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Leading up to the February 15 release of the highly-anticipated Crackdown 3, Microsoft is currently giving away the original Crackdown for free. 

Players interested in snagging a digital copy of the game can do so on the Xbox Marketplace. To claim their copy, all players have to do is log into their Xbox account and download the game. As of this writing, it is not known how long the game will remain free on the digital storefront. 

When it was first released in 2007 for the Xbox 360, Crackdown was met with positivity, garnering a Metacritic score of 83. Many reviewers praised the game for the way it rewarded and empowered players as well as the creative chances it took to do so.

Although some critics, such as Xboxic, said Crackdown would not "be remembered for years to come," the game has managed to remain relevant some 12 years after its release. Indeed, many players cite its accessible arcade style, explosive co-op, and unique superhero-with-guns conceit as reasons for coming back to it. 

A backwards compatible version of Crackdown was eventually released on the Xbox One in 2018. That version keeps most of Crackdown's gameplay mechanics intact but offers players modern upgrades such as 4K resolution.  The game also takes advantage of the Xbox One's graphics settings so that players can choose increased performance over aesthetics. 

There is currently no word on if Crackdown 2, which released in 2010 to middling reviews, will become backwards compatible. Although some players hope a backwards compatible version will be released alongside Crackdown 3, there's has been little to nothing that indicates Microsoft is planning to do so. 

The months leading up to Crackdown 3's launch have been incredibly silent. Announced in 2014, the game was originally slated for release in 2016. For some time, the game was trapped in veritable development Hell. No matter how much progress was made, delays continued to push its release date further and further back. 

However, over the past several weeks, more news about the open-world shooter has begun to break. Yesterday, Microsoft released the game's launch trailer and confirmed that Crackdown 3 would be available on Game Pass at launch. Other reports have pegged the game's campaign length at 15 hours. 

While it remains to be seen how Crackdown 3 will fare in a landscape that's gone through significant changes since its initial announcement, those that have played early demos and previews of the game have come back with mixed reviews.

Both Polygon and PC World have said the game is simply "average," and that it's "doubtful" that Crackdown 3 will make any considerable waves in 2019. However, Windows Central has said that the game is "a promising glimpse at the future."

Crackdown 3 is set to release February 15 on the Xbox One for $59.99. 

5 games that should be backwards compatible with Xbox One Sat, 16 Jul 2016 11:29:57 -0400 Joseph Ocasio


Backwards compatibility is an important feature for gaming. It helps preserve our gaming history and helps ease us into a new generation of gaming. Sure, it's great that we're getting Definitive Editions/Remasted versions of games like Bioshock, The Last of Us, GTA V, and Uncharted, but we know that not every game has a chance at that.


So here's a more cost effective way to let us keep the games we love and still preserve them without having to buy a PC. It's also better than PS Now and it's god awful subscriptions.



Call of Duty series

Say what you will about the Call of Duty series, but you know at least one person who loves at least one of the games in the series -- whether it be the "classic" WW2 era Call of Duty games (Call of Duty Classic, 2, 3, and World at War), the Modern Warfare series, or the Black Ops series.


With Call of Duty 4 being remastered, why not let people try the other games of the sub-series they like and let pessimists replay the OG games they love so much?


On another note, why isn't Black Ops 2 backwards compatible yet? Black Ops 1 is and Black Ops 2 is the most requested game for backwards compatibility. So it only makes sense.

Dead Rising 1 and 2

O.K., I'll admit, I'm starting to cheat with 2 games instead of one on the list, But it's hard to choose one game, especially if it's part of a franchise. With Dead Rising 3 an Xbox One exclusive, Dead Rising 4 coming later this year for Xbox One, and the series 10th anniversary coming up, it makes perfect sense to put both Dead Rising 1 and 2 on Xbox One.


Dead Rising was one of the first open world games on 7th generation of consoles and is still a fun, zombie slaying good time. Dead Rising 2 improved the game with it's weapon combination system and some great DLC storylines. Hell, Dead Rising 2 was even remade with Frank West as the main character, as Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. So come on Capcom and Microsoft, give us more Dead Rising on Xbox.


