Divinity Original Sin 2 Skill List For All Schools

With 10 schools of magic and completely unlocked character progression, there are a staggering number of skill combinations available in Divinity: Original Sin 2!

More than 100 different skills are available to your Divinity: Original Sin 2 character, creating an absurd range of character builds focused on anything from teleportation to summoning to constantly knocking down and stunning enemies.

Below we list out absolutely every single base skill in the game across all 10 schools, including those created by combining books from different schools. Wondering how to craft some of those higher level skills instead of finding or buying the skill books? Check out our full skill crafting combination guide for all the information you'll need.

Each entry includes the required level and whether Source points are necessary to utilize the skill. Note that the level column refers to your level in the corresponding skill (Aerothurge, Necromancer, etc.) and not to your overall character level.

Some skills require levels in more than one category and are marked as such (such as required Aerothurge level 1, Hunstman level 1). Keep in mind that some of these skills can be bestowed by items, such as the Teleportation Gloves, and in those cases no skill levels are required. Any skills gained by the Corpse Eater talent, however, do require levels in the relevant skill category.

Don't forget that the negative status effects for a skill are only set on the opponent if their physical or magical armour (depending on the particular status effect) has been lowered to 0. Battle Stomp for instance doesn't actually knock down enemies until their physical armour has been depleted first.

Divinity Original Sin 2 Aerothurge Skills

Skill Level Source Skill Effect
Blinding Radiance Aerothurge1 No Air damage, Blinding Aura 1 turn
Electric Discharge Aerothurge1 No Ranged Air damage, Shocked 2 turns
Favourable Wind  Aerothurge1  No Increased move speed aura 3 turns
Shocking Touch Aerothurge1  No Melee Air damage, Shocked 2 turns
Erratic Wisp  Aerothurge1 
No Teleport when attacked, air resistance +40%
Breathing Bubble  Aerothurge1 
No Ignore clouds and suffocation
Vacuum Touch Aerothurge1 
No Air damage, Suffocation/Silence 1 turn
Vaporize Aerothurge1 
No Remove Petrified/Frozen, turn ground surface into clouds
Smoke Cover Aerothurge1 
No Creating obscuring cloud
Teleportation Aerothurge2 No Teleport target character or item
Dazing Bolt  Aerothurge2 No Area effect air damage, Shocked 1 turn
Nether Swap Aerothurge2 No Two characters swap places
Pressure Spike Aerothurge2 No Condense clouds, douse fires, deal air damage
Uncanny Evasion  Aerothurge2 No Increase dodge and movement speed
Apportation Aerothurge2 No Transport pickable items to inventory
Vacuum Aura  Aerothurge2
1 Air damage, Silence/Suffocation aura
Mass Breathing Bubbles  Aerothurge2
1 Allies ignore clouds/Suffocation
Evasive Aura Aerothurge2
1 Dodging/move speed increased in aura
Blessed Cloud Smoke Aerothurge2
2 Invisibility cloud
Chain Lightning Aerothurge3 1 Air damage forks up to 8 times
Tornado Aerothurge3 No Moves randomly across battlefield, clearing status effects and revealing invisibility
Superconductor Aerothurge3 No Area air damage, Shocked 1 turn
Closed Circuit Aerothurge3 2 Close range area air damage, Shocked 2 turns
Thunderstorm  Aerothurge5 3 Air damage to targets in range 3 turns


