Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TotK) — Trapped Under Water Behind Stone Gate of Great Plateau Quest Guide

Here's how to complete the Trapped Under Water Behind Stone Gate of Great Plateau quest in TotK.

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There are hundreds of puzzles and hidden quests in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and one of the more mysterious you get from both a Bargainer Statue in the Depths and the Statue of Hylia on the Great Plateau. They both say that “[Someone is] trapped under the water behind the stone gate of the Great Plateau. Beyond this cryptic message, there’s very little to go on. Our guide will tell you how to complete the hidden Trapped Under Water quest in Tears of the Kingdom.

TotK Trapped Under Water Behind Stone Gate of Great Plateau Quest Walkthrough

To complete this Tears of the Kingdom side quest, go to the Great Plateau. The easiest I found is to use the Hyrule Field Skyview Tower to jump high above the Plateau and glide down to it. You could also use the Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower and approach from the west.

If you’re already exploring the Sky Islands some other way or don’t have either of these Towers, I suggest using Zonai Device contraptions to help you up the sheer walls of the Plateau — or you could simply climb up.

Trapped Under Water Quest Step 1: Drain the Water

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Using the Temple of Time Ruins as a marker, head to the northeast section of the Great Plateau and drop down to ground level. Circle around the Plateau’s base until you see a large section of breakable rocks leaking water at coordinates (-0557, -1530, 0023). Destroy them with a Bomb Flower or another fused weapon capable of shattering rocks.

Step 2: Speak to the Bargainer Statue Head Beyond the Gate

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With the water drained, you’ll see the brown, rocky head of a Bargainer Statue peaking out from the ground. Speak to it, and it will direct you back to the Temple of Time Ruins. The Hylia Statue there will thank you for freeing the Statue piece, then direct you on a larger side quest called A Call from the Depths. That will see you travel across the Great Plateau and the region of the Depths deep below it.

That’s all for solving the TotK Trapped Under Water Behind Stone Gate of Great Plateau quest. It’s not difficult, but depending on how much you’ve explored the Depths, the larger Call from the Depths side adventure can be a real challenge. In the meantime, check out our tips article on weapon modifiers, how to get the Frostbite Armor, and more in our Tears of the Kingdom guides hub.

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