Sierra Online Debuts Gameplay Trailer for King's Quest

The 30 year old franchise is back with the newest iteration of King's Quest from Sierra Online and the Odd Gentleman.

The classic adventure game franchise King's Quest has returned with a debut trailer for their newest title, simply named King's Quest. The game is the granddaddy of adventure games, and is looking to be re-invigorated with new levels and tie-ins that will entice new players while still staying true to the classic series. 

The adventure game franchise is now 30 years old, but Sierra Online (and developers the Odd Gentleman) are planning on bringing something new to the table. 

the new King’s Quest reimagines the core characters and familiar storylines of King Graham’s early journeys, setting up new chapters tied to – but independent of – the original games.

King's Quest will be released on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. The trailer debuted at the Game Awards 2014 where series creator Roberta Williams was honored for her contributions to the genre and the formation of Sierra Online, alongside her husband and Sierra co-founder Ken Williams. 

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Published Dec. 9th 2014
  • Linnyxx17
    OOOO please remake Alexander!! Kings Quest VI!! i played that all the time with my father when i was younger! "Alexander pulls out his magic map" "Alexander feels a strange pulling sensation" :D

  • billd75
    OMG! King's Quest is back! YAY! I can't wait!
  • Kai_9883
    Okay.....SIERRA. WHAT THE HECK. NO WII U?????
    I've been dying for more King's Quest for YEARS. I'll end up getting this for PC, of course...but.....really? WHYYYYYYYYY............

    I'm excited and disappointed all at once...that doesn't happen often. XD The fellow in the trailer is dressed like King Graham, but is way too perhaps it's not him. Alexander's son, perhaps? He and Cassima did get married, and were bound to have children...

    Also, it is very reminiscent of a lot of the early games...which is GREAT. But it had better have tons of beauty, a grand soundtrack, and excellent voicework. I think we were spoiled by 1992/93's King's Quest VI...but it'd be worth it. Good luck getting people interested in a game series this old without being as AWESOME as it was back then. If they DO manage to be that awesome......kudos, joy, and happiness!
  • billd75
    The reason it won't be on Wii U is because the Wii U sucks. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the sales of the Wii U and it's games speak for themselves. Nintendo is planning on abandoning the console market all together as they cannot compete with Sony and Microsoft. Nintendo is now aiming it's sites on Senior Citizens. After the success of the Wii and how it struck a note with the older generation, who could blame Nintendo? It is a smart move on their part I think. The younger gaming market is ULTRA competitive and Nintendo has been lagging in that market for years now. They need something different and new and that's where they are going. They basically want to revolutionize the "Amusement park" style of games like "Whack a Mole" and get people moving like they did with the Wii. That said, I share your enthusiasm for the new King's Quest! We have waited for DECADES for this and I for one am TOTALLY stoked about them bringing back one of the greatest adventure games of all time!

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