Total War Warhammer 2: Full Unit Rosters for Skaven & All Factions

From Dinosaurs, Giant Rats, all the way to Dragons...the full unit Roster for Total War Warhammer 2 has been revealed.

In the pre-release hype for Total War Warhammer 2's release in late September, developer Creative Assembly has been slowly teasing all the playable factions that fans can look forward to in the game. First came the Lizardmen, then the Dark Elves and High Elves -- and just recently, the company revealed the Skaven as well.

Along with these teasers, Creative Assembly has also released the unit rosters for each playable faction. So players can see exactly what they'll have at their disposal when they dive into this new Warhammer experience. In this short guide, we've collected the rosters for every faction in the game. From Dinosaurs, Giant Rats, all the way to Dragons, here's everything you need to know about these units.

Skaven Unit Roster for Warhammer 2

The Skaven are a divided race. Seldom do they agree upon anything any -- even more seldom do they offer assistance to other clans without the threat of force. These Ratmen will have two playable Lords to choose from in Warhammer 2. There's Queek Head Taker (the most infamous and powerful Warlord clan Mors has ever known), and Lord Skrolk (a plaguelord from clan Pestilen). 

Below is the full roster for the Skaven faction and its units:

Skaven Lords
Queek Head Taker
Lord Skrolk (Uses Lore of Plague)
Generic Skaven Lords/Heroes
Grey Seer (Uses Lore of Plague or Ruin)
 Warlock Engineer
 Plague Priest (Uses Lore of Plague)
Skaven Melee Units
  Skavenslave Spears
 Clanrats (Shields)
 Clanrat Spears
 Clanrat Spears (Shields)
 Stormvermin (Halberds)
 Stormvermin (Swords and Shields)
 Plague Monks
 Plague Monk Censer Bearers
 Death Runners
Skaven Missile Units
Skavenslave Slingers
Night Runners
Night Runners (Slings)
Gutter Runners
Gutter Runners Slingers
Gutter Runner Slingers(Poison)
Poison Wind Globadiers
Death Globe Bombardiers
Weapons Team
Warpfire Thrower
Plagueclaw Catapult
Warp Lightning Cannon
Melee Monster/Monstrous Infantry
 Rat Ogres
 Hell Pit Abomination


Skaven Grey Seers can either be on foot, or mounted on Screaming Bells -- an unholy battle altar that empowers the lesser Skaven hoards, while instilling dread in the foes who hear its morale-shattering tolls. Warlords can either be on foot or mounted on Bonebreaker Rat Ogres. Plague Priest Heroes can be mounted on Plague Furnaces.

Overall, the Skaven seem to be rather polearm heavy with their melee units. They also have quite an extensive and interesting ranged roster that seems to be dominated by clan Eshin soldiers -- including all Night, Gutter, and Death Runners.


High Elves Unit Roster for Warhammer 2

The two playable lords for the High Elves are the Twins Tyrion and Teclis. Tyrion rose to power through skill and valiance, he is fiercely loyal to the Phoenix King Finubar. His twin brother, Teclis, is regarded as one of the world's most powerful sorcerers.

High Elf Lords
Generic High Elf Lords/Heroes
 Loremaster of Hoeth
High Elven Melee Infantry
 Swordmaster of Hoeth
 White Lions of Chrace
 Phoenix Guard
High Elven Missile Infantry
 Archers (Light Armor)
 Lothern Sea Guard
 Lothern Sea Guard (Shields)
High Elven Cavalry
 Silver Helms
 Silver Helms (Shields)
 Dragon Princes
 Ellyrian Reavers
 Ellyrian Reaver Archers
 Eagle Claw Bolt Thrower
 Tiranoc Chariot
 Ithilmar Chariot
 Phoenix Guard
Flying Melee Monsters
 Flamespyre Phoenix
 Frostheart Phoenix
 Great Eagle
 Moon Dragon
 Star Dragon
 Sun Dragon


Tyrion can engage in battle either on foot or mounted upon Malhanhir -- an Elven steed. The same is true for Tecils, except he may ride upon a Barded Ithilmar Steed. Princes, Princesses, and the Mage hero units may ride upon Elven steeds -- though the Mage may also mount Great Eagles or dragons.

