RaiderZ Finally Receives Assassin Class

RaiderZ players finally get the Assassin class they've always wanted, among other things.

Knock knock, dormant RaiderZ players! The Assassin class half the playerbase has been waiting for since last year has finally made its way to the North American build of the game, along with new content and cosmetic items.

Despite the game seeing server closures overseas in Korea and Europe, the North American server is still kicking and slowly catching up to its Japanese counterpart. The Assassin class was the most requested addition to the game (sans additional content), and it has finally come a year and a half after launch.

The Assassin class is meant to be a mobile class capable of dealing considerable amounts of damage. Paired with this shiny new class in this update is dual-spec support, a new PvP zone (and 3v3 ranked PvP), changes to the Hellhound system, and an epic version of the dungeon Temple of Renas.

This update is more than just good news for those who enjoy RaiderZ: it's also a sign that the North American server isn't going to go the way of the dodo anytime soon.

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Published Nov. 16th 2013
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    It's a PW game, do I really have to explain the rest?

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