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Top 10 Baldur’s Gate 3 NPCs That Should Have Been Companions

Out of all the likable characters in the story, these are top 10 Baldur's Gate 3 NPCs that should've been companions.

There are plenty of beloved NPCs in Baldur’s Gate 3 that I love interacting with daily. And there are some whose stories and characteristics would’ve made them perfect as temporary or permanent party additions. Here are my top 10 Baldur’s Gate 3 NPCs that should have been companions.

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10. Alfira

Alfira was one of the first NPCs I thought would join my party as a Bard. She fits the description perfectly with her cheery attitude and mission to write epic tales, filling a role similar to that of Linzi the Bard from Pathfinder Kingmaker.

Alas, this wasn’t the case, and Alfira remains an NPC that should’ve been a companion. We desperately need a Bard origin or companion in the future, and it still puzzles me why there’s not one. Bards are one of the most popular classes in D&D, and Alfira would’ve made an excellent College of Lore addition.

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9. Lump the Enlightened

Alright, hear me out. This Warped Headband of Intellect-boosted gentleman is someone I just love talking to each time he shows up through the Horn. His repertoire of spells, a strong club arm, devilish charm, and a mind for business would make him a valuable asset against the Absolute. In fact, there are many more monstrous NPCs I would like as companions, such as one of the Myconids or Goblins.

8. Isobel

As a powerful Cleric of Selune, Isobel would make a great companion, if for nothing more than the mechanical prowess she brings to battle. Indeed, the narrative aspect of her arc would be more complex, too, making for a great recruitment quest, dealing with the Shadow Curse before she joins you else the Last Light Inn is doomed.

I wouldn’t say she’s a mandatory NPC turned companion like Alfira the Bard — Shadowheart already fills the Cleric slot — but still, traveling with Isobel would be nice.

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7. Rugan

In my opinion, Rugan would, be the perfect NPC companion, further introducing the party to the black market and freelancing world of Baldur’s Gate. He’s a charming guy with a smooth voice. He’s also a capable fighter who would serve as an excellent Rogue, with perhaps some alchemical abilities for various bombs and tools. I definitely wanted to see more of him in the original story.

6. Bernard

Warforged from the Eberron Campaign Setting aren’t a playable race in Baldur’s Gate 3, but they so need to be. Perhaps in future games? For now, Bernard is the closest character we have to a charming construct.

A secret side that has you deciphering various poetry-inspired commands would be the perfect catalyst to bring him into your party. Alternatively, a quest to grant him sentience would also be incredible. I really like his Arcane Tower dialogue — and of course, I read all the books and solved his encounter diplomatically.

5. He Who Was

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Call me edgy, but He Who Was is badass. He, Kar’niss, and Shadowheart should start a symphonic black metal band. After completing his quest with the ledge, I would’ve loved it if he joined the gang. Shadar Kai have an intriguing culture with the Raven Queen, and he could’ve offered a perspective into their story. Also, I would just generally like more goth characters, please.

4. Arabella

With her tragic story, Arabella would’ve been an interesting temporary companion to take us on a revenge arc. I loved that Larian tied her Grove quest to Act 2 and made her appear again, rewarding those of us who rescued her. Her mysterious druidic powers are an interesting concept that could’ve been explored more, too. Perhaps, we’ll see her as a temporary companion in one of the eventual BG3 DLCs.

3. Steelclaw

Scratch and the Owlbear Cub are both great, don’t get me wrong, but I would’ve loved Steelclaw the Cat as a sidekick animal companion. She’s badass, and her hunt for Mind Flayer Tadpoles ties in perfectly with the main story.

We could’ve hunted for the Absolute together as she magically transforms into an armored panther later in the game. The perfect Beast Master Ranger companion. I loved the Winged Horror dialogue, where they complain that she clawed the heck out of those bastards.

2. Ellyka

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I was absolutely sure Ellyka was going to be at least a temporary companion when I first met her. Her “I’m a lone wolf” response simply sounded like a character development prompt that ultimately leads her to working with you. Sadly, she gets killed by the Monastery Githyanki, and we lose our potential Ranger spot for companions. If only we would’ve stuck together.

1. Zevlor

Good old Zevlor, the good-natured Paladin in direct contrast to Minthara. His goal to protect his colony led him to some harsh decisions, but he always aims to do right by his people. This dynamic would’ve made him an interesting temporary companion — or perhaps a permanent one if he could’ve gotten the other Tieflings to safety. It would be nice to see him join you in the final fight against the Absolute. We can always use a Paladin for protection.

That concludes my list of the top 10 Baldur’s Gate 3 NPCs that should have been companions. For more BG3 features and guides, check out our Top 10 funniest moments in the game.

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