[Roundup] Outlandishly Useless Armor Contest Entries!

A collection of amazingly outlandish armors for our February contest, from the shiny distraction of chainmail bikinis to the sleek uselessness of stormtrooper plasteel.

"The best and brightest scientific minds came up with a see-through latex catsuit."

Our first nominee is Cyberskin Armor, submitted by Excitetur!  You can find the full entry here.

Vote for your favorite utterly useless armor in the comments! The winner scores an Amazon gift card. 


"A chainmail bikini please! Scaly so that it will deflect arrows and cover my no-no areas."

Amanda Wallace's full submission, the Dragon's Crown Amazon, can be found here.

"So apparently my level 47 pugilst in FFXIV requires nothing more than a metal bra and some leather panties to hop into battle."

Cortalia's full submission for her pugilist can be found here.

"From the image, I'm not actually sure where her underwear would go. Maybe behind the oversized belt?"

Amanda Wallace's entry not only shows the original armor design for Scarlett from Divinity: Original Sin, but the updated version the game devs released after community backlash!  The full entry can be found here.

"What is better than poor, scantily designed armor? How about a full suit of protective armor that literally has the same defensive properties as cardboard?"

Unepitaphed offers an alternative view of Outlandishly Useless armor: the classic Stormtrooper.  His full submission can be found here.

"This little number is actually called the Assassin's Gladiator Plate. Not exactly sure this is what Spartacus had in mind."

Amazon Eliza Steel's full entry on the Guild Wars 2 Amazon can be found here.