Minecraft Earth Tips: How to Get Coal Quickly

This Minecraft Earth tips guide shows you how to get coal without grinding stone in the overworld.

If you’re a long-time Minecraft fan, you’re already aware that one of the most important items early on in a playthrough is coal, which allows you to craft torches for light and safety. Coal works much the same way in Minecraft Earth, but while you can casually dig coal out of the ground in vanilla Minecraft, it isn’t quite so simple in Minecraft Earth.

With Minecraft Earth officially here on iOS and Android, the game brings the indie classic’s standard gameplay loops (looting materials, finding rare treasures, and building whatever you can imagine) into augmented reality. That said, here's our guide on how to easily get coal in Minecraft Earth.

How to Get Coal in Minecraft Earth

Coal is rarely just lying around in Minecraft Earth.

The simplest and quickest way to find coal in Minecraft Earth is by going on an Adventure, which projects a little square section of in-game land onto a physical location in front of you.

This is like playing actual Minecraft, but you walk around the real world and move your phone around to move around in the game. You can fight mobs, loot treasure chests, chop down trees, place blocks, and most importantly, you can dig into the ground.

Coal is commonly found in the ground while you're on an Adventure, so this is where you should look for coal first in Minecraft Earth.

Minecraft Earth coal deposit.

That said, you'll want to come prepared for this. You can dig dirt with your bare hands, but you won't be able to break coal blocks without a pickaxe. As a new player, you should bring at least one Wood or (preferably) Stone Pickaxe along with you.

How to Craft a Stone Pickax in Minecraft Earth

You can craft a Stone Pickaxe easily, by gathering stone and wood from the overworld environment while you walk. When you find some raw wood, convert it into wooden planks in the crafting menu.

Then, convert the planks into wooden sticks. A single Stone Pickaxe only costs three Cobblestone and two Sticks.

Minecraft Earth pickaxe recipe.

Similar to Pokemon Go, Minecraft Earth uses your device’s built-in GPS to track your movements around the overworld. You can collect random assortments of blocks as you walk around in the real world, which is a great way to find pockets of raw materials like wood and stone as you traverse the neighborhood.

While you'll need those things to construct tools, including torches and mining picks, it's highly unlikely that you'll find coal while you walk around the map. That's why Adventures are so important.


This concludes our guide on how to get coal in Minecraft Earth. Stay tuned for more Minecraft Earth guides as we continue exploring this creative new take on augmented reality.

Published Nov. 25th 2019

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