Top 10 Things We Want in Palia

These are some of the things fans of Palia want to see come to the game.

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The cozy MMORPG Palia has been in open beta for a little over a month. With thousands of players gardening and catching insects, the success of the game has been assured. However, there are a few features that many people wish were included. Here are the top 10 things we want to see added to Palia.

Top 10 Things We Want in Palia

It’s a given that the game will continue to expand its offerings are time goes on, so this list doesn’t include new bugs or recipes. These are some of the items that we all want to see come to life in the colorful world that have only been mentioned in passing by villagers in game or are repeatedly mentioned by the fanbase.


Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley, and even the Sims 4 give you horses, cows, or chickens to keep in barns and coops. So why not Palia? It already has background written about farm animals, with a handful of Ormuu’s out on the Family Farm daily. Delaila even mentions that the best eggs are those freshly gathered from your own Peki. Unfortunately our only real option is to buy milk and eggs or get them as rewards.

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Along with being able to have livestock should come the option of having a mount. Riffroc are mentioned in passing, with Kenyatta having the only one in the village. While there are fast travel points located throughout, there’s still a lot of manual traversal from one place to the next. I know I’d love to have my own Riffroc to ride around on.

Non-Premium Store Pets

Pets are a standard feature in most MMOs, but not so in Palia. Having them restricted to the Premium Store is less than ideal. Palcats are a great addition as a bonus for purchasing Palia Coins, but there are also Kitsuu and Plumhounds, even Chapaa that are known to be pets. Making at least one of them available as a quest reward or opening a new shop in the village would be a great way to include them.

Better Photo Mode

Photo mode is pretty much a requirement in most games these days. Palia already has one, but it’s unfortunately pretty basic. You can’t change your character’s expression or pose, the time of day or lighting can’t be adjusted, and getting the right angle sometimes impossible (such as capturing when you catch a fish). Whether it’s being able to pause, pose, or just having free camera ability, the photo mode currently in game needs an upgrade.

More Skills

As with other MMOs, additional skills will surely be down the line. Skills like Alchemy learned from Tamala or Chayne, Inventing from Zeki, Explosives from Najuma would be fun to play with. There’s already a lot of background for these in the game from talking to the various villagers.

Along with new skills, new mini-games could be added to the current skills we have. A rolling mini-game for making powdered Dari Cloves, chasing awake Chapaas when growing a farm, or even aiming at enemy weak points to do extra damage to increase hunting. There are many potential options to keep things fresh.

Additional Datable Characters

Hodari is easily the first character that should be added to list of dateable options. You can start flirting with him the first time you speak. This is further expanded with dialogue during the Maji Market. Sifuu is another popular option among the playerbase, though it may be harder to work your way into the widower’s heart.

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There’s a definite island vibe to Palia, but a season system wouldn’t be impossible. Could the mountain areas get snow? Can it rain? The lore doesn’t substantiate anything one way or the other, but having seasons in the game could accommodate the inclusion of new crops, new bugs, new fish, and new foraging resources quite easily.

More Explorable Areas

So far there are four other locations consistently mentioned in game.

  • Bahari City
  • Harvest Meadows
  • Over the Kilima Mountains (no specific location name)
  • Elderwoods

Bahari City is an easy inclusion, assuming it attaches to the other side of Bahari Bay. It’s mentioned by almost all the villagers and sounds to be quite large.

Harvset Meadows is the biggest competitor when it comes to Blue Ribbon competitions. If there’s any Blue Ribbon fair events, these could be located at Harvest Meadows.

Hassian mentions growing up with a nomadic lifestyle on the plains on the opposite side of the Kilima mountains. This could be quite a large adventure zone, including the mountains themselves.

The Elderwoods seem like a perfect addition to the game. It already seems like a quest is being set up with Hassian, Sifuu, Eshe, and Elouisa mentioning the Beast of the Elderwoods. Not only that, but Einar and Zeki state the Flow in the area is acting strangely and going off the charts.


One of the biggest wants asked for by the Palia community is a mini-map. Getting around is cumbersome regardless of how much you’ve played the game. A mini-map would make it easier to find NPCs, complete quests, and just navigate the game in general.


Elouisa names a number of cryptids when you speak with her. Whether they’re real or not, cryptids are always fascinating to try and hunt down in games. Whether it’s a Flothinger, the Beast of the Elderwoods, or a Brightfiend, there’s could be lots of fun just from expanding on the nonsense this villager sputters.

Those are all 10 things the community of Palia wants to see included in the game moving forward. It is currently in beta, with clamored for features such as item interactions and crop removal already being worked on. We’ll have to wait and see what’s added as it gets closer to full release, as well as any big reveals that happen during the monthly dev updates. For more on Palia, check out our expansive guide hub.

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