Bioshock Infinite Season Pass Review (PC)

From the sky above to the sea below, Irrational can't get their act together in their DLC for 2013's Bioshock Infinite.

Whether it’s high in the sky or deep beneath the blue sea, Bioshock Infinite‘s DLC expansions just can’t catch a break. From a problematic attempt at salvaging the cut co-op mode, to a confusing pair of story addons, Irrational Games seems to do more harm than good for their final game. This, for better or worse, is Bioshock Shock Infinite‘s Season Pass.

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Game: Bioshock Infinite Season Pass
Platforms: Xbox 360, PS3, PC (Reviewed)
Price: $19.99 ($34.99 if all DLC is purchased separately)

Clash in the Clouds: 5/10 — There are challenge modes that push you to explore a game’s mechanics to your heart’s content. Clash in the Clouds is not one of those modes.

Burial at Sea Part 1: 5.5/10 — If you ever wanted to see what Bioshock could have been like if it was one of those half-baked indie shooters, they congratulations! You and you alone are going to enjoy this.

Burial at Sea Part 2: 7/10 — An equal parts enjoyable stealth game and painfully awkward narrative attempt to tie up every loose end possible… even when there’s no reason to tie them up.

Entire Package: 5.9/10 — Take your twenty dollars and buy a better game.

The game reviewed was purchased by a friend, and I reviewed/captured the footage with their copy of the game.

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