Destiny: eSport or Just Another RPG?

Could Destiny be the next big eSport? Read more and get a chance to win your own copy.
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The possibility of adding a new eSport to the scene is one that lights discussion amongst the whole gaming community. With all of the hype from the recent release, many have been questioning the viability of Destiny as the next big eSport game. Critics have several concerns that could potentially affect the reception of Destiny as an eSport.

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How can a role-playing shooter be an eSport?

As a game with a large focus on role-playing, many question the viability of combat in competition.

Most are concerned that since Destiny is primarily a role-playing game and first-person shooter, the competitive multiplayer will be unbalanced due to the differing stats of gear and characters. However, this was one of the things that Bungie put considerable effort in to alleviate.

In most competitive modes, there is an auto-balance system that runs behind the scenes. This way the level of your character and its gear will not affect the outcome of competitive play. For example. a level 8 character’s abilities, such as the Warlock’s “Nova Bomb,” still does as much damage as a level 27’s Warlock’s “Nova Bomb.” In the same manner, a level 2 “Shingen C” Auto Rifle will do the same amount of damage as a level 20 “Shingen C” Auto Rifle.

The only difference in weapons is that the weapon’s abilities do carry over into competitive play. For example if my “Sarus Regime” Auto Rifle has the ability to slow its rate of fire and increase its damage per shot so that fewer bullets are fired, but do more damage, it will do just that in the match. However, this is balanced so that it takes the same amount of time to kill an opponent whether or not this ability is active.

Does it have shared similarities with other eSports?

These weapon and character abilities work much like how “Perks” work in Call of Duty. Each person will pick a character, and that character can (currently) pick between two sub-classes. Within those sub-classes, you can build your character many different ways in regards to what grenades it uses, to additional abilities to its “Super”, what happens if you melee someone to death.

With these features in place, Destiny has a chance to establish itself in the world of eSports. With future patches and updates to optimize the game for competitive play, Destiny could very well be the next big thing.

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Article written by Steven Crane and co-written by Cameron Rogers.

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