Top 10 Best Games Like BitLife to Get Your Life Simulator Fix

Here are the best mobile Life Simulators if you want a change from BitLife!

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Life simulators like BitLife allow us to live the life we never got to, and take risks that we wouldn’t dare to try in real life. However, it’s hard to know which are worth playing and which are better left untouched. Here are the top 10 best games like BitLife to get your life simulator fix.

10 Best Life Simulators Like BitLife

Life simulators are great for passing time, and you’ll find all the choices listed here available on mobile.

10. Alter Ego

There are a few different games by this name in the app store. This is the one by Choose Multiple LLC. Originally released in 1986, Alter Ego shows its age and is a bit outdated compared to other games on this list. Additionally, you have to buy it to play it. However, it’s incredibly similar to BitLife.

There are no graphics, so it’s based on text. You have nodes to choose from as you go through each life stage. The nodes each have a stat that they’re related to, like money, intelligence, or health. When you click one, you’re given a scenario and options to choose, affecting your life path. Although it’s on the simpler side, I can get lost in this game for hours.

9. Story Life Simulator

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This is basically BitLife with more ads and moving images to represent each person. Just their heads, though. So, if you want a game that’s almost the same as BitLife, but with more images and a new set of pop-up situations, then this could be a good choice. It has the same types of menus and even some of the same events that can happen, like a parent taking you on vacation at random.

I thought it was okay, but I wouldn’t play it for extended periods of time without purchasing the ad-free mode. They’re so intrusive that it’s almost impossible to play. Also, you’re forced to watch ads to do most things. So, Story Life Simulator is a clone of BitLife, but like with Alter Ego, you’ll need to spend money. But this time, the money is for the purpose of removing the excessive number of ads.

8. Family Life

Family Life is like an idle simulator where you occasionally receive pop-up events to influence the lives of your family members. I like that you can see every member, and the events can be for anybody, so you aren’t limited to a single character. The ads aren’t as aggressive as in some of the other games listed, but you can watch them for in-game benefits, such as getting a high-paying job.

Overall, this is the kind of app that I would play while working on something else, checking on it periodically. I think it could be fun to see how many generations I can reach for a single family. My biggest complaint would be the lack of options you have to make choices outside of pop-up events.

7. Age Sim: Adventure Living

Age Sim: Adventure Living is like Story Life Simulator where it’s basically a clone of BitLife with moving heads for each character and more ads. However, the ads here are slightly less abundant. Again, you can spend money to play without ads. But if you want a free experience, you’ll be forced to watch them throughout your character’s life.

That said, I like that you can earn perks by playing with free spins on the Lucky Wheel. However, there are a few negatives here, too. Some options in pop-up events get blocked off by ads, for instance. As such, you’re forced to watch an ad if you want to choose that option. If the devs adjusted how their ads are implemented, particularly by limiting them to extra activities or events, like escaping from prison in BitLife, then the game would be significantly better.

6. Life is a Game

Life is a Game is a side-scrolling game where you make choices and use jumps to determine what life you live. Naturally, this means it’s rather fast-paced. As you rush through life, you can choose what you do for a job, how healthy you are, how much money you make, and even a spouse and items like which car or house you want to purchase. Although the game is quick, each ending is really sad when you look back on your life and its best moments.

5. Life Simulator 3 – Real Life

This one has days go by continuously, similar to how time passes in The Sims. As such, it’s a great game to play while working on something else since you can go back to it at intervals to make decisions. The menus and navigation can take a bit to get used to because there are so many icons on the screen, but I felt they made sense after I oriented myself with them.

You start at Age 16 in this game, which lets you skip the less interactive parts that are featured in other life sim games. Although silly events pop up in other sim games during childhood, starting older works better in Life Simulator 3. Much like BitLife, I could sink quite a few hours into this game.

4. AltLife – Life Simulator

AltLife Primary Screen
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Compared to the other BitLife clones, AltLife is much less aggressive with ads. Additionally, the menus are much cleaner and easier to navigate. There are some parts that I think should be changed. For example, reading books in the activities section costs $200 per year. However, you should be able to use the public library, which is a wealth of resources available to everybody for free.

While there are some downfalls and still a few ads you have to watch, I found AltLife to be enjoyable overall. It’s a nice alternative to BitLife if you’re looking for something new, but also similar. I could see myself spending hours in it.

3. The Sims FreePlay

The Sims is the original life simulator, so it’s only natural that the mobile variation makes it on this list. Although the graphics attempt to be like The Sims 4, I got an older Sims vibe from it. You earn experience by taking care of your Sims and completing tasks, and as you level up, you unlock more features.

Compared to BitLife, the life length of your characters is much longer. However, you also have the ability to switch between multiple Sims. Not just in your household, but in your neighborhood as a whole. I liked the tutorial, as it thoroughly explained the many little icons and how to do typical things you’d do on PC. Overall, it’s pretty different from BitLife. But I felt it deserved at least a mention on this list, especially with how easy it is to sink time into it.

2. Idle Life Sim – Simulator Game

Idle Life Sim has the vibes of Animal Crossing with elements of both an idle simulator and a clicker game. You wait and earn money, then use it to earn skills and bonuses, such as raises. You can shop and decorate your room as well, adding more customizations than you see in most of the games here (Sims FreePlay excluded, of course). I think the ads are a bit much, but the gameplay overall is charming and addicting.

1. Streamer Sim Tycoon

In the main house of streamer sim tycoon
Screenshot by GameSkinny

I really liked this one, and its style is super cute, like a mix of Stardew Valley and old-school Pokemon. Your goal is to make it big as a streamer by earning followers, sponsorships, and selling merch. However, it’s more interactive than I expected at the start. There’s a minigame where you need to react to each comment positively or negatively based on what was said to boost your follower count.

I didn’t expect to be able to leave the little house you’re in, but if you do, you’ll find that the characters walking around the area are all named after online personalities. Additionally, you need to upgrade your skills and equipment. Overall, I had a great time with this game, even though it seemed deceptively simple at the start.

And that covers the top 10 best games like BitLife to get your life simulator fix. I love playing life sims in my spare time and find them rather soothing. But for more content, check out other lists like must-try Sims 4 challenges or BitLife Job Packs ranked worst to best.

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