Minecraft Earth Moobloom Rare Cow Guide

Minecraft Earth has a rare cow called the Moobloom. This guide gives you tips on finding it, as well as what it drops.

Minecraft Earth for Android and iOS has a few rare, exclusive mobs. One of the coolest (and rarest) is the new Moobloom cow, a special yellow cow that has an affinity for flowers like Dandelions and Sunflowers. But how do you find these awesome new mobs, and what do they do?

Our Minecraft Earth tips guide below doesn't go over all of the new mobs in the mobile game, but it does look at the Moobloom rare cow. We tell you how to find a Moobloom, as well as what it's for and what it drops. 

Minecraft Earth Moobloom Rare Cow Guide

How to Find a Moobloom

Finding a Moobloom is probably players' biggest issue, as little yellow flower cows don't appear anywhere on the map. Instead, you'll simply see normal cows roaming about when looking for this rare mob.

But, when you find a cow, there's an isolated chance that when you tap on it to collect it, that it will become a Moobloom. You'll know the cow is a Moobloom because a short animation will play when you tap it to collect it. Some sparkles will go off, and the cow you were collecting will be revealed as a rare Moobloom!

That part's pretty straightforward: all you have to do is go out into the world (stay safe!) and collect cows until you find what you're looking for. It's an imprecise science, but one that will eventually pay off. 

What do Moobloom do in Minecraft Earth?

Moobloom are mostly a decorative mob, meaning you'll place them in a build mainly to show off. They have AI similar to Mooshrooms from Minecraft, meaning they won't fall off steep cliffs or walk into lava. However, while walking, Moobloom will leave a trail of flowers!

They'll mainly leave Dandelions in their wake, but they will also leave behind rare Sunflowers too! This makes Mooblooms an excellent source for players looking to make lots and lots of Yellow Dye. So if yellow is your favorite color, you're definitely in luck!


Moobloom rare cows are a must-have mob for any player who's looking to decorate their build or just really loves flowers or the color yellow. They're a fantastic, useful addition to Minecraft Earth.

Minecraft Earth is free to download and play. Players can find it on the Google Play Store and Apple play for Android 8+ and iOS 10+ devices — even tablets. Not only does the game feature augmented reality building, but it also has a fun, collaborative adventure mode. 

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Published Nov. 25th 2019

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