Civilization VI Enters eSports with Team Liquid

Team Liquid has brought Civilization 6 into the eSports world.

Team Liquid has signed Civilization 6 professional Stephen Takowsky (aka MrGameTheory) to form a Civ 6 team to partake in eSports events. For the first time, there is now professionally-played Civilization. Team liquid has not announced a date for the first event as of yet, only to say it will be soon.

Team Liquid is an organization based in the Netherlands that creates and manages multi-regional professional eSports events. They started as a website focusing on Starcraft news but then they started sponsoring professional players for Starcraft II: Wings of LIberty. In 2012 they went multi-genre by recruiting a North American Dota 2 team. In 2015, they merged with Team Curse, taking on their League of Legends, Street Fighter, and Super Smash Bros. teams.

Takowksy is signed on as the captain of the Civ team, which Team Liquid created to try to get the game into competitive eSports. Takowsky is known for leading in the international leagues for Civilization Revolution and Civilization IV.  He also holds the most IV2, IV3, IV4, and IV5 ladder victories in Civ IV. Takowksy is a member of Team Liquid's Clash Royale team and has finished hundreds of games on every platform.

Civilization VI is the latest game in Firaxis's Civlization franchise, it released on the PC on October 21st, as is a turn-based strategy game. The objective of Civ 6 is that you are trying to build an empire to last throughout time, by achieving one of several victory conditions. The game can support up to twelve players in a multiplayer game, although Team Liquid has not announced their tournament format for Civ 6 yet.

Published Oct. 24th 2016

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