Rust Guide: How to Make Your First Weapon

Your first step to surviving in Rust will be to craft your very first weapon and tool, the stone hatchet.

How to Get Wood in Rust

Use your simple rock to bash at trees for a while, gathering wood in the process. Each hit grants you one piece of wood until the tree runs out, and then it’s time to find another. Once you've got your hatchet, the collection of wood comes a little easier and faster. Keep an eye out for piles of wood on the ground, these grant 7 pieces of wood per swing.

How to Get Stone

With enough wood gathered, Third task:your next task is to find one of the, very few, random rocks dotting the landscapeThe rocks you want can be found usually in the middle of a field. Bash these apart with your own rock for some stone. These are special rocks, not just any will do; cliff sides for instance will not work.

How to Make a Hatchet

Using your acquired stone and wood, craft yourself a simple stone hatchet. The option for a stone hatchet will be in the crafting menu, in the inventory. This will serve as your first weapon and real tool in the world of Rust. You'll want to upgrade once supplies allow it, but this rudimentary tool will be your savior on more than on occasion.

Congratulations! You are now one step closer to surviving your first night in Rust.

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Learn how to survive your first day/night in Rust.

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Published Feb. 6th 2014

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