WildStar - Introduction to Housing Plots

Here is an introduction to housing in WildStar! Housing in Wildstar isn't as simple as placing some chairs and inviting friends over. You can dine, mine and shine with the right amount of graft.

If you are reading this then you surely live in a house, flat, apartment, bungalow or a hobbit hole. Either way, you will have four walls, a door and decor.

Carbine Studios provides these things, and more, to players of their sci-fi MMO, WildStar. In the attached video you will see the very basics of this much sort-after feature, from the bonus board to placing your first house and then fleshing out your plot.

Housing Bonus Board

Every day you can select one of three bonus options; PvP, PvE (World), and PvE (Group). The buff ranges from 5% to 10%

There is an exp bonus board inside the personal housing zone. The buff cycles from 10% to 5% depending on the day and it lasts 24 hours. It is worth the small amount of time spent to pick up the buff. Once the buffs’ duration expires, the buff can be reapplied from the board. It is worth the 30 second trip to your house, or logout there and gain a ton of rested experience!

Center Plot

This is the plot to build your house. You start with a basic camp site, then for a small fee you can place a basic house or rocket ship (if you pre-ordered). From there you can customise the inside, outside, underside, topside, sideline and everything else.

1x1 and 1x2 Plots

Once you have placed your house, and marvelled at its awesomeness, you can then move on to the surrounding plots. These can be filled with crafting stations, bars, BBQ stands, and resource nodes.

And More...

This is just the tip of the iceberg. WildStar housing has so much more to show and we at GameSkinny will be here to show you it all.

Need to know more about WildStar? Check out this handy pamphlet.

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Published Jun. 9th 2014

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