets in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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There are 36 armor sets in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Some of them can be found in the early game, while others require players to go on a much longer journey. It’s important to obtain more than one armor set in full, as they may be used in various situations, and many provide special bonuses when all three pieces are equipped. Our guide will provide you with a list of the strongest armor sets in TotK, including tips on how to get them.

Best Armor Sets in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Best Armor Set 1: Zora

The Zora armor set is by far the most unique gear you could find in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. It increases Link’s swim speed by three points, but I was especially impressed with its ability allowing Link to swim upward through waterfalls. If you collect all three pieces of the Zora armor set, you’ll get a Swim Dash Stamina Up bonus, which reduces the amount of stamina spent when swim-dashing.

If you want to get this unique armor, you need to go through a series of events that are described in detail in our guide on how to get the Zora Armor. But if you want some quick references for the locations of each piece, then here they are:

  • Zora Helm: Floating Scales Island (4106, 0519, 0585)
  • Zora Armor: Zora’s Domain (3842, 0551, 0485)
  • Zora Greaves: Ancient Zora Waterworks (3588, 0249, -0103)

Best Armor Set 2: Barbarian

The Barbarian set is one of the best armor sets for offensive purposes for a number of reasons. First, it’s easy to get, and it can be done relatively early in the game. Second, each piece of the set increases Link’s attack by one point. Lastly, when all three pieces are equipped, you get the Charge Atk Stamina Up bonus, which reduces the stamina used during charged attacks.

You can get all three pieces of the Barbarian armor set from the cave chests located at the following coordinates:

  • Barbarian Helm: Robred Dropoff Cave (2519, -1532, -0024)
  • Barbarian Armor: Crenel Hills Cave (0627, 0814, 0026)
  • Barbarian Leg Wraps: Walnot Mountain Cave (4055, -1882, 0155)

Best Armor Set 3: Yiga

Yiga armor may not be the best in terms of defense, but it’s definitely the top choice for stealthy gameplay. Each piece provides Link with sound reduction, whether it’s your footsteps, breathing, or any other noise produced by your movements. With this armor, you can get past any foe that you don’t want to engage with. On top of that, it grants the Night Speed Up bonus for a speed boost when moving at night.

I made a detailed guide on how to get the Yiga armor set right here. But if you’re looking for quick pointers for each piece, then here they are:

  • Yiga Mask: Great Plateau (-0803, -2256, 0087)
  • Yiga Armor: Akkala Ancient Tech Lab (4499, 3113, 0237)
  • Yiga Tights: Yiga Clan Maritta Branch Cave (-0658, 2105, 0163)

Best Armor Set 4: Frostbite

There are two ways of approaching cold biomes in the game: either to protect Link from it using the cold-resistant armor or to utilize frost to your advantage and increase your attack power using the Frostbite set. If you equip all three pieces of the Frostbite armor, then you also get the Cold Weather Charge bonus, which increases the speed of charge attacks when it’s cold.

Follow our guide on how to get Frostbite armor set for more details. Here’s also the short list of coordinates for all three pieces:

  • Frostbite Headdress: Lake Kilsie Cave (-3885, 2888, -0007)
  • Frostbite Shirt: Brightcap Cave (-3042, 1529, 0187)
  • Frostbite Trousers: Hebra Headspring Cave (-2906, 2570, 0402)

Best Armor Set 5: Phantom

Phantom armor is another example of a great offensive armor set that focuses on increasing Link’s attack power. I was amazed when I discovered that each piece adds 8 points of ATK without any of the set bonuses or upgrades. This one is truly designed for those who want to scare the biggest monsters out of their skin. It also won’t take you too long to find all three pieces of Phantom armor right here:

  • Phantom Helmet: Puffer Beach (0297, -3777, 0051)
  • Phantom Armor: Hyrule Ridge (-2968, -0985, 0033)
  • Phantom Greaves: East Barrens (-2522, -3737, -0030)

Best Armor Set 6: Zonaite

At one point, everybody starts using Zonai devices in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. If you’re especially enthusiastic about using them, then having a Zonaite set would be a given. It increases the energy recharge by 4 points per piece, and if you equip all three, then you get the Energy Recharge Up bonus, which doubles the battery’s recharge speed.

The full Zonaite armor set can be obtained on the sky islands at the following locations:

  • Zonaite Helm: Lightcast Island (-3591, 0942, 1723)
  • Zonaite Waistguard: Zonaite Forge Island (2375, -1775, 1489)
  • Zonaite Shin Guards: Near Sky Mine (4467, 2028, 1413)

Best Armor Set 7: Glide

If you enjoy skydiving, having the Glide armor set would be a great idea yo increase Link’s skydive mobility. But the main reason why I included this armor set in the list is the Impact Proof bonus, which negates fall damage. This ability may not only save you a couple of hearts, but save your life in the most unexpected ways.

All three pieces of the Glide armor set can be obtained after completing the Dive Ceremonies on the following islands:

  • Glide Mask: Valor Island (4548, -0846, 1120)
  • Glide Shirt: Courage Island (-2376, 0809, 0615)
  • Glide Tights: Bravery Island (0163, 1972, 0759)

Best Armor Set 8: Depths

One of the greatest threats in TotK is the Gloom, which affects Link in a most unpleasant way: damaging his hearts. If you want to explore the Depths without being influenced by Gloom, then wear this armor that provides Link with Gloom resistance. The full set grants the Gloom Attack Resist bonus, which adds extra hearts.

The full Depth armor set can be purchased at specific Bargainer Statues in the Depths at the following coordinates:

  • Hood of the Depths (300 Poes): Sixth Bargainer Statue (-1029, 2691, -0273)
  • Tunic of the Depths (150 Poes): Second Bargainer Statue (3850, -1329, -0858)
  • Gaiters of the Depths (200 Poes): Fourth Bargainer Statue (3708, 2599, -0414)

Best Armor Set 9: Ancient Hero’s Aspect

Ancient Hero’s Aspect isn’t an armor set per se, but a single piece that covers Link’s entire body. It has only one effect: increasing the power of your Master Sword’s beam. Note that you can’t equip any other pieces of armor while wearing Ancient Hero’s Aspect.

It’ll also be very hard to get this set, but if you’re a completionist by character, then it’ll be fun for sure. You’ll need to find and finish all 152 shrines in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Once this is done, go to the Temple of Time (0453, -0762, 1467) and open the chest containing Ancient Hero’s Aspect.

Best Armor Set 10: Royal Guard

If you’ve been able to get inside the Hyrule Castle and you got a bit tired of the Barbarian set but still want something similar but stronger, then the Royal Guard set will do the trick. It provides the same Charge Atk Stamina Up bonus, but it has better defensive stats than the Barbarian set, although nothing can beat Barbarian armor in the early game.

You’ll be able to find all three pieces of the Royal Guard armor set within the Hyrule Castle inside the following chests:

  • Royal Guard Cap: Princess Zelda’s Room (-0331, 1005, 0300)
  • Royal Guard Uniform: Guards’ Chamber (-0409, 0854, 0075)
  • Royal Guard Boots: King’s Study (-0173, 1119, 0214)

Those are the best armors you can get your hands on in TotK, with a little effort, of course. Stay tuned for more Tears of the Kingdom tips and tricks articles right here.

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