Best Divinity: Original Sin 2 Mods and How to Install Them

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There's no question that Divinity: Original Sin 2 is going to be in the running for RPG of the year with its wide-ranging character builds, tactical combat system, and intertwining storylines.

You can always make a good thing better though -- and now that the game has left Early Access to enter full release, the mods are starting to roll in! Across the next few slides we've rounded up the best of the best that are currently available to enhance your Original Sin 2 experience.

There are two types of mods here: Steam Workshop mods and regular old downloadable mods you've got to install the old fashioned way from a site like Nexus.

How to Install Divinity: Original Sin 2 Mods on Steam Workshop

For Steam Workshop entries, just head to the Discussions or Community Hub page for the game, then tab over to the Workshop. For the mod you want to install, just hit "Subscribe" and then restart the game.

Keep in mind before installing any of these mods that -- even if the mod in question isn't a cheat -- your Steam achievements will be disabled as long as any of the Steam Workshop items are currently active.

Of course, the downside there is that you have to have the Steam version of the game and not be using some other service like GOG. If you got your copy elsewhere and don't use Steam, many of these mods (or very similar entries) are readily available at sites like Nexus Mods with a little searching.

How to Install Divinity: Original Sin 2 Mods through Nexus Mods

These mods typically aren't self-installing and take a little more effort than their Steam counterparts. Navigate to the "Files" tab and download the mod file, then extract it using a ZIP or RAR extraction tool.

For most of these mods, after unzipping you just have to drag the "Data" folder over to one of these locations depending on where you bought the game:

  • For Steam: C:\Program Files\(x86)Steam\steamapps\common\Divinity - Original Sin 2
  • For GOG: C:\Program Files (x86)\GOG Galaxy\Games\Divinity - Original Sin 2 

This will replace the existing version of the folder with the modded info.

Sometimes you may have to replace different files and folders to get a mod working, however. Make sure to navigate to the "Description" tab at Nexus Mods to read the specific instructions for each mod!

Finally, don't forget that since the game just released, new patches will likely break some of these temporarily. If it isn't working, check back in a few days for a newer version!

Published Sep. 25th 2017

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