Neko Atsume rare cats guide - collect those cats!

Getting rare cats to visit is Neko Atsume's "end game" and it's kind of a pain.

A cat isn't a cat isn't a cat in Neko Atsume -- some cats are more special (and definitely cuter) than others. 

Neko Atsume's rare cats are not only more difficult to get to visit your home than the standard kitties, but they also generally are much cuter and more interesting than your average cat. Getting pictures of them doesn't just fill up your album: it also fills up your heart.

Most rare cats are easier to lure to your home by using expensive cat food, starting with the high quality crisp cat food (costs 30 sardines for 3 bowls), all the way up to sashimi. Some cats simply expect and require the finer things in life. If you're aiming for the cats listed here (sans Peaches, who is not a rare cat), it's time to start investing in expensive kitty food.

This guide's a little drab, huh? Why don't you take a look at our adorable, updated, and new Neko Atsume rare cats guide that totally blows this one out of the water.

Each cat's personality trait, liked items, and food are listed.

If you're looking for a memento list, don't worry: I have you covered there too with my Neko Atsume memento guide! But honestly you might be more interested in my all cats guide list which -- you guessed it! -- lists every cat with what they need to visit. And lastly, a quick look at Neko Atsume's remodels.

After collecting all the mementos, I've moved onto other kitty-centric games on my Android phone. Check out some of these other awesome free cat games to play while you wait for more Neko Atsume rare cats to collect.

Good luck getting these kitties to come pay you a visit. Nya!

Joe DiMeowgio

Clearly loves baseball. Will come visit no matter the food that's out if you have a baseball laid out for him. Joe DiMeowgio is a team player and has a power level of 28.

Guy Furry

Can show up when either the stove or the glass flower vase are out. Guy Furry is an artisan and he has a power level of 30. He'll eat anything for the Glass Vase but won't eat Thrifty Bits if the Space Heater is out.

Saint Purrtrick

This cat clearly likes to be comfortable based on its item preference. Saint Purrtrick is awe-inspiring, has a power level of 222, and will eat anything.


He isn't interested in your toys or furniture, only delicious food! Tubbs is a finnicky feaster with a power level of 130.


Frosty just needs to get comfortable. This cat seems to like anything but Thrifty Bits, is sensitive, and has a power level of 5.

Ms. Fortune

Ms. Fortune needs a deluxe house set up before she'll come visit. She isn't picky about what she eats, has a charismatic personality, and a 20 power level.

Bob the Cat

This kitty has a need to climb and wants the Cat Metropolis before coming to your house. Bob is outdoorsy, will eat anything, and has a power level of 40.

Mr. Meowgi

Mr. Meowgi likes to do two things: train and sleep. He isn't picky about what he eats, has a mentoring personality and a power level of 250.

Lady Meow-Meow

This cool cat's all about relaxing. She demands a high quality hammock to visit and will eat anything but Thrifty Bits. Has the disposition of a diva and a 100 power level.


Kathmandu is decked out in classical attire and will eat any food but Thrifty Bits (and won't eat Frisky Bits if you have the Laquered Bowl out). He has a refined personality and a power level of 150.

Sassy Fran

Sassy Fran is a sassy cat! She'll visit when you have anything but Thrifty Bits out and a cardboard cafe. She's enthusiastic and has a power level of of 180.

Xerxes IX

A snobby cat! Prince-san's personality is regal, and he requires the high quality cushion to stop by your house. He will eat anything, surprisingly. His power level is 70.

Conductor Whiskers

A clear train enthusiast, Conductor Whiskers will stop by when you pander to his train hobby. He has a vigilant personality with a power level of 50 and will eat anything.

Chairman Meow

Chairman Meow is boorish and seems to be a bit shell-shocked! He'll eat anything and his power level is 111.

Ramses the Great

A Siamese cat, Ramses likes to be reminded of home with the Tent (Pyramid) and will eat anything but Sashimi. Is a total riddler with a power level of 230.

