SCUM Game Guide: How to Refill Your Water Bottle

Wondering how to refill your water bottle in SCUM? This quick guide will show you the best way to take your water on the go -- even in the PET.

Surviving in SCUM isn't always easy. While that's true for other games in the genre, SCUM ramps things up with dozens of statistics and meters for everything from caloric and mineral intake to bladder and bowel levels. With so many things to keep an eye on, it's easy to overlook some of the simpler survival mechanics, like refilling your water bottle. 

It seems easy, but in true SCUM form, refilling your water bottle isn't as simple as finding fresh water and dipping the bottle in. If you're stuck on figuring it out, read on. 

As you explore the map, look for areas of fresh water both in the countryside and in towns. Keep an eye out for ponds, lakes, rivers, wells, water pumps, fountains, and more. Of course, be careful drinking out of stagnant water sources in the wild since doing so could lead to sickness. 

Once you've found a water source, here are the steps for filling your water bottle, including the PET

  • Open your inventory
  • Left-click the water bottle
  • Hover over the water source 
    • Stay in your inventory while doing this
  • Right-click the water source
  • Select the "Fill" option

You'll know you've properly selected your water bottle in your inventory because the box around it will turn red.

Also, keep in mind that it appears you can't fill the water bottle if it is already full. To check the water level, open your inventory and look at the bottle. It will show the current water level -- although you'll have to check it manually by actually looking at the level. There's no "meter" that tells you the current level. Checking level is important for the PET, as it currently seems to only refill when it is completely empty. 

Some players have said that highlighting the water source and simply holding the "F" key will bring up the "Fill" option, but as of right now, that process seems hit or miss. Opening your inventory and following the steps above is the sure-fire way to take fresh water on the go.  

Where Can I Find Water Bottles?

The best places to find them are in towns. Look specifically in gas stations, convenience stores, and supermarkets as they're most likely to spawn there. You can also look in residential areas and military compounds. You can also find them on other players, but they'll have to be carrying it, and you'll have to kill them first. 

Since water bottles are pretty important to your survival, you might want to consider stashing some at your base in a wooden box -- or some other type of container. 


That's all you need to know about refilling your water bottle in SCUM, as well as where to find them in the first place. Check out our other SCUM guides here. 

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Published Sep. 5th 2018

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