Divinity Original Sin 2  Geomancer Skills

Skill Level Source Skill Effect
Poison Dart   Geomancer1  No  Poison damage, create Poison puddle
 Contamination  Geomancer1  No  Close range area effect Poison damage,  turns liquid into Poison cloud
Corrosive Touch   Geomancer1
 No  Destroy physical armour, set Acid 2  turns
 Fortify  Geomancer1  No  Add physical armour, remove status  effects, can't be teleported
 Fossil Strike  Geomancer1  No  Ranged Earth damage, creates oil slick
 Oily Carapace  Geomancer1
 No  Consume oil surface to restore physical  armour
Turn To Oil   Geomancer1
 No   Convert liquid surface to oil, remove  status effects
 Venom Coating  Geomancer1
 No  Add Poison damage to weapon attacks
 Throw Dust  Geomancer1
 No  Ranged Earth damage, Blinded 1 round,  clear clouds
Mind Metal   Geomancer2  No  Restore physical armour in aura
 Reactive Armour  Geomancer2  No  Deal damage based on physical armour  in wave
 Impalement  Geomancer2  No  Ranged Earth damage, Crippled 1 turn,  creates oil slick
 Poison Wave  Geomancer2  No  Close range area Poison damage, Earth  immunity 1 round, creates Poison cloud
 Earthquake  Geomancer2  No  Area Earth damage, Knockdown 1 turn,  creates random oil slicks
 Worm Tremor  Geomancer2  No  Area Earth damage, increased damage  and status effects to enemies without  magic armour
 Corrosive Spray  Geomancer2
 1  Destroy physical armour, set Acid /  Atrophy 2 turns
 Mass Oily Carapace  Geomancer2
 1  Aura version of Oily Carapace
 Venomous Aura  Geomancer2
 1  Aura version of Venom Coating
 Dust Blast  Geomancer2
 1  Ranged Earth damage, blind 2 rounds
 Summon Artillery Plant  Geomancer3  1  Plant throws Acid damage and Poison  clouds
 Siphon Poison  Geomancer3  No  Remove Poison clouds, increases  weapon damage based on size
 Living Wall  Geomancer3  No  Vines block path, create Poison clouds
 Acid Spores  Geomancer3  2  Ranged Poison damage
 Pyroclastic Eruption  Geomancer5  3  Ranged Earth damage, create oil slicks

Divinity Original Sin 2 Huntsman Skills

Skill Level Source Skill Effect
 First Aid  Huntsman1  No Restore Vitality, removes status effects
 Elemental Arrowheads  Huntsman1  No Range weapon deals elemental damage (requires close range elemental source)
 Richochet  Huntsman1  No Ranged attack forks to extra target
 Pin Down  Huntsman1  No Ranged attack, Crippled 1 turn
 Reactive Shot  Huntsman2  No Automatically attack next 3 targets entering area
 Barrage  Huntsman2  No Ranged attack vs. 3 targets
 Tactical Retreat  Huntsman2  No Haste and then teleport
 Ballistic Shot  Huntsman2  No Ranged attack, increased damage for further range
 Marksman's Fang  Huntsman2  No Hit all enemies in line, ignores armour
 Sky Shot  Huntsman2  No Range attack with high ground bonus regardless of position
 Glitter Dust  Huntsman3  No  Target is Marked, can't turn invisible
 Assassinate  Huntsman3  No Ranged attack, major damage bonus if in stealth
 Arrow Spray  Huntsman3  1 16 ranged attacks in arc
Farsight   Huntsman3  1 Increase range of attacks
 Arrow Storm  Huntsman5  3 Area effect ranged attack