Billy the Kitten

Billy needs a Cowboy Hat and the any food to visit your garden. He has a nihilistic personality. His power level is 250. Whew!

Senor Don Gato

Don Gato looks suspiciously like Puss in Boots -- from his adorable mustache to his rapier hungry for stuffed mouse. Has a scheming personality, will eat anything, and a power level of 30.


  A noble kitty, Sapphire prefers the finer things in life: quality treats and staying out of the sun. She is naive with a power level of 20, and will eat anything other than Thrifty Bits. She always visits with Jeeves.


 Jeeves appears to be Sapphire's butler and he is never seen without her -- both always visit together. Jeeves is a nimble cat with a power level of 210 and eats the same foods as Sapphire.


Peaches is not really classified as a rare cat, but is very difficult to actually see. She likes a wide variety of items and has a capricious personality and a power level of 45.

Published Aug. 16th 2015
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  • lalka_8459
    I am sorry for bad english, I'm from Russia
    Peaches comes another Twisty Rail, with him he brought me and memento
  • NekoNya!
    Im trying to get lady meow meow but I've never seen her I have tried many times 🔥
  • JasonXYT
    Smokey on my iPad it's name is smokeSalmon????? Why did not canrg name ps opss spelling sry
  • Lilly_6268
    I can't get Joe DiMeowgio, and I've had the baseball out for l more than 4 days. Someone tell me if it's a special food? Or why I can't get him.
  • Lilly_6268
    Peaches also likes the Tent (nature).
  • Rebecca_1481
    I got frosty very fast by putting out the snowy pillow and sashimi
  • Zoe_1011
    Peaches also likes the tiramisu cube :3
    tubbs tubbs tubbs tubbs
  • XxAnnmariexX
    Say 4567 if u like neko astume
  • XxAnnmariexX
  • XxAnnmariexX
  • XxAnnmariexX
    Please someone give me tips on frosty plz
  • XxAnnmariexX
    Really that must be a glitch
  • Bev_2934
    It says that Jeeves and sapphire only come together, but I had Jeeves way before I ever saw sapphire.
  • SassyFranGirl
    Sapphire and Jeeves come together but, Sapphire can leave without Jeeves.
  • XxAnnmariexX
  • XxAnnmariexX
    I'm up all night to get lucky
  • XxAnnmariexX
    I am littlemissperfect fyi
  • XxAnnmariexX
    So yea it is called royal bed fyi
  • Neko Atsume Lover_0122
    Xerxes can also be brought with a certain chair, I dont know what its called but its red and gold and costs gold fish.
  • Littlemissperfect
    Peaches will come to heating stove twisty rail.pyramid tent and Ashley said she came to large cooling mat
  • Littlemissperfect
    Ella. Lady Meow meow will come to luxurious hammock and she will only came to expensive food I recommend u buy sashimi and for sapphire and jeeves they only come to deluxe tuna bitz rascal will play with red rubber ball and sassy fran will eat anything she is rare though really rare
  • Ella_6048
    Oh and what food do those thirteen cats come for
  • Ella_6048
    Oh Senor don Gato comes for the Mouse Toy thingy
  • Ella_6048
    Yay I just got Bob the Cat and now I only have 13 more cats :(
    Frosty Rascal Peaches Lady Meow Meow Kathmandu Ms. fortune Mr. meowgi sapphire Jeeves Sassy Fran Conductor Whiskers Saint Purrtick and Guy Furry I am missing
  • Ella_6048
    I hav all the cardboard things btw
  • Ella_6048
    Does anyone know how to get Rascal and Peaches? BTW I am Neko Atsume Lover, but on my iPad not my computer.
  • Littlemissperfect
  • Littlemissperfect
  • Littlemissperfect
    Peaches came to twisty rail heating stove and pyramid tent.I didn't catch her on heating stove though
  • Littlemissperfect
    Omg I got Mrs fortune
  • Littlemissperfect