Originally known as "that game with the Halo 3 beta," Crackdown surprised people by actually being pretty fun. Created by David Jones, the creator of the GTA franchise, Crackdown puts players in an open world city as a super powered cop that was tasked to take down the biggest and baddest criminal organizations. 


Sure, there was little plot, but Crackdown made up for that with great super powers, an excellent open world, addictive grinding, and some great Co-Op action. With the third game coming next year, it'd be a great idea to let gamers who never played the original see where it all started... but lets never make the sequel backwards compatible.

Mass Effect 2 and 3

Mass Effect 2 and 3 are two of my favorite games of all time. I can't tell anyone how many hours I've put into these excellent games from Bioware, since the first game came out when I was still in High School. The epic storylines, addictive gameplay, complex characters, fantastic worlds, and so much more make Mass Effect one of the greatest franchises out there.


With Mass Effect 1 already being made backwards compatible and Microsoft confirming compatibility with multiple disks not being a big issue, it makes sense to bring these epic sequels to Xbox One.

Grand Theft Auto IV

GTA IV holds a special place in many gamers lives, as it was the first GTA game on HD consoles. The story of Nikko Bellic coming to America and getting involved with the criminal world of Liberty City still holds it's own, even against the antics of Micheal, Franklin, and Trevor.


Sure, there are things in GTA IV that haven't aged as well. Mission checkpoints are nearly nonexistent -- making you restart missions from the very beginning if you fail, car controls feel more stiff compared to other titles, and Roman can get downright annoying. That said, the world, gameplay, and storyline are still worth playing. In addition, seeing how improved Red Dead Redemption was when playing it on Xbox One, it would be amazing to see what Microsoft and Rockstar could do with GTA IV to make it a better game.


I love GTA V. It's one of my favorite games and one of few open world games that lasts 30-40 hours that I can replay over and over again for so many hours. But sometimes I love to go back to past installments and see how much has been improved, while experiencing the story over again.


Say what you will about the Xbox One, but if there's one thing that it has over the PS4, it's this little thing called Backwards Compatibility. True, it's a bit silly that it has taken a few years for the console to be compatible with dozen's of its predecessor's games -- with more to come -- where as the Wii U was backwards compatible from the start. However, that shouldn't stop us from celebrating the dozen's of titles that have become available with the system.


Assassin's Creed 2, Red Dead Redemption, Mass Effect, and so many more have given us reasons to go back to the past and play the games that kicked ass. With more on the way, here are just a few games that should be added to the Xbox One backwards compatibility list.

Crackdown 3 release date window announced Thu, 06 Aug 2015 08:13:31 -0400 Michael Slevin

Crackdown 3 will be releasing sometime in the summer of 2016.

Developer Dave Jones confirmed this release window to IGN in an interview at Gamescom.

Crackdown 3 was teased at last year's E3, but it wasn't until this year's Gamescom that we received any substantial information regarding the game.

Perhaps one of the coolest announcements this week regarding Crackdown 3 is the fact that the game will have 100% destructible environments in online mode, with offline mode offering limited destruction. 

So far, the game looks like a lot of fun, with transformable vehicles, cool abilities, and some new criminals to take down.

The game will once again be set in a futuristic city, and will come with a completely non-linear campaign that will be playable offline. The campaign supports four player co-op, and the multiplayer looks like it will offer a vast experience outside of the campaign.

Are you excited for Crackdown 3? Let me know in the comments if you think this could be next year's summer blockbuster. 

All that big Xbox Gamescom News: Scalebound, Chat Pads, and More. Tue, 04 Aug 2015 14:41:13 -0400 Phillip W

This is a brief roundup of all the big news from Microsoft's GamesCom Press-Conference.


Remedy Studio, the people behind cult classic Alan Wake, new time bending game, Quantum Break is now being released on April 5, 2015.

The first gameplay for the Crackdown reboot, has a lot of explosions.

Platinum Studio's Xbox exclusive Scalebound is being released holiday 2016. The first gameplay trailer is below.

