Babylon's Fall: How to Play Multiplayer With Friends

Like with any live service game, you'll likely want to hop into Babylon's Fall with a few friends. Here's how to do just that.

Babylon's Fall is a brand new action-RPG from Platinum Games, and Square Enix's latest attempt at a live service title. Because of that it's heavily multiplayer-focused, and when you're jumping in you'll likely want to bring a few friends along for the ride. To do that, though, you'll need to figure out how to play multiplayer with friends as it's not as straightforward as you might hope.

How to Play With Friends in Babylon's Fall

Before we jump in on how to play with friends, it's important to note that Babylon's Fall does in fact have crossplay between PS4, PS5, and PC, so you'll be able to play with friends on any platform.

Once you and your friends, have beaten the tutorial and arrived in the hub area, bring up your main menu. Use R1 or L1 to move over to the "Community" tab, then select the Friend List option. 

Now you actually need to select Search and then enter your friend's in-game character name. Again, your the name of your friend's character within Babylon's Fall, and not their PSN name or anything else.

Once you and your friend have added each other, one of you can move to the other's HQ. You'll also notice a couple of other options on the bottom of the Community menu.

"Create Private HQ" will allow you to create a new HQ that only those with a password can join, and "Input HQ Code" is where you'll go to join someone else's Private HQ with their password. You can also use Matchmaking History to send friend requests to players you recently matched with. 

Now that you're finally in the same HQ you can undertake quests together. The host player will need to head to a quest board and choose a quest to start, then any visiting players need to go to a quest board and select the "Party Quests" option, where they'll then be able to select the quest the host chose. 

Babylon's Fall certainly makes playing with friends a bit cumbersome, so you can always play with randomly matched players if you prefer. Make sure to check back for even more tips and guides on Babylons' Fall.  


Published Mar. 3rd 2022

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