    Cool any tips on frosty?????
  • Littlemissperfect
    Well peaches is kinda hard she is rarer than sassy fran
  • Ashley_7290
    Peaches is not hard to get! My husband & I both got her with the large cooling mat!
  • Neko Atsume Lover
    So I am like bankrupt. I have thirty five cats: Snowball, Smokey, Spots, Shadow, Sunny, Fred, Pumpkin, Callie, Tabitha, Bandit, Gabriel, Marshmallow, Socks, Lexy, Bolt, Breezy, Misty, Pickles, Pepper, Patches, Gozer, Cocoa, Princess, Ginger, Spud, Mack, Speckles, WIllie, Dottie, Spooky, Apricot, Ganache, Joe DiMeowgio, Senor Don Gato, Tubbs, and Billy the Kitten. I also have yet to see Xerxes IX, but he came overnight.
  • Littlemissperfect
    hey try buying the cardboard cafe there is a rare cat called sassy fran
  • Neko Atsume Lover
    Hello, people. I'm kind of new to Neko Atsume, but I LOVE it anyhow.
  • JasonXYT
    The new updates are making every cat like new things I think
  • JasonXYT
    Hello I have no idea why I have so much gold fish !!!!!
  • Littlemissperfect
    Lol who is your favorite cat mine is tubbs or lady meow meow or conductor whiscers I candy decide all the rare cats are adorable well all of the cats are cute
  • carly_9865
    im back!
  • carly_9865
    i will just spell stuff with letters because it helps me level up!
  • carly_9865
    finally! i got my email back! p s i am also carly-1403!
  • carly_1403
    you know,lady meow meow is very picky! i wish she liked the cake box!
  • Jacquelyn_7984
    Xerxes IX also will use the royal chair.
  • carly_1403
    sometimes if your desprite to get a cat you may stay up all night! do not do it!
  • carly_1403
    i meant was!
  • carly_1403
    you know, i was carly_9865 but my computer is blogged!
  • carly_1403
    hi how do you catch bob? he's hard to catch too!
  • Melissa _5615
    I can't get Bob The Cat to visit. I always have the Cat Metropolis out and have tried a variety of food
  • Littlemissperfect
    I got. Bob the cat try putting the cat metropolis outside instead of inside and use frisky bitz
  • Carole_9881
    The information on here is great but I want to know how do you delete a toy to make room for another toy? I have lost several fish trying to purchase something that doesn't fit because I don't know how to create a spot.
  • carly_9865
    and pickles like the wing thing teaser and the toy capusul and your right destiney 4347 apricot is sneeky!p s im only 8 years old you know!
  • carly_9865
    hello? anyone there?
  • carly_9865
    oh and pickles like the fluff thing weezer.
  • carly_9865
    how do you catch sapphire and jeeves?
  • carly_9865
    how do you catch pickles?he came 6 times and i never caught him!
  • carly_9865
    can you tell me how to catch lady meow meow?
  • carly_9865
    has anyone got senor don gato?
  • Destiney_4347
    another cat that's near-impossible to see is Apricot. they've got the same coloring as Peaches, but with a different pattern. Apricot seems to eat whatever, and uses most everything Peaches does.
  • Aly_7478
    Peaches likes the navy blue cube as well
  • Tubs info
    Tubbs only eats outdoor food because he can't climb up to the higher indoor part, he's too fat?
    Last edited 3 months ago
  • F_3474
    Frosty will eat thrifty bits
  • wildflower_6301
    I'm having trouble getting Rascal! I know he is not a rare cat, I have most of the rare. Any help with Rascal would be appreciated.
  • narshy_6406
    For me, Peaches comes almost everyday when I have the Fairy-tale Parasol out. It has been their favorite item. I have it out with the Deluxe Tuna Bits(kinda expensive but it works!)
  • Dawn_8961
    Xerxes likes the Royal Bed also!
  • mili_6905
    Peaches has come four times,but l've never seen her.
