Grounded Guide: How to Get Woven Fibers

Backyard survivors live and die by their woven fiber supply. Here's how to find woven fibers, craft them, and stay one step ahead of the spiders.

In the little-big world of Grounded, the backyard has never been so dangerous. With ants, spiders, and even surprisingly formidable ladybugs scurrying around, it's you who risks getting stepped on for once, not the insect world.

Players have to live with survival at the forefront of their minds, which means you'll first need to know how to craft basic tools and equipment before you can start worrying about amenities like fancy lamps or taxidermied gnats.

This guide will teach you how to craft woven fibers, truly the game's bedrock for backyard explorers to rely on.

How to Get Woven Fibers in Grounded

Given how important they are, it's good that woven fibers aren't so rare. They're crafted by combining three plant fibers in your crafting menu.

Plant fibers are found all over the backyard and seem to come in two visual styles. In either case, they look like small green sprouts coming from the ground. You can see one example below. 

You can carry plenty of any item provided you have the backpack space for the first of them, so fill up on plant fibers as often as you can. You'll need them for a ton of different projects, including virtually all the early-game necessities like the axe and different types of armor.

For a reliable bounty of plant fibers, be sure to finish off the stems of grass and other plants you cut down. While the initial teardown will give you other things like grass planks, finishing off the remaining stump with one last slash gives you multiple plant fibers in one go.

What Can You Craft with Woven Fibers in Grounded?

Like I said, the list of crafting items that require woven fibers is huge, seemingly the biggest in the game right now. I'm still uncovering more recipes, but already I've found more than a dozen which need woven fibers to be crafted.

That list includes vital resources like the pebblet axe, without which you're basically dead on arrival, but also, the pebblet hammer, the canteen, and the sprig bow, which is another vital resource that allows for ranged combat. You can check out the full list of early discoveries in the screenshot below. 

Here's a growing list just in case. Note that I haven't found all of the recipes quite yet. 

  • Acorn Shovel
  • Armor Glue
  • Canteen
  • Clover Head
  • Clover Poncho
  • Clover Shin Guards
  • Door
  • Eyepatch
  • Pebblet Axe
  • Pebblet Hammer
  • Slime Mold Sconce
  • Spiky Sprig
  • Sprig Bow
  • Storage Basket
  • Torch

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That's all you need to know about woven fibers in Grounded. With deep pockets of woven fibers, you'll be on your way to living comfortably or at least not being eaten by a gigantic spider. Stay tuned for more tips, tricks, and guides, as well as our impressions of the survival game in the coming days. 


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Published Jul. 30th 2020

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