Cosplayers Rejoice, Blizzard Opens Last Call for BlizzCon

Blizzard announces Last Call Costume Contest for those looking to enter the BlizzCon Costume Contest.

Whether you missed the general registration or just now decided to attend BlizzCon, you are in luck. Blizzard has announced they are opening a last call for their costume contest. For those aspiring to walk the stage at BlizzCon in November, this is your chance to claim a spot. Winning the BlizzCon costume contest grants entry to the Global Grand Championship to compete against other winners from Gamescom, ChinaJoy, and Taiwan Blizzard Costume Contests.

Looking to enter? While all the details have not been released yet, what we do know is that cosplayers will need to film a video of themselves in the costume they want to strut their stuff in, while keeping things to 90 seconds or less. The costume still needs to meet the crafting and safety requirements posted in the official rules presented by Blizzard, so make sure your costume upholds those rules. The rules exclude costumes used to enter the contest previously, costumes larger than four feet wide, and costumes that hinder the wearer's vision to the point they cannot navigate the stage.

Stay tuned for more details, including when submissions are to be sent in. Let us know if you plan to participate in Blizzard's Last Call and with what costume in the comments below!

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Published Aug. 8th 2016

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