Divinity Original Sin 2 Hydrosophist Skills

Skill Level Source Skill Effect
Armour Of Frost   Hydrosophist1  No  Increase magic armour, remove  status effects
 Rain  Hydrosophist1  No  Douse fire, create Wet surface
 Restoration  Hydrosophist1  No  Heal Vitality, remove status effects
 Hail Strike  Hydrosophist1  No  Range Ice damage, creates Frozen  surface
 Cryotherapy  Hydrosophist1
 No  Convert Frozen surfaces to  magical armour
Healing Tears   Hydrosophist1
 No  Heal 3 allies in aura
 Vampiric Hunger  Hydrosophist1
 No  50% Vitality life steal / 2 turns
Cleanse Wounds   Hydrosophist1
 No  Heal Vitality, remove status effects
 Soothing Cold  Hydrosophist2  No  Restore magical armour / 3 turns
 Winter Blast  Hydrosophist2  No  Water damage, set Chilled, create  Frozen surface
 Ice Fan  Hydrosophist2  No  Water damage 3 targets, set Chilled
 Global Cooling  Hydrosophist2  No  Close range area damage, set  Chilled, create Frozen surface
Cryogenic Stasis   Hydrosophist2  No  Target immune to damage,  regenerates health
Healing Ritual   Hydrosophist2  No  Restore Vitality, jumps to multiple  allies
 Mass Cleanse Wounds  Hydrosophist2
 1  Aura version of Cleanse Wounds
 Vampiric Hunger Aura  Hydrosophist2
 1  Aura version of Vampiric Hunter
 Mass Cryotherapy  Hydrosophist2
 1  Aura version of Cryotherapy
 Deep Freeze  Hydrosophist3  No  Targets with low Vitality die,  otherwise  Water damage and sets Frozen
 Arcane Stitch  Hydrosophist3  1  Fully restore magical armour
 Steam Lance  Hydrosophist3  2  Restore Vitality / 3 turns
 Hail Storm Hydrosophist5   3  Area Water damage, sets Chilled


Divinity Original Sin 2 Necromancer Skills

Skill Level Source Skill Effect
 Blood Sucker  Necro1  No  Consume blood to heal  Vitality
Decaying Touch   Necro1  No  Melee damage, target takes  damage from healing / 2 turns
 Mosquito Swarm  Necro1  No   Ranged damage, restores Vitality
 Raise Bloated Corpse  Necro1  No   Summon cadaver that can  explode
 Raining Blood  Necro1
 No   Douse fire, create blood surface,  set Bleeding on targets
 Bone Cage  Necro2  No   Increase physical armour for each  corpse in area
 Infect  Necro2  No   Melee damage, set Infected on  target
 Living On The Edge  Necro2  No   Target can't drop below 1 Vitality  / 2 turns, even if summoned
 Death Wish  Necro2  No   Bonus damage for lower Vitality,  but take damage each turn
 Raise Bone Widow  Necro2  No   Summon bone creature that heals  by consuming corpses
 Shackles Of Pain  Necro2  No   Target takes your damage in your  place
 Last Rites  Necro3  No   Take piercing damage, then  resurrect ally
Silencing Stare   Necro3  No   Silence targets in area effect
 Black Shroud  Necro3  1  Set Blind and Suffocation in area  effect
 Grasp Of The Starved  Necro3  2  Ranged damage, sets Crippled on  all targets
 Blood Storm  Necro3
 3  Set Disease and Decay on targets,  transforms water to blood
 Totems Of The Necromancer  Necro5  3  Corpses turn to Bone Totems that  deal ranged damage


Divinity Original Sin 2 Polymorph Skills

Skill Level Source Skill Effect
 Bull Horns  Polymorph1  No  Grant new attack, increase  Retribution
 Chicken Claw  Polymorph1  No  Transform target into chicken / 2  rounds
 Tentacle Lash  Polymorph1  No  Ranged damage, set Atrophy
Chameleon Cloak   Polymorph1  No  Set Invisible / 2 turns
 Heart Of Steel  Polymorph2  No  Regenerate Physical Armour
 Spread Your Wings  Polymorph2  No  Fly and ignore ground surfaces
 Spider Legs  Polymorph2  No  Create Web surfaces
 Terrain Transmutation  Polymorph2  No  Swap surfaces and clouds of two  areas
 Medusa Head  Polymorph2  No  Gain petrification attack
 Summon Oily Blob  Polymorph2  No  Earth damage in area, create oil  slick
 Flaming Skin  Polymorph2
 1  Immune Fire, lower Water  resistance
 Icy Skin  Polymorph2
 1  Immune Water, lower Fire  resistance
 Poisonous Skin  Polymorph2
 1  Immune Poison and Earth, lower  Air resistance
 Jellyfish Skin  Polymorph2
 1  Immune Electricity, lower Poison  and Earth resistance
 Skin Graft  Polymorph3  1  Remove status effects and reset all  cooldowns
 Forced Exchange  Polymorph3  2  Exchange Vitality total with target
 Equalize  Polymorph3  No  Vitality and armour of targets in area  are combined and then redistributed  equally
 Flayed Skin  Polymorph3  No  Destroy magical armour and reduce  resistances
Apotheosis   Polymorph5  3  Reduce cost of all Source abilities