It certainly seems as if the strength of the High Elves will come from their cavalry and flying units, since there's only a small variety of infantry to choose from.

The Dark Elves Unit Roster for Warhammer 2

Leading the Dark Elves is Malekith, who has lived for thousands of years -- gaining magical power longer than most mortals can comprehend time. Having tried to claim Ulthuan millennia ago, he was scoured by fire and near death. That is when his own mother, Morathi, seared black metal plates onto his skin and used dark magics to keep him alive. 

Dark Elf Lord/Lady
Generic Dark Elf Lords/Heroes
Khainite Assassin
Death Hag
Dark Elf Melee Infantry
Black Ark Corsair
Witch Elves
Har Ganeth Executioners
Black Guard of Naggarond
Dark Elf Missile/Hybrid Infantry
 Darkshards (Shields)
 Black Ark Corsair (Handbows)
 Shades (Dual Swords)
 Shades (Great Weapons)
Dark Elf Cavalry
 Dark Riders
 Dark Riders (Shields)
 Dark Riders (Repeater Crossbow)
 Cold One Knights (Lances)
 Cold One Dread Knights
Dark Elf Artillery/Chariots
 Cold One Chariot
 Reaper Bolt Thrower
Dark Elf Monsters/Flying
 War Hydra
 Black Dragon


Malekith can be mounted upon a Dark Elf Steed, a Chariot, or Seraphon (a Black Dragon). Morathi is always mounted on Sulephet -- a Dark Pegasus. Various generic lords can be mounted on standard Cold One horses, chariots, or a black dragon.

The Dark Elves are going to have battle lines that will be hard to address, because their roster is dominated by Hybrid Infantry -- units with a mixture of melee and ranged capabilities. (That is, if you can get past the heavy cavalry screens and Hydras.)

Lizardmen Unit Roster for Warhammer 2

This faction's units are lead by Lord Mazdamundi -- the oldest living Slaan. His ability to control the winds of magic is rivaled only by the most powerful of all beings. The other lord, Kroq-Gar, is the only survivor of the temple-city of Xhotl. Having been bred for the sole purpose of war, he a master of direct combat.

Lizardmen Lords
 Lord Mazdamundi
Generic Lizardmen Lords/Heroes
Slaan Mage Priest
Saurus Old-Blood
 Saurus Scar-Veteran
Skink Chief
 Skink Priest
Lizardmen Infantry
 Skink Cohort (Shields)
 Saurus Warriors
 Saurus Warriors (Shields)
 Saurus Spears
 Saurus Spears (Shields)
 Temple Guards
Lizardmen Missile Infantry
 Skink Cohort (Javelins)
 Skink Skirmishers (Blowpipes)
 Chameleon Skinks
Lizardmen Cavalry
 Feral Cold Ones
 Cold One Riders
 Cold One Spear-Riders
 Horned Ones
 Terradon Riders
 Terradon Riders (Fireleech Bolas)
Lizardmen Monsters
 Feral Bastiladon
 Feral Stegadon
 Feral Carnosaur
 Bastiladon (Revivification Crystal)
 Bastiladon (Solar Engine)
 Stegadon (Giant Crossbow)
 Ancient Stegadon (Giant Blowpipes)


Like all Slaan, Lord Mazdamundi never directly touches the ground -- as that would interrupt his ability to channel the winds of magic. He can be mounted on a standard platform or atop the ancient Stegadon, Zlaaq. Kroq-Gar can enter battle on foot, upon a Cold One or a Horned one, or on the back of Grymloq (a Carnosaur).

Riding giant dinosaurs into battle sounds pretty awesome. It's exactly what the Lizardmen do -- and boy, do they do it well. Their monster-packed and cavalry-heavy unit roster means that the Lizardmen are going to be able to dish out and take a pounding. 

Mods Are a Wonderful Thing

If you think that this current list is impressive, just wait until mods add even more creatures and units into the fray. I'm sure the Lizardmen alone will be the target for a modding campaign to add even more lovable dinosaurs to use in the future. Giant Ratmen and Triceratops-looking creatures doing battle while a giant Toad floats by sounds like a pretty epic confrontation.

Total War: Warhammer 2 launches in less than a month. So be prepared to do battle, pick your sides, and get ready to place yourselves into a world of Total War.

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Published Aug. 21st 2017

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