Minecraft Earth: How to Build a House

You're playing Minecraft Earth and want to know how to build a house. This guide will teach you how to get started.

Wondering how to build a house in Minecraft Earth? Well, you've come to the right place. 

Minecraft Earth is out now on Android and iOS, meaning that you can already run around the real world and hunt down block nodes or get resources and treasure from Adventures. But what can you do with your blocks once you've gathered them? Why, you can build stuff with them. Just like in regular Minecraft

Read on to learn how to claim your own buildplate and build a house right on top of it, that you can take anywhere you'd like and even share with your friends.

Minecraft Earth: How to Build a House

How to Secure a Plot in Minecraft Earth

Select the Store menu at the bottom right of your screen. You see this when you first log into Minecraft Earth.

In the next screen, you'll be given the option to buy buildplates, which are plots of land that cost a premium currency called Rubies.

You can earn enough Rubies to buy a buildplate through a few days of regular gameplay. But if you'd like to speed things up, there's a microtransaction shop on the next menu that sells Rubies in different dollar increments.

Once you've chosen the buildplate that you'd like, purchase it and tap Build when the option becomes available.

You may also have a complementary buildplate already available when you first load up Minecraft Earth, depending on whether Microsoft continues giving those out to new players or if that deal ends at some point.

 Minecraft Earth buildplate for building a house.

Minecraft Earth House Building 101

Once you're building on a buildplate, you'll be asked to designate a specific spot in the real world. Point your phone camera at a well-lit and spacious area nearby, then plop down your buildplate to begin building.

To actually build your house, hit the treasure chest icon on the lower right of the Build screen, then select which blocks you'd like to use from your inventory.

When you've made a selection, tap the hotbar at the bottom of the screen to assign a block type to a slot on the hotbar. You can go back and forth and continue rearranging the blocks in your hotbar as much as you'd like.

Placing blocks is simple. Choose the block you'd like to place, then tap wherever you'd like to place it. All buildplates have a designated maximum area (such as 8x8 blocks) in which you can place as many blocks as you have available.

To interact with an object, such as a door, select the Interact Mode (the finger icon) on the left side of the Build screen, then tap on the object you'd like to interact with. To destroy or collect an object, select the Pickup Mode and tap on the object you'd like to collect.

Note that building things in Minecraft Earth is almost purely for cosmetic purposes!

You can't actually go inside of a house in Minecraft Earth, but you can superposition it to a point in your real house (or anywhere else you go), allowing you to walk around and view it from different angles while you build.

You can even invite another player into your home by tapping on the ellipses on the upper right corner of the screen and hitting "Invite Friend". This will pop up a QR code that another player can scan from the "Join Friend" option in the main menu.


That's it for our guide on how to build a house in Minecraft Earth! Be sure to stay up to date with our Minecraft Earth guides.

Published Nov. 25th 2019

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