My Time at Sandrock Commissions Guide

Commissions are an important part of Sandrock life and a good source of money early on.

Commissions in My Time at Sandrock are some of the most important tasks you can do outside the main story quests – and sometimes instead of the main story quests. These small, and not-so-small, requests put your building skills to the test, but the rewards are worth the trouble in more ways than one.

How Commissions Work in My Time at Sandrock

Commissions unlock shortly after you settle into your new role as a builder. Speak with Yan at the commission store, and he’ll explain the basics. You start with low-tier commissions only, until you prove your worth by completing many commissions and raising your workshop level. Grab your first from the board next to the shop door.

The main reasons for completing commissions are earning Workshop experience and getting Gols (money).

Unlocking higher tiers of commissions also unlocks the option to take on more at a given tier. When you first start out, for example, you’ll only be able to accept one at a time at the lowest tier. That’s not a bad thing, though.

Commissions are timed, and you'll fail and get no rewards if you don’t deliver the requested items before the end of the commission’s final day. Resources are fairly limited in your first month or so in My Time at Sandrock, so you probably wouldn’t be able to fulfill multiple anyways.

Once you have access to high-level commissions, it’s still worth doing low-tier ones as well. They only require basic materials, which you’ll be able to provide much more easily with a few months as a builder under your belt. That makes them a reliable source of steady cash alongside the ones that are more demanding and higher paying.

Since time limits are tight, be careful about which commissions you take on as well. It’s easy to overstack your schedule in Sandrock, so you’ll want to make sure you actually have the time to gather materials and craft the required items before the deadline.

One thing the game doesn’t tell you is that you have to manually deliver the requested items to the person who posted it. If you’re not sure where to find them, open the quest list from the main menu, and track the commission.

The early access version of Sandrock seems to have a few commission bugs, where the board will be completely blank some days. If that happens to you and none appear, just restart the game or wait until the next in-game day, when new one should be posted.

And that’s pretty much it for commissions in My Time at Sandrock. It’s a straightforward system you should regularly take advantage of to pad your pockets and boost your workshop rating. If you’re looking for more tips and tricks, check out our other My Time at Sandrock guides.


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Published May. 26th 2022

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