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    GameSkinny is a collaborative publishing platform where members hone their writing skills, work with editors, and put their articles in front of an audience, getting real online publishing experience and access to the stats that matter.

    There are 2 ways to get started on GameSkinny:

    1. Be a Guest Writer

    "It's fun to dip into writing about a subject I love, but without the commitment to running a personal blog." - Kazz

    Anyone can be a GameSkinny guest writer. Some write once every few months, others post a new article every day. It's totally up to you, it's just about sharing what you know and love with other gamers! 

    • No pressure, no deadlines: write what you want, when you want.
    • Talk with editors: Whether you're a new writer or a pro looking for somewhere to blow off steam, the GS editors are here to help.
    • Earn $: With our Bounty program there is no limit to what you can earn.

    Start your first article now!

    2. Apply for the Journalist Training Program

    "GameSkinny's internship has changed everything for me.  This is what I want.  Without the encouragement of my team, the helping words of Amy and Katy and the wonderful people taking time to read and comment on my articles, I might not be going down this path." - Reilly

    This program is for applicants who want to gain real experience in online publishing. Work in an online newsroom environment in 2 month increments. Participants who complete the program are eligible for:

    • A professional referral from the Editor in charge of the Journalist Training Program for use on resumes and job applications.
    • The Journalist Training Program qualifies as a college internship for credit. Please indicate your intent to complete the program for credit during your application so we can help you work with your college advisor.
    • The option to apply for a leadership role in the Journalist Training Program in order to earn managerial experience.
    • Consideration for current openings at GameSkinny when applicable.

    Apply for the Journalist Training Program

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