The 3DS Surpasses Lifetime Sales of the Wii in Japan

The 3DS is more of a success than the Wii... In Japan!

Today, some key sales figures came out of Japan for Nintendo. The 3DS has sold 12,752,73 units in Japan alone. 12.75 Million! For comparison, the Wii has sold 12,698,878 units. Over its lifetime. The Wii launched in 2006, the 3DS has only been available since 2011. In less than half of the Wii's lifetime, the 3DS managed to outsell it. In Japan alone!

With the wide variety of 3DS models available, including the recently announced 2DS, it is safe to say that Nintendo's handheld is here to stay.

These sales figures also show that much of the Wii's success was due to popularity outside of Japan, selling more than one hundred million units around the world.

Unfortunately, the same can't be said for Nintendo's Wii U, which is showing disappointing sales. The Japanese game monolith is hoping that a revitalized Wind Waker HD and matching console will help boost sales. 

Hopefully the 3DS can help make up for the disastrous Wii U, so Nintendo will be ready to face the upcoming Xbox One and PS4.


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Published Sep. 26th 2013

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