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Top 10 Best Creepy Horror CC for The Sims 4

Bring Halloween to your Sims with these horror Custom Content pieces in The Sims 4!

Halloween is the perfect time to dig into custom content for a spooky virtual celebration. To help set the tone, here are the top 10 best creepy horror CC for The Sims 4.

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Best Spooky CC for Halloween in The Sims 4

CC is custom content that can be downloaded and implemented in the game, but some CC requires that you have specific DLC to use it.

10. Third Eye by Creptella

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This CC is among the simpler ones. But if you want to add just a bit of spookiness to your Sims’ appearances. It looks like this CC uses makeup to add a third eye to your Sim’s forehead, letting you choose different colors. Since Third Eye doesn’t require any specific game packs to use, you can grab it even if you only have the base game. As such, it’s a nice small way to add flare for Halloween without needing to make extra purchases beforehand to get it to work.

9. Demonic Eyes by Seleng

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Another smaller CC, Demonic Eyes adds a colored, glowing effect to the Sim’s pupils. Like Third Eye, this one doesn’t need game packs beyond the base game to install and use it properly. Again, I like this one in addition to more CC because it adds a nice touch for Halloween. Or year-round if you want. However, the downside is that it’s VIP only on The Sims Resource, which costs a monthly fee of real money.

8. Cursed Snakes Accessory by Shimydim

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Want to dress a Sim as Medusa for Halloween this year? Cursed Snakes Accessory adds snakes to a braided hairstyle. It works with all-natural hair colors in the game, and you only need the base game for it to work properly. Although the creator does list another CC piece as recommended, it isn’t required. The snakes are small and not flashy, but this CC pairs great with the above-eye CC pieces for an eerie Halloween look.

7. Toothy Kruger by Lantano1

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At first glance, Toothy Kruger seems like it adds the mouth aspect alone. However, Toothy Kruger is the entire Sim. Her name is Toothy Kruger, and you get the entire Frankenstein crossed with the Slit-mouth woman from the Japanese ghost story look she has. While this CC just adds a Sim, the Sim is eerie enough to liven up a Halloween party. Except her look isn’t a costume. The downside is this CC has a lot of other CC required to use it properly. So, you’ll be doing a bit of downloading before you can see Toothy Kruger in your game.

6. Moody Bedroom by SIMSBYLINEA

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Maybe you don’t want your Sim’s whole house to be spooky. In that case, Moody Bedroom gives you a design for one room that’s full of heavy, rich colors perfect for not just Halloween, but all of fall and winter. This is the kind of bedroom that’s elegant with an aura that suggests it could be haunted. Either way, it pairs perfectly with the Seasons expansion for rainy (or snowy) days. As with a few other CC options, this one has a few required downloads if you want it to appear properly in-game.

5. Spooky House by Sharon337

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If you want a whole house set up for Halloween, Spooky House does the job in the Forgotten Hollow neighborhood. This mansion has two bedrooms, one bathroom, a room dedicated to art, and it’s complete with a graveyard outside. The Goth family would certainly be jealous of this stylized mansion that blends modern and gothic design elements. I’m especially a fan of the spider web pattern wallpaper used in a few of the rooms for this house. To make it even better, you don’t need any other CC downloaded for Spooky House to appear in your game properly.

4. Ready for Halloween by Sharon337

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The house you get from Ready for Halloween is designed as a home that’s been decorated instead of a mansion that could convince the Addams Family to move in. However, this gives it a different kind of charm. A lot of the decorations are on the cute side rather than scary. I like the outside decorations, and would’ve loved trick-or-treating here as a child. Overall, it’s the perfect choice for a Halloween house belonging to a family that simply loves the holiday. Again, Sharon337 designed it, so this one doesn’t need any other CC to work properly, either.

3. Witchcrafting by evi

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Are your Sims witches who are trying to hide their identities from their neighbors? Or maybe you just want to live in a hideout that has witchy vibes for Halloween. Either way, Witchcrafting gives you a uniquely designed home that’s meant to be a hideout location for witches. The outside has a bit of a junkyard feel, disguising the cozy interior. While this one does require other CC downloads if you want it to show up properly in-game, the list isn’t extensive and includes other pieces created by evi.

2. Victorian Estate by Moniamay72

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Perhaps because of their age and historical value, Victorian estates are often connected to Halloween, and usually listed as haunted. This Victorian Estate is no different. Here, you’ll find extra residents sharing the lot with you, and your faint-hearted Sims might get quite the spook from their ghostly roommates. Complete with two staircases in the foyer, statues, and even the classic grand piano, this lot embodies a historical feel while being perfectly eerie for Halloween. And even better, you don’t need to download extra CC for it.

1. Spooky Park by nolcanol 

Image via The Sims Resource

So far, we have accessories, rooms, a zombie Sim, and full spooky houses, but what if you want something the whole neighborhood can enjoy this Halloween? I present: Spooky Park. Instead of a house, this lets you place a full park for the neighborhood to discover the horrors together. You’ll find skeletal friends waiting on benches, statues watching you, and even some gravestones that could mean some neighbors stayed in the park after death. From function to design and decorations, this park is a delight for Halloween, and something I desperately wish was in my real neighborhood. But for now, I’m happy to enjoy it virtually. Although, you’ll need to download other CC if you want it to run properly.

And that wraps up my list of the top 10 best Creepy Horror CC for The Sims 4. All that’s left is to grab or create a mod that adds trick-or-treating to completely celebrate Halloween. But from here, check out more TS4 content and guides like must-have CC for Barbie fans or how to change the season.

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