Rash from Battletoads is a new playable guest character in Killer Instinct. He is available to play right now.

From Software showed off some brand new Dark Souls III gameplay.

Gameplay from the long dormant Homefront: Revolution was shown off today. Along with the announcement of an Xbox One beta.

The newest gameplay trailer for Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Halo Wars 2 is coming Fall 2016! Here is the first cinematic trailer.

ID@Xbox announces new games coming first to consoles on Xbox including City:Skylines and We Happy Few.

Features and Hardware:

Xbox backwards compatibility comes to everyone in November. All games with gold games from now on will be backwards compatible at launch.

DVR functionality will let you stream and record to any windows 10 device in 2016.

A new Limited Edition Halo 5 Xbox One is coming October 20, 2015. Pre-orders are up now.

A new Xbox one chat pad is coming in November 2016.


Stay Tuned to GameSkinny for more Gamescom news and impressions.

4 games to look for at Gamescom Sun, 28 Jun 2015 08:30:01 -0400 JDAtkins

Horizon: Zero Dawn

We don't know a lot about this post-post-apocalyptic game, other than the fact that you play a bow-boasting huntress who has a vendetta against giant, robot dinosaurs. Unsurprisingly most people were sold at 'giant, robot dinosaurs'.


The gameplay shown at E3 on this completely fresh IP got the attention of many players – in the throes of a console race that has had much more than its share of remakes or sequels, a new IP can go a long way in establishing dominance. And fans are definitely looking forward to taking down some mechanized monsters. Really, who wouldn't be?


What games and announcements would you like to see at Gamescom? Let us know in the comments below!


More Fallout 4!


It seems like the most obvious statement in the world, but it bears repeating Fans are currently very, very hungry for more Fallout 4, and any legitimate morsel, scrap, or shred of information would go a long way in satiating that hunger. Omnomnom.


With the game dropping in November of this year, gamers were taken aback by how short a wait they would have to endure. But since that first E3 announcement, we've felt every second of that wait . Having someone stand on a stage and tell us a little more about the game would probably only make the aforementioned hunger worse in the long run, but you can't deny the fun to be had with it.




The other game that Microsoft promised to shine a light upon at Gamescom. This is a reboot of a series that helped kickstart the original Xbox console – Crackdown.


Already having a recognizable name, a pre-existing fan-base, and a very flashy cinematic to play off of, Crackdown looks primed to play a big role in the next-gen arms race and do its part to provide a solid exclusive title that the Xbox One can hold over the PS4.




One of the two games Microsoft promised to showcase at Gamescom – was it wise to hold out until then, or should they have taken the opportunity to thrust it into our attentions under the bright lights of E3? Only time will tell, but this game looks great either way.


A fluid fighting game from the makers of hits in the genre such as Metal Gear Revengeance and Bayonetta, Scalebound uses one thing to set itself apart from those predecessors – a really, really big dragon.


Well, we're sold.


With E3 still fresh in the rear-view mirror and providing the gaming community with many talking points, you'd be forgiven for forgetting that Gamescom is next in line.


The event will take place from August 5th through 9th. While it may be at the back of your mind now, it will certainly be at the forefront soon – but what key talking points could help Gamescom shine as an event after such a strong showing at E3?

10 Sub Par Sequels that Dropped the Ball Mon, 01 Jun 2015 09:09:08 -0400 The Soapbox Lord


Of course, there are plenty of other sub par sequels, but these were the most disappointing to me. Agree with my list? Which games did I forget? Sound off in the comments below!  


Mass Effect 3


No list of disappointing sequels would be complete without this entry. The Mass Effect games were enjoyed by players everywhere and met with great reception. So when the third game was announced, needless to say, the game was highly anticipated. Players were wondering how the series would end given the amount of divergence allowed by player choice. BioWare promised the ending would be more than a simple “A, B, or C” choice. In the end, that is exactly what we got.


