How to Console Game on a Budget

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Who doesn't like to get great things for less money? We all know the digital realm leads to some dirt cheap prices on games (here’s a guide from Elijah to tell you just that). However, I've noticed that most of these guides to cheap games focus almost exclusively on digital content.

So today, I want to share my tips with you on how to get console and handheld games at rock-bottom prices! These tips are general and apply to all systems, for all time. So please make use of them.

Now grasshopper, shall we begin? 

Published May. 8th 2015
  • Stephanie Tang
    Featured Columnist
    I take a solid middle ground when it comes to bargain-hunting. I love sales - the steady influx of packages from the internet to my postbox is pretty telling in this regard. But I also have only so much time, and as you say,only steady effort, hard looking, and frequent checking will get you what you want.

    That is not an easy thing, particularly if you are very specific with what you want. The time, effort, and general waiting-for-lucky-things to happen doesn't appeal to me.

    For the aspiring console bargain hunter I'd suggest online resources for scoping out deals. I get regular newsletters from a number of places (for me in Canada, RedFlagDeals is mecca) and access to bargain-hunter forums that are much faster to browse through than going through the local racks. There are also a number of classifieds that you can easily search through, both for physical meetups/exchanges and online destash posts. You still get low prices, the sweet sense of not getting ripped off by the Gamestop used game reseller model, and you save a lot of time to boot.
  • The Soapbox Lord
    Featured Contributor
    Not giving Gamestop money is always a plus. Your other suggestions were great as well. I haven't had much luck with classifieds myself, but I know some have.

    I have really just been lucky to happen upon the deals when I do.

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