Divinity Original Sin 2 Pyrokinetic Skills

Skill Level Source Skill Effect
 Haste  Pyrokinetic1  No  Increase move speed and AP,  remove status effects
 Ignition  Pyrokinetic1  No  Fire damage in close range area
Peace Of Mind   Pyrokinetic1  No  Increase stats, remove status  effects
 Searing Daggers  Pyrokinetic1  No  Ranged fire damage to 3 targets,  create Fire surface
 Bleed Fire  Pyrokinetic1
 No  Set Fire surface and ignite surfaces
 Corpse Explosion  Pyrokinetic1
 No  Deal area damage around corpse
 Sabotage  Pyrokinetic1
 No  Explode random grenade or arrow in  target's inventory
 Sparking Swings  Pyrokinetic1
 No  Melee attacks create bouncing fire  projectiles
Throw Explosive Trap   Pyrokinetic1
 No  Trap explodes in area affect when  enemy approaches
 Fireball  Pyrokinetic2  No  Area Fire damage
 Spontaneous Combustion  Pyrokinetic2  No  Ranged Fire damage on target, deal  bonus damage for Fire status effects
 Fire Whip  Pyrokinetic2  No  Ranged Fire damage, sets Blind and  Burning
 Laser Ray  Pyrokinetic2  No  Line of Fire damage, creates Fire cloud
 Supernova  Pyrokinetic2  No  Area Fire damage, creates Fire surfaces
 Flaming Tongues  Pyrokinetic2  No  Fire damage to approaching enemies
 Mass Corpse Explosion  Pyrokinetic2
 1  Area version of Corpse Explosion
 Master Of Sparks  Pyrokinetic2
 1  Aura version of Sparking Swings
 Mass Sabotage  Pyrokinetic2
 1  Explode 2 grenades or arrows on target
 Deploy Mass Traps  Pyrokinetic2
 1  Create 4 traps
 Summon Fire Slug  Pyrokinetic3  1  Summons ally to launch ranged attacks  and create Fire surfaces
 Flaming Crescendo  Pyrokinetic3  No  Target explodes in 3 rounds (or on  death)
 Epidemic Of Fire  Pyrokinetic3  2  Ranged Fire damage, forks up to 5  times
 Meteor Shower  Pyrokinetic5  3  Area Fire damage


Divinity Original Sin 2 Scoundrel Skills

Skill Level Source Skill Effect
 Adrenaline  Scoundrel1  No  Gain AP, but lose AP next turn
 Backlash  Scoundrel1  No  Land behind enemy and Backstab
 Chloroform  Scoundrel1  No  Destroys magical armour and sets  Sleeping
 Throwing Knife  Scoundrel1  No  Ranged damage, can Backstab
 Cloak And Dagger  Scoundrel2  No  Teleport without breaking Sneak
 Corrupted Blade  Scoundrel2  No  Melee damage, set Decay and Disease
 Gag Order  Scoundrel2  No  Destroy magical armour and set Silenced
 Rupture Tendons  Scoundrel2  No  Melee damage, deal damage whenever  target moves
 Sawtooth Knife  Scoundrel2  No  Deal damage direct to Vitality, set Bleeding  if no physical armour
 Sleeping Arms  Scoundrel2  No  Melee damage and set Atrophy
 Terrifying Cruelty  Scoundrel3  No  Melee damage and set Bleeding, Terrified
 Wind Up Toy  Scoundrel3  No  Summon exploding ally, doesn't break  Sneak
 Daggers Drawn  Scoundrel3  2  Melee damage multiple times
 Fan Of Knives  Scoundrel3  1  Melee damage to all nearby enemies, can  Backstab
 Mortal Blow  Scoundrel5  3  Melee damage, doubled if Sneaking, instant  kill to enemy at 20% Vitality or lower


