Reinhardt’s Rocket Hammer made with LEGO

Overwatch hero Reinhardt's hammer was emulated with LEGO!

Overwatch hero Reinhardt's hammer was emulated with LEGO!
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Reinhardt, a character from Blizzard Entertainment’s recently developed first person shooter Overwatch, has had his famous weapon emulated with LEGO.

Famous LEGO creator ZaziNombies has revealed this emulation of Reinhardt’s rocket hammer on his own YouTube channel, in a video which you can view above. According to ZaziNombies:

“Our heaviest LEGO melee weapon yet, we build Reinhardt’s Rocket Hammer from Overwatch, entirely from 4,500 bricks! Complete with its three rocket thrusters, and light-up exhaust vents, here is the tank’s blocky beloved basher in real life!”

Reinhardt is a Tank hero in Overwatch who uses a hammer that’s almost as large as an average human. About 4,500 blocks were used to make this huge hammer. ZaziNombies did use some materials other than LEGO bricks for the perfection of rocket hammer.

The video uploaded on YouTube is about 2 minutes, and includes a peek at the process of making the hammer. It also has the part where the viewers can see how it looks like when a person holds the hammer. Check it out above!

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