New Super Mario Odyssey Gameplay Footage Released

New footage, which wasn't in the Switch presentation, shows off some more of Mario's cool new moves.

After this week's arguably divisive Switch presentation, Nintendo is hoping to win back undecided gamers around the world. To do so, they have just released more gameplay footage for Super Mario Odyssey, the open-world sandbox title that has the titular plumber wandering around New York and interfering with traffic before taking to what appears to be an expansive galaxy full of adventure -- and cool new Mario moves.

The newest footage starts at around 15:30 in the video below.

While not revealing much more than what we'd already seen in the Switch presentation footage, it's clear from this separate half-hour release that Nintendo is putting a lot of faith in the red one's latest escapades.

One of the main criticisms Nintendo has faced is the lack of excitement around the Switch's launch titles. And it appears that this new footage release is aimed at course-correcting that lack of excitement.

Unfortunately, Super Mario Odyssey isn't likely to drown out the grumbling since it isn't due for release until holiday 2017. So unlike Mario, we'll have to hang on to our hats a little while longer -- and wait in bated anticipation for a Switch launch title that knocks our socks off. 

Do you think Super Mario Odyssey will be worth the wait? Let us know in the comments below!


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Published Jan. 15th 2017

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