Divinity Original Sin 2 Summoning Skills

Skill Level Source Skill Effect
 Conjure Incarnate  Summoning1  No  Summon ally matching element of  surface conjured from
 Dimensional Bolt  Summoning1  No  Ranged damage of random type,  creates corresponding surface
 Elemental Totem  Summoning1  No  Summon totem that deals ranged  damage of corresponding surface type
 Farsight Infusion  Summoning1  No  Grants Incarnate ranged attack
 Electric Infusion  Summoning1
 No  Give Incarnate Electricity attack
 Fire Infusion  Summoning1
 No  Give Incarnate Fire attack
 Poison Infusion  Summoning1
 No  Give Incarnate Poison attack
 Water Infusion  Summoning1
 No  Give Incarnate Restoration skill
 Acid Infusion  Summoning2
 No  Give Incarnate Acid attacks
 Cursed Electric Infusion  Summoning2
 No  Give Incarnate multiple Electricity  attacks
Ice Infusion   Summoning2
 No  Give Incarnate multiple healing  abilities
Necrofire Infusion   Summoning2
 No  Give Incarnate multiple Fire abilities
 Power Infusion  Summoning2  No  Give Incarnate new melee attacks
 Shadow Infusion  Summoning2  No  Give Incarnate invisibility and stealth  attacks
 Rallying Cry  Summoning2  No  Restore Vitality and magic armour  based on allies and totems in area
 Dominate Mind  Summoning2  No  Charm target / 2 turns
 Soulmate  Summoning2  No  Remove status effects, target gains  half the healing you receive
 Supercharger  Summoning2  No  Summoned creature deals bonus  damage but dies in next turn
 Warp Infusion  Summoning3  No  Give Incarnate teleportation abilities
 Door To Eternity  Summoning3  2  Summons become immortal / 2 turns
Planar Gateway   Summoning3  1  Travel between linked points
 Ethereal Storm  Summoning5  3  Random elemental damage or ally  healing in area


Divinity Original Sin 2 Warfare Skills

Skill Level Source Skill Effect
 Battering Ram  Warfare1  No  Move forward in line, set Knockdown
 Battle Stomp  Warfare1  No  Damage in line, set Knockdown
Bouncing Shield   Warfare1  No  Ranged damage based on shield armour,  bounces to other enemies
Crippling Blow   Warfare1  No  Melee damage, set Crippled / 1 turn
 Blitz Attack  Warfare2  No  Melee damage to multiple targets within area
 Deflective Barrier  Warfare2  No  Increase physical armour, reflect ranged  attacks
 Enrage  Warfare2  No  Target is muted but deals all critical hits
Phoenix Dive   Warfare2  No  Create Fire surface on target area
 Provoke  Warfare2  No  Force enemy to attack you
 Whirlwind  Warfare2  No  Melee damage against nearby enemies
 Challenge  Warfare3  No  Heal Vitality and receive combat bonuses if  target dies within 3 turns, otherwise take  damage
 Guardian Angel  Warfare3  No  Redirect damage from allies to you
 Onslaught  Warfare3  2  Melee attack five times in a row
 Thick Of The Fight  Warfare3  1  Increased damage for each ally in radius
 Overpower  Warfare5  1  Melee damage, destroy physical armour if your  armour is higher than target


Have you found any other skills for any of the 10 main schools while trekking through the Original Sin 2 world? Let us know in the comments below and we'll get them added!

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