Fallout 4's new trailer The Wanderer mixes CGI and live action

The wait is almost over for Fallout 4! Bethesda released this new trailer to tide fans over.

It's happening!

Bethesda just released a new trailer for Fallout 4 titled "The Wanderer"

The trailer, which plays to the tune of The Wanderer by Dion, gives us a brief view of the wastelands, rad roaches, supermutants, and robots abound.

We're not so different from the vault dwellers. When Fallout 4 launches on November 10th for PS4, Xbox One and PC, many of us won't leave the house for days.

Power armor has never looked so sexy.

People are loving the trailer, way to get us even more excited Bethesda!

Yup, say goodbye to your social life.


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Published Oct. 15th 2015

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