Top 8 Indie Games to be More Hyped for Than AAA

These are the top 5 indie game which are AAA killers! Be more hyped for these than any AAA game!

The following is a list of the top 8 indie games which will knock the socks off any future AAA title. Forget Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt, forget Star Wars: Battlefront, even forget Uncharted 4 - these indie games will do what the large budgets of AAA do, but cheaper... much cheaper.

Sit back and enjoy!

Notable mentions:

  • Whatever Supergiant Games makes next
  • Whatever comes out of Ubisoft indie-style program
  • The next game from That Game Company
  • No Man's Sky (because everyone is super hyped for that already)
  • Submerged
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Developer: Playdead

From the makers of Limbo, Playdead, comes INSIDE... marketing spiel is over!

By the looks of it, INSIDE plays the same as Limbo: it's a sidescroller, and you are a defenseless young boy in a super-dangerous world. Then you have to work out puzzles to avoid dying and progress. It's the atmosphere that sold Limbo, and INSIDE appears to be no exception. Just from the trailer, you have an enormous sense of tension and fear, but also a small glimmer of hope to keep you scrambling forward!

Look for INSIDE on Xbox One in early 2015, and Steam later.

Game: Mighty No. 9

Developercomcept Inc.

Taking you back to the classic Japanese sidescrolling action Might No. 9 follows Beck, a young boy in a super suit, this allows him to take on bad guys and save everyone. His super suit has a rocket arm, which fires flaming bullets at enemies. But just remember one thing, this is being made by the creators of Mega Man, but it is NOT Mega Man, not even close. That justifies why this game is a must buy, for me at least.

Game: Interstellar Marines (IM)

Developer: Zero Point Software (ZPS)

IM is technically out already, well in Steam Early Access, but it's not finished just playable.

Read this interview with ZPS, and enjoy Landsharks!

So why care about IM? Because it's bringing back old school tactical shooters, with new tech and all the improvements that come with that. The game is far from finished, but even so it's mostly bug free, with a few exceptions, and well optimized. Optimization and performance will only improve with time as the team is moving over to Unity 5 (IM is built on the Unity Engine), which will not only allow for improvements to gameplay to be quicker, but the game will be even more stable, and the scope can be made larger.

There is also a massive new updated coming soon called Hell Week (code named Wargames, this is basically a mode where your job is to survive. Find resources, weapons, and fight, all to survive. More information on this can be found here.

"Maze Runner meets DayZ meet Hunger Games on steroids."

Kim Haar Jørgensen - Game Director

Game: Heat Signature

Developer: Suspicious Developments (aka Tom Francis)

Heat Signature is a "stealth space game" in which you need to stay cool... literally, if you are too hot your ship will get detected. You need to sneak up on other ships, attach to their air locks, and then you can run around inside getting at all the subsystems. Each ship is randomly generated, both the shape and the interior layout.

I'm just super excited about this game because it just looks like so much fun, it's something new within both the space, and stealth genres. It's fresh, exciting and new!


Developer: The Brotherhood Games

STASIS is a 2D isometric, sci-fi horror adventure game. It follows the story of John Maracheck waking up on a, what's thought be, derelict spacecraft called the Groomlake. It's very old school, in the sense that you will need a pen and paper for some of the puzzles.

With a deeply horrifying, yet amazing, soundtrack, with an atmosphere which feels just as tense as Alien: Isolation, STASIS is a must buy for any old school adventure game fans and unknowing ones!

Read more about the program STASIS made in a year here.

Game: Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

Developer: Dennaton Games

Do you want to quick answer or longer answer?

Quick Answer

It's the sequel to Hotline Miami, and has a level editor (see above).

Longer Answer

Hotline Miami is a game all about being a killer, it's a top-down twin-stick shooter, with some melee weapons. Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number is no exception so don your horse mask or owl mask, and shoot, punch, or baseball bat your way through to hype of this game! Also, the soundtrack makes you instantly feel high, so it's a great game to reap the relaxing benefits of Marijuana, without being legality issues (in most countries), and no health risks of smoking -- don't smoke kids! Just listen to the soundtracks of both Hotline Miami games instead.

Game: Below

Developer: Capybara Games

We don't actually know that much about Below, what we do know is that it's coming to Xbox One first, then Steam and maybe PS4 later. It's a top down, super zoomed out, exploration combat game. Where you make your way down caves -- or a cave. You die super quickly, but each time you die you get transported to a new character. If you then find your back to where you last died you will see the remains of your last adventures, and so their demise.

Also that soundtrack... just listen to it, isn't it amazing?

Below is expected some time in 2015.

Those were the 8 indie games I feel are more deserving of the hype that is placed on some AAA games, but:

What are the indie games you are most looking forward to?

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