The grievances were many: the ending seemed to disregard some choices made by players; lack of closure; plot holes and inconsistencies, among many others. To me, the ending felt rushed and unfulfilling after everything leading up to it. Maybe the reaction and resulting outcry was a bit much, but the resulting fallout stands as a testament to how involved players had become with the series and just how talented BioWare is at storytelling. Maybe they should not make promises regarding endings though for their next games, eh?


Dragon Age 2


Dragon Age: Origins was a great throwback to CRPGs of old. With tactical combat, a fantastic narrative filled with great characters, and the terrific tactics system, the game was a treat for all lovers of RPGs. Like most great games, it was not without flaws (some technical and performance issues and subpar graphical fidelity), but the trees could be overlooked for the forest. With


With Dragon Age 2, you ran into every tree while trying to navigate the forest.


I was so excited for this one; I preordered it and eagerly awaited it with high expectations. Once I booted up the game, the disappointment seeped in deep. The problem was the game was actually difficult for me to play. I enjoyed the characters you met and could recruit, but everything else could not make me suffer through the game to get to the bits I liked. With more repetitive environments than than Skyrim, a focus on a small setting, simplified combat, and a loose narrative framework that never seemed to go anywhere interesting, it was hard to endure the bloody game just to have conversation with Fenris or Merrill. Sorry my elven friends.




The Walking Dead: Season Two


The Walking Dead: Season One was a remarkable game that helped cement Telltale’s reputation for being remarkable storytellers. It was an emotional tale that resonated with players and actually elicited emotional responses from whoever played it. While it was not perfect, the faults were overshadowed by the strengths of the game. With the sequel, the faults were more glaring and harder to overlook.


Season Two let us down in a number of ways.


The characters seemed to make dumber decisions than they usually did and the writers also seemed determined to ensure you ended up in certain situations no matter what you did. For me, the worst part was the final conflict between Kenny and Jane. It was a good idea and setup to have the two going at each other, but the way the final fight turned out to be a total letdown. There was one way to make the game end with a poetically bittersweet finale, but the season as a whole was still a disappointment.


Uncharted 2


My feelings on the Uncharted series have been documented here before. Uncharted was not a particularly good game, but there was a glimmer of greatness under all the faults the game had. When I began to play the sequel, I had my fingers crossed the game would improve upon the potential of its predecessor and deliver a good or great game. I had high hopes with the opening train sequence, but it went downhill from there.


Somehow, Drake got even more irritating and smug than before, an impressive feat to accomplish. The story was nonsensical with imprudent characters and unfulfilled potential (poor Chloe). The gameplay and gunplay both got worse. The worst part was the condescending nature of the game itself.


The hints are delivered in such a patronizing way and the lack of respect for the player with the “Simon Says” ancient “puzzles” was grating beyond all measure. Simply put, the game is a smug mess, much like Nathan Drake. 


Deus Ex: Invisible War


Deus Ex was a landmark gaming achievement. Lauded for its open-ended gameplay and world, the game was met with accolades and is considered to this day one of the best games ever released. Needless to say, the sequel had massive shoes to fill.


Deus Ex: Invisible War is not a bad game by any means, but when you have to follow a legendary act, you get the short end of the stick no matter how good you are (BioShock 2 anyone?). The game was praised for some improvements made upon the original, but also criticized for carrying over some of the original’s faults such as the enemy A.I. and questionable design decisions. To this day, the opinions of players are still split regarding the game. Some love it; some hate it. It still remains a great game, just overshadowed by its big brother.


BioShock Infinite


I said before BioShock 2 was a better game than the original, but surely I am crazy when I say BioShock Infinite was disappointing right? No can do, Charlie.


Yes, the story, while pretentious and up its own arse, was great; the gameplay and design had a lot of issues and unfulfilled potential. The game seemed to take no lessons from BioShock 2. While the previous games had good gunplay and a degree of player freedom when in combat, Infinite was a corridor shooter. Sure, the corridors were large and pretty, but gone was the player freedom from past entries. While we were promised Elizabeth could bring in various objects through rifts during combat to assist Booker in combat, in reality you could only use rifts at certain points to bring in some predetermined objects.


