Vote for the Best Story: Guild Wars 2 Fashion Finalists

10 Tyrian's share their epic tales!

Some stories will leave you crying, some laughing, and some downright intrigued. Whatever emotion the writer's chose to wield, these are the 10 Finalists for Best Story from the Guild Wars 2 Fashion Contest!

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Character: Dunklen, The Champion of Light - The Harbinger of Darkness

Dunklen is someone you might not want to cross. A horrendous past has created a scary split personality.

"Dunklen though is an odd sort; after watching his parents die before him at the hands of Charr and being made the last surviving one, of his knowledge, of his family his personality...split."

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Character: Luxuria, Black n' Purple - Or ... What Not to do in Arah!

Luxuria tells us the story of her outfit, or what not to do in Arah while looking for treasure.

"Unable to restrain herself at the sound of these insults, the Norn then proceeds to remove her gloves and with one easy gesture she pushes the man into the wall, keeping him in place by the neck."

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Character: Halgrim Kraitsbane - "The Jade Bear"

Something incredible has been brewing in Halgrim ever since his seemingly endless hibernation. Fate came and swept him away from his home for an amazing adventure.

"News of where the Krait's main forces were emerging from spread--a base off the coast far south of where Halgrim resides. This was their chance to finally stop years of torment inflicted by Krait upon Norn settlements--to get vengeance."

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Character: Xavier Holmes, The Legend of the North

Xavier tells us his epic story from within the stomach of a dragon. Hold on for dear life, this story is quite the ride.

"As he was falling, Xavier recited the tomes of protection that he had once come 
across in an ancient Dwarven cavern. It was a fairly simple spell, but hopefully it would keep him alive long enough."

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Character: Varnn, The White Charr

This story has an interesting twist, he is telling the story from your end. Grip your weapon and prepare for the beast that is heading your way!


You scan the trees searching frantically for what is headed your way, you hear paws in the distant night rapidly gaining speed.

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Character: Leukothea, Masks and Purple-Scaled Dragons

This is an epic tale of her search for the Mask of Jatoro and how it leads her to an epic fight with a dragon.

"For a second, she saw a purple leg with glittering scales on it, before everything was plunged into darkness again. Her eyes widened. What was a dragon doing here?"

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Chartacter: Asella, Witch of the Mansion

This is another interesting twist on background stories. She tells us the stories children tell of her!

Better watch out, she might put you under her spell.

"The myth is that she wears the mask to hide her face, and that one look at her face, can have any man under her control. Once you're under her control, there's no hope."

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Character: Sold, How do you sell a contradiction?

This is a story of someone who didn't fit in and how she was able to find a place in the world. How she got there is the fun part!

"The odd pair danced their way around the world.  Though their squawking seemed to scare off potential friends, they had each other, and that was all they needed."

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Character: Meswrex, If you've got it, flaunt it!

She's always wanted to be a Mesmer, yet her parents didn't approve. Guess which she chose to stick with!

"Just look at yourself will you! Parading around half-naked, flashing your assets in puffs of purple butterflies! Is this the Norn way?"

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Character: Morgana, The Wicked 'n Corrupted Norn Warrior

Morgana tells her story of proving her worth on the battlefield, when everyone belittled her abilites because of her stunning beauty.

"She was given this sword as a token of great friendship and its a reminder to her everyday, that you are not defeated because you are down and broken, you are only defeated when you give up!"

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