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Welcome to the Gem Mine, GameSkinny's feature where we gather around some of the best stories of the week. We help you end the week with some feel good stories that you may or may not have missed.

The biggest story that got us (and everyone's grandma) giddy was the Nintendo Switch reveal. As David details, the new console is a portable console hybrid. He proceeds to share some likely yet unconfirmed features with the console formerly known as the NX.

The console appears to have HDMI output, there's possibly a new Mario coming, multiplayer without a TV may be a thing, and it's potentially compatible with Nintendo GameCube era games. These are only a few of the things he discusses. but hey - a new console will be here March 2017!

The second biggest story we loved was the official announcement for Red Dead Redemption 2. Adam let us know that Rockstar looks to release the game by the Fall of 2017. He then (thankfully) dissects the trailer to confirm our dreams for a sequel to everyone's favorite western. Red Dead looks beautiful and may be a prequel. You know, the Fall of 2017 is awhile away.

Next up, Sergey gives us a review for the new Battlefield 1. He had a fun time with the FPS and as he puts it, the WWI backdrop adds a fresh take on the game. The review also serves as a history lesson for the conflict as well. Sergey explains that DICE's decision was sound and well presented.

The campaign features multiple characters - including Lawrence of Arabia! Multiplayer is really enjoyable with the new Operation mode, which pits up to 64 players against each other. This, of course, isn't even mentioning the other numerous online features.

As we get closer to the release of Civilization 6, void shares the skinny on its multiplayer features - including single PC multiplayer. Past features will also be returning, and mods can be used even if only the host has them. There's even quick unit battle animations to boot.

Earlier in the week, ATLUS, shared the list of actors behind Persona 5. With their latest update we get to hear from the actor playing as the protagonist, Xander Mobus - and he's shared some information about his acting history, and his history with the Persona games. It's pretty exciting to know that the familiar voices to game and anime of this year will be heard in the JRPG.

We were also happy to know that the Pokémon Sun and Moon demo released this week! A little taste of the new Pokémon is here, and who can turn that down? The demo also rewards players with an Ash-Greninja that will be transferred to the full game.

Spoiler warning ahead - With the release of the demo, Pablo let us know that Pokémon Sun and Moon's PokéDex leaked soon after. With it, you'll be able to view all Alolan form Pokemon, the exact number of new monsters, the ultrabeasts, and all the legendaries within the game.

Well, that wraps up this edition of the Gem Mine. We hope you enjoyed this week of gaming and our favorite pieces of good news.

Did we miss something you enjoyed a lot this week? Please let us know in the comments below!


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Published Oct. 21st 2016

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