Top 10 Worst Reviewed Games of 2015

6. Zombeer

Metacritic Score: 32 (User Score: 4.5)

I chose that image to represent Zombeer because I think it perfectly lets you know what you're getting into. Games that portray women like that are rarely seen outside of Japan these days, and this isn't going to be a feminism-style rant, but I think you get a good idea of the type of game this is from that single shot.

Well, just in case, Zombeer is about a world infested with zombies, and the only way to stave off infection is by drinking beer. Yup. It isn't the worst thing ever, and Zombeer clearly revels in its sheer ridiculousness, but that can't make this anything more than a bad game. If you're someone who enjoys really bad B-movies, then you might find something of merit in here.

To say that its immature and painfully unfunny sense of humor would be appreciated by 13-years-olds is doing a disservice to the intelligence of 13-year-olds, as Zombeer makes Duke Nukem Forever look like Withnail & I.

                                                                                 - Game Revolution

Published Dec. 30th 2015

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