There was also the gameplay and world dissonance. In Rapture, everything was tied together by narrative and design. Plasmids made sense in the world because they were integrated into the city design and were included in the narrative. In Infinte, plasmids were thrown in simply because it was what people expected from a BioShock title. At the end of the day, Infinite is still a great game, but we should be honest about its faults. 


Rainbow Six Vegas 2


Rainbow Six Vegas brought some much-needed life into the tactical shooter series when it released in 2006. With great cooperative play, gadgets to discover, and tons of weapons to use, the game was a fun, tactical romp in Sin City. The sequel was seemingly another case of lazy copy and pasting.


While some new mechanics were added and the A.I. of your teammates was improved, the sense of déjà vu was strong with this one. It didn’t help that this sequel was also a prequel. While it was still a fun cooperative experience, you couldn’t help but want for more. Now to see what the future holds for Rainbow Six Siege! 


F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin


Monolith Productions is on a roll here! F.E.A.R. was a fantastic shooter and a decent horror game to boot. With satisfying gunplay, destructive weapons (Penetrator FTW!), creepy atmosphere, and your slow-mo abilities, the game was great. So what did they do wrong with the sequel? Everything.


While you once again played a soldier with slow-mo powers, that is where the resemblances to the original end. Gone was the creepy atmosphere and environments to be replaced with uninspired locales (the theater was good though). The A.I. seemed a step down from the original. A convoluted and unfulfilling story was thrown in along with mech armor sequences. This is probably the only time I will ever complain about using mech armor in a game.


The game was the opposite of the original in nearly every way. And guess what? Spoiler! The game ends with your character being raped by Alma, the creepy girl with supernatural powers who haunts you the entire series. Great way to end a game there!


Condemned 2: Bloodshot


Condemned: Criminal Origins recently made my list of criminally underrated games you should play; but, please, skip the sequel. Actually, play the sequel until the last quarter of the game. The last quarter of the game is where the shark gets jumped five times. Consecutively. The game then circles back to the shark, beats the shark to death, and proceeds to eat it.


Let’s just say the last parts of this game are so ridiculously stupid, they make Adam Sandler movies look like intelligent entertainment.


What makes the game great is the melee brawling system and the atmosphere. It is rewarding, visceral, and intimate; not an easy feat to achieve. So for some reason, Monolith decided what players needed where more guns than usual resulting in the most boring peek-a-boo game I have played which goes in complete contrast to the entire game you have played to that point. Also, your character gains an ability to scream which can make the heads of your enemies explode…. Like I said, it gets dumb. Such wasted potential.


Crackdown 2


The original Crackdown was essentially a superhero sandbox game where you had guns, too. By using your various abilities (jumping, shooting, driving, etc.), you increased your strength in that area and became stronger. Before you knew it, you were leaping buildings in a single bound, outrunning cars, and had cars that could transform into armored tanks. It was mindless fun at its best! So what did the sequel do to mess all of that up? Nothing at all.


The developers literally changed the bare minimum between the sequel and the original. A stupid story about zombies (of course) was added and that was about it. Sure, there were some minor mission additions or weapons, but on as a whole, Crackdown 2 felt exactly like the first one. In fact, it felt like cheap, rushed DLC that the developers decided qualified as a full-fledged, full-priced release. Needless to say, it was a major disappointment.


While writing both of my posts on sequels (which were better than the original) I came to realize there are just as many sequels that were disappointments. As with the other sequel lists, I have tried to limit entrants to direct sequels otherwise I could go on for some time (some exceptions may apply). So let’s jump into this well of disappointment and dredge up some painful memories, eh?

The Most Anticipated Games of 2015 for XBOX One & PS4 Sun, 22 Feb 2015 04:20:31 -0500 fuodshfdshfdsjfk

Wondering what games are your best bet for console gaming this year?

And don't want to watch an hour-long, monotone top 50? 

Then today is your lucky day.

This 4-minute video covers all 50 of the most anticipated games for consoles coming out this year, with a little flashy something extra. 

All footage is provided by IGN.

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