  • Alice_8733
    I believe I was able to see peaches with the pyramid
  • JonJon_6715
    Peaches likes the cardboard cafe too
  • JonJon_6715
    I meant xerves, stupid auto correct
  • JonJon_6715
    Serves can actually be attracted with the royal bed!
  • Khaeleesi
    Xerxes IX will also come for the Royal Bed. I got Peaches with the Fairy-tale Parasol but she didn't stay long.
  • Meowwww
    What about the two new rare cats? I don't need info, but I reallllllly want to see what they look like.
  • Cookiefish
    I got peaches with the art deco cat tree
  • Sheep_4572
    Peaches also likes the snowy pillow
  • llama_8675
    Peaches likes my pyramid tent.
  • InternallyScreeching
    I'm too lazy to see if someone has already commented this, but Peaches will also come if you have the black head space out, at least that's how I got her. :D
  • Lyssa_9292
    I have one cat left and its Rameses The Great any tips on getting him/her
  • Littlemissperfect
    hey Ramses the great will not come to sashimi k
  • Quataique
    Neko atsume tips are basically a new way to play the game but without spending any money on toys, fishes and furniture https://recombu.com/mobile/article/neko-atsume-tips-tricks
  • D_6247
    I got peaches in the pile of leaves!
  • Luna Potter_6233
    Yay! I got a rare cat, now i have buy an hat, an pink pillow and an Lotte white ball, i hope they gonna come!
  • Whiskers 2327
    Why don't they talk about how many things they need before coming because Ithought Frosty would come for many different things but it only came for the snow pillow!
  • Babs_9560
    Peaches is quite fond of the wild thing teaser. That's how I get her to view.
  • KayKat_9142
    I found peaches can also go on the round yellow cushion
  • Megger26
    Yay! Today I got Ms. Fortune and she's my final cat! That was sooo much fun. This game has practically consumed me for the past 3 months.
  • stve water
    Neko Atsume rare cats http://hacknosurveys.com/neko-atsume-kitty-collector-hack-gold-fish/
    Last edited 5 months ago
  • keksivaras
    I've also seen Peaches on Cardboard Choo-Choo, two times actually.
  • Evie_4655
    You can also edit the cats names. Just click on the cat in the yard, click the name and you can edit.
  • Evie_4655
    Just a minor correction- Ramses is a sphynx, not a siamese.
  • LemurQueen
    I've attracted Peaches with the paper umbrella and the marble slab as well.
  • Kitty lover
    I have gotten a picture of peaches by the café so he come to that to
  • sofia_8533
    obrigado agora sei oque da gatos especiais
  • Emma_1967
    I got lady meow meow with just a luxurious hammock and frisky bitz not sashimi
  • Littlemissperfect
    Omg soo cool
  • MintCupcakes
    I got Sassy Fran with a cardboard cafe and frisky bitz, not ritzy bitz
  • Crystal_8619
    I have successfully gotten peaches the cat to come by with the cardboard cafe and ritzy bits out.
  • FAS_5805
    I got billy the kitten with ritzy bitz
  • Flyhanel
    For billy I have the hat out but what is meant by the 30 sardine cat food?
  • Joyiee
    the 30 sardine food is Frisky Bitz because it costs 30 sardines
  • Ashley_6023
    Peaches also comes with the macroon
  • FAS_5805
    I also found peaches in the bereu with pot, the heating stove and the glass vase
  • Sarah_5061
    I didn't need anything but the cowboy hat to get Billy the Kitten.
  • Lana_3504
    I got conducter whiskers with the choo-choo train too!
  • Kaye_9604
    You don't need the Sardine as food for Billy the Kitten. Frisky Bitz worked for me.
  • MarioGammer
    You can get conductor whiskers with the train as well
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