Learn More About Building in Conan Exiles

Funcom has released some updated information on what you'll be able to build in their upcoming open world survival game, Conan Exiles.

With an Early Access release date just around the corner (January 31st), Funcom is pushing out some more footage of their gritty, open world survival game, Conan Exiles. The video heavily focuses on the game's base building mechanics, and nearly equally as heavily on its base destroying mechanics. If conquering your enemies, surviving the elements and decorating your fortress just right sounds like a good time to you, check out the video below:

The builder looks polished and easy to use, and it's exciting to think about building on rocks, mountains and lakes to aid your defense strategy. The creative director, Joel Bylos, suggests having some sort of base of operations will be necessary to make much progress in the game, so it's good to see that ease of use and features are important to Funcom.

Though we're currently not suffering a lack of online multiplayer open world survival games, it's easy to see why Funcom thought this genre would be a good fit for Conan Exiles. This franchise's world is brutal, and survival, competition and defending your possessions are all great ways to stay true to the Conan name.

So get ready to dominate the wastelands, meticulously craft your hideout and watch a big muscle god stomp all over it. Can you wait?


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Published Jan. 9th 2017

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