Minecraft Earth Tappables Guide

There are lots of different Tappables in Minecraft Earth, but what kind of blocks an items can you get from them?

Tappables are little objects scattered across the Map in Minecraft Earth, so named because... well, you tap on them. They ranged from a myriad of things, from mobs, to terrain, to trees, and chests. Generally everything you find on the map is supposed to be a tappable.

When you find one and tap on it, you'll have to tap on it more to reveal what sort of blocks and items it has inside. In the case of mobs, you'll find out what sort of mob it is, from the common cow to the elusive Mooshroom.

Tappables come in a few different types so we'll go over them and what they can net you briefly here.

Minecraft Earth Tappable Types

Generally, you can expect the same kind of stuff you'd find in normal Minecraft to be in it's tappable version.

  • Grass — Grass tappables give you dirt and different plants, like grass, flowers and weeds.

  • Stone — These tappables give you different types of stone, from granite, to andesite, to even the regular cobblestone. You can also get sand and redstone.

  • Water — There's a lot of overlap between these tappables and grass, but the difference is you can get lilypads, and water if you have a bucket.

  • Trees — Tree tappables will get you wood logs when you collect them, and sometimes saplings. In my area there are birch, oak, and spruce trees.

  • Chests — These are a rarer tappable that generally contain useful items and blocks.

  • Mobs — Pigs, chickens, sheep, and cows, all classic Minecraft staples with some rare variations you can try to collect.

Keep in mind different blocks, items, and mobs all have different rarities, so you're less likely to get certain items and more likely to get others (like dirt and cobblestone).

You can tell what something's rarity is by looking at it in your backpack and checking what color the frame around the item is purple, blue, green, and white.


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Published Nov. 25th 2019

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