Did You Catch these Overwatch Easter Eggs?

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Like most AAA games these days, Overwatch has a few Easter eggs for its players to find. In fact, there are dozens of them!

I'm guessing you picked up on a few, but it's hard to find them all. When the game releases next week, here are a few places to look. 



There are a few places where Hearthstone is referenced in the game. 

In the trailer, you see a security guard playing the game on his tablet instead of watching the cameras. 

There are also two tablets with Hearthstone displayed found on different maps. One is found on Temple of Anubis, and the other is in Hollywood. They're both found indoors, but aren't too difficult to spot since they stand out with that yellow background.



Ghrrrhglrrrrlgggrrrrrhllllrrr! -Every Murloc Ever

There are several Easter eggs in Overwatch tied to Murlocs. Coming from the World of Warcraft universe, Murlocs are a froglike-fish people that tend to live in swampy areas.

The biggest example is in Hanamura, just outside this ramen noodle restaurant. If you shoot this Murloc, it even makes that bubbly-voice sound these little guys are known for.

On the same level, you can find Murlocs in the arcade. The arcade has some drink vending machines with Murlock pictures on the bottom.

Have you ever tried to catch a Murloc? It's not easy- unless you have Murloc bait. This Easter egg is found in Ilios, in glass display case. 

Finally, there's also Murloc graffiti found on the side of a vehicle in the Temple of Anubis.

Obviously someone at Blizzard really likes these little guys. 


Did You Play in the Arcade? 

Blizzard threw in a lot of references to their other games with arcade machines. On Hanamura, the arcade has a lot of fun stuff:

  • The Lost Vikings VI- This points to the old The Lost Vikings games, and the Vikings have been featured in Heroes of the Storm as well.
  • Fighters of the Storm- Featuring Tyrael and Tychus fighting, it's not hard to figure out what this refers to.
  • Siege Mode 3- Definitely in the Starcraft universe, it has a siege tank, an infantry dood and a vulture bike goes by. 
  • Fighters of the Storm 2- This machine shows Kerrigan fighting Garrosh Hellscream. I have no idea why he isn't in HotS yet, but I'm guessing he'll come pretty soon.
  • SoulStone- The soulstone was a pretty big deal in the Diablo games. It's the tool used to trap Diablo and his buddies. In Overwatch, it's the name of a game featuring three Diablo III heroes- the Barbarian, Monk, and Demon Hunter. 

Check Out these Sweet New Movies!

On Overwatch's Hollywood map, there are two movie posters that refer to something else.

Can you imagine what the picture above refers to? 

And then there's one for a movie called Some Like it Bot. Well even though I'd never heard of this movie before, apparently it refers to an old Marilyn Monroe movie called Some Like it Hot. 



The Lord of Destruction... in Your Bowels! 

There are a lot of little Diablo references in the game.

For example, the above Diableaux hot sauce poster, which is found in Route 66. 

There's also a check nearby signed by Deckard Cain. If you haven't played the Diablo games, Cain was a smart old guy that helps you save the world.

There's also a Diablo reference in Dorado. You know all those little piñatas? They're little Diablos. 

Too bad the real Lord of Destruction isn't full of candy. It would've been nice to have a snack after saving the world. 


There are a ton of Overwatch Easter eggs hidden in dialogue from characters.

Here are just a few examples:

Reaper- "If it lives, I can kill it." As someone who grew up watching Predator, I picked up on this one right away. There's a scene where Arnold says "If it bleeds, we can kill it."

Winston- "Don't get me angry." Remind you of a certain giant green Hulk that people don't like to piss off?

Torbjörn- "I'm giving it all I've got" is a reference to 2009's Star Trek. There's a scene where Scotty says "I'm giving it all she's got!"

There are tons more- Mei references Frozen, McCree quotes a few old westerns, and D.Va makes gamer references like "AFK" and "GG."


Goldshire... or Alliance? 

Recognize that symbol? It's the Alliance symbol in World of Warcraft.

The Hollywood map has this symbol several places. If you'd never played WoW, you probably figured it was just a regular lion.

Oh yeah- and Goldshire is another WoW reference. It's a small town in the game.

You can also see Horde symbols on a few maps, like the hieroglyphics of Temple of Anubis. 

...but screw those guys. FOR THE ALLIANCE! 

And We've Got Even More

Need more? 

  • There's a hydraulisk skull from Starcraft next to the Hearthstone tablet in Temple of Anubis.
  • A comic in Route 66 is named Craft from the Stars.
  • Hollywood has a movie star trailer with Tyrael (the angel from Diablo) printed on the side. 
  • Hollywood also has those iconic stars on the sidewalk- with 3 of them showing the names of The Lost Vikings.
  • Gibraltar has lockers with the last names of several Blizzard developers.
  • Route 66 has a Zerg symbol on a fountain drink machine.

Need even more? There probably are some, plus as I mentioned there are lots of hidden gems in the character dialogue- you just have to listen for it.

Have fun hunting for more Overwatch Easter eggs next week! 

Published May. 19th 2016


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