Final Fantasy XIV 5.5 Update Brings Two Tales to a Close

Final Fantasy XIV 5.5 adds one final update to Shadowbringers and brings the MMO to PlayStation 5 for the first time.

On April 13, Final Fantasy XIV 5.5 will bring both Shadowbringers and the NieR: Automata crossover story to a close in a two-part update leading into Endwalkers. Square Enix also provided additional information about the FFXIV PlayStation 5 beta, which is scheduled to begin the same day.

FFXIV 5.5 adds new main scenario quests split into two parts that will pave the way for Endwalkers, and it's also bringing the final chapter to the YoRha: Dark Apocalypse raid.

Save the Queen and Sorrow of Werlyt both receive new updates, and there's a new dungeon, Paglth'an, opening up that players can tackle with other adventurers or with NPCs via the Trust system.

Crafters are getting new tools and rewards, while musicians can change instruments at any point during their performance in FFXIV 5.5 without interruption. 

Finally, Final Fantasy XIV 5.5 introduces two new trials. One pits teams of level 80 heroes against an enhanced primal enemy for a chance to earn new rewards, and The Cloud Deck trial adds the fearsome Diamond Weapon battle for Normal and Extreme difficulties.

Final Fantasy XIV's PlayStation 5 beta kicks off April 13, featuring improved frame rates and load times among other things. PlayStation 4 players with a copy of FFXIV and an active FFXIV account may download the PS5 version for free once the beta begins.

The full PS5 version will be available immediately following the beta's end, though there's no set date for that yet.


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Published Feb. 8th 2021

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