Dino Crisis Mod Roars Into Resident Evil 2 on PC

Although it's not a total conversion, a new Dinos Crisis mod for Resident Evil 2 on PC brings another Capcom classic into the RE Engine.

One of the benefits of PC gaming is that a large majority of games allow for mods in some shape or form, opening the door for myriad unique experiences on the platform. 

Since its release a month ago, Resident Evil 2 has received a relatively steady stream of modifications from the community. We've collected some of the best in a nifty list, which includes first-person mode and swapping Mr. X with Nemesis, among a handful of others. But this mod, which brings Dino Crisis into the RE Engine, calls for special attention. 

While it might be a far cry from a full conversion mod and is only a reskin of RE2's base models, the mod from Crazy Potato over on Nexusmods provides a glimpse of what a Dino Crisis remake might look like on modern hardware. 

In the mod, Crazy Potato swaps Claire for Regina and Leon for Dylan Morton, the commanding officer of the TRAT squad; Sherry also gets a small tweak with a new Dino Crisis jacket. Although the changes to both Leon and Sherry are relatively minimal, Claire's alternate costume is the most obvious and striking. 

In addition to the above, players also have access to a new gun, the Glock, which can be acquired by playing Clair's Scenario A while using the mod. 

Released in 1999, Dino Crisis quickly drew comparisons to Resident Evil because of its overall aesthetic and reliance on claustrophobia. However, it managed to set itself apart from the zombie series by employing more frenetic gameplay, dinosaurs, and real-time 3D environments. 

Perhaps obviously, Dino Crisis was heavily inspired by the Jurassic Park films, with the game mirroring elements of those movies, such as highly intelligent velociraptors and the continuous threat of a marauding T-Rex. 

When it released, Dino Crisis received positive acclaim from fans and critics alike; reports indicate that the game sold some 2.4 million shortly after launch, a noteworthy achievement in 1999. Pull up any "best games on the PlayStation" roundup and Dino Crisis is sure to make an appearance. 

Since the release of Resident Evil 2, the conversation around future remakes of Capcom classics has intensified, with many hoping for a Resident Evil 3 remake in the RE Engine. The fervor around the potential RE3 remake was further stoked when Resident Evil 2's producer, Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, recently told Dualshockers that for the remake to happen, fans need to let Capcom know. 

Perhaps Capcom's latest questionnaire concerning the Resident Evil 2 remake is the perfect place to do just that and the perfect place for Dino Crisis fans to let the company know they want more than just a mod. 

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Published Feb. 20th 2019

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