X-Com: Enemy Within - Council Mission Guide: Deluge

The damaged dam needs you to use the dam valves to save the damaged dam from succumbing to all the dam damage the dam has taken.

With the new content in Enemy Within, a few Council missions have been added for the EXALT storyline.

The first one is a standard escort mission with lots of thin men trying to shoot you on the way out. Nothing is really difficult on that one at all. Just keep your head down and don't move the man being escorted while there is even a chance of a thin man with Overwatch taking a shot. Do that and you'll be fine.

The second mission is a bit trickier. We have another convoy, but this one is going across a dam in Paris, France. In their attempt to get to a truck with an unknown weapon, the aliens have done significant damage to the dam. A timer starts the mission on six turns. You can add two additional turns to the timer by activating bypass valves on the dam as you proceed towards the target. An Assault soldier will be useful for using Run & Gun to hit some of the more difficult valve controls. There are five total valves in the mission, allowing you to increase the number of turns on the mission by ten.

A Sniper can be positioned in the first tower on the right of the drop location. She should be able to see the whole map from there with Squadsight.

With shots like these, why do I have soldiers on the front lines?

The spawns will mostly be beamed down from the sky on this mission. Either two mutons or a Mechtoid and supporting Sectoids will be dropped on the map. Make sure to have a plan for knocking out all of the Sectoids quickly if you can't take the mech down in one turn. The Mind Merge benefit to Mechtoids is far more dangerous than the benefit to other Sectoids.

You only have to reach the zone at the end of the map behind the truck. Even if there are still aliens on the map, you will complete the mission and get the movie revealing the "weapon."


$100 and Annette Durand joins your barracks as Heavy Sergeant. The game hints at her psionic abilities. You'll just have to play more get more info about that.



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Published Sep. 1st 2017

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