Best Budget Hearthstone Decks for Rastakhan's Rumble Meta

Heal Paladin

It turns out that Paladin can become a Priest, if he wants to with all the healing spells it gets these days. But it's not going to be a Control Paladin, as is the case with Priest most of the time. This Heal Paladin is one aggressive monster.

First, it has a new Bloodclaw weapon that costs only one mana, which can destroy two early minions on the opponent's side. Second, it has Spirit of the Tiger that basically summons minions for free, because there are no extra mana costs involved.

Lastly, it can deploy a 4-mana 8/8 taunt in the form of Zandalari Templar, which is just too OP. That's without mentioning all the healing it gets in the course, which will keep you alive for many turns to come.

Deck string:


Published Dec. 11th 2018

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