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Anyone who loves voxel-based RPGs will be happy to hear that Cube World is now receiving updates once again. The creator of Cube World, Wolfram von Funck, stopped sending updates for the game on July 23, 2013. A year after that, he stopped posting on Twitter in July 2014, leaving fans with a cliffhanger about a quest mode he had just added to the game.

Beginning on October 10th, however, Wolfram started tweeting about new music and characters added to Cube World.

Some pictures posted to Twitter suggest new factions such as the Cult of Doom and the Order of Light. So it looks like we'll ability to join factions for a possible story quest, and fight against a mutual enemy called the Steel Empire. The main story may first involve a fight between the factions that you can join. Then all the factions are forced to fight together against a mutual enemy that is invading their realms. Quests that are already in Cube World may be built upon as well. 

Even with the new additions and the possibility for even more, is there anyone who will play Cube World again? Or did Wolfram's dead air ruin his chances? I believe there are still willing players, even though it's probably fewer than before. There is one thing for sure: once the players of Cube World find out that it has come back and was updated, they'll at least have to take a look at the new game.

All those who want to join in on the Cube World experience will have to wait until further notice. Even though the game is a free alpha, creating a new account has been disabled. And you have to have an account in order to play.

Source: Twitter, Picroma, Reddit

Via: Robert Sgotto

Cube World dev insists game isn't dead, despite no updates for two years Sat, 11 Jul 2015 13:02:55 -0400 CallSignDriver

If you were involved in the early stages of Minecraft's development, you might remember the paranoia that ensued each time Notch delayed an update. Before "early access" was commonplace, there was always the constant fear that the developer would duck out with the money, leaving the game unfinished. 

The situation surrounding Cube World is, essentially, the realization of those same fears. As the game's updates began to thin out, many fans (including myself) were quick to make excuses for the developer, citing Minecraft as an example of what to expect. By the end of July 2013, however, those updates had stopped entirely, replaced by the occasional developer tweet from Wolfram von Frunk (@wol_lay) encouraging fans to be patient.

Wollay's last tweet, including the video update below, was posted on June 30, 2014

Since then, there have been no updates concerning the progress of the game. To make matters worse, the game has since disappeared from Picorama's online store, becoming unavailable to purchase for the last six months. This is probably for the best, as anyone still buying the game is unlikely to receive a finished product at any time in the near future. According to Wollay, however, it's a matter of when, not if.

Yesterday, over a year since his last public statement, Wollay responded to an email from Kotaku correspondent Patrick Klepek. In the email, Klepek inquires about the development status of the game. Wollay responds predictably.

We’re still working on the quests. It’s quite difficult and a lot of work to make randomly generated quests that are fun and non-repetitive. Since the last published video, I redesigned the quest system several times but didn’t want to tease fans with new features before I’m 100% happy with them.

Video game fans are no strangers to delays, and generally speaking, delaying a game to ensure its quality is a good thing. Delaying a game's development for a year to polish a single mechanic, however, seems a little extreme. "Maybe I’m a bit perfectionist here," Wollay adds, "but I just don’t want to develop Cube World in the wrong direction."

Fine, I'll bite. It's a reasonable enough explanation. But why is this the first time we're hearing it? Klepek shares my sentiment, asking why Wollay hasn't bothered to check back in with the community in so long. 

When I’m working on something complicated I prefer to focus fully on development until I’m done and can show the results. Unfortunately it’s taking longer this time. I’m not posting ‘hey, we’re still here’ because that’s beyond all questionCube World is my passion project and I will work on it until it’s finished.

That's pretty bold talk, and many fans would be inclined to disagree. Even the game's primary subreddit has become a sad joke, populated primarily by @ishl3outyet style updates reminding frustrated subscribers that the game still hasn't recieved an update.

I suppose only time will tell. If you want to try Cube World for yourself, make sure to pick it up on PC the tuesday after the apocalypse. For more updates about the game's development, don't bother checking Twitter; stop by GameSkinny instead.

Cube World - Wollay Appears with Info on Next Update Sat, 16 Nov 2013 19:40:32 -0500 Ashley Shankle

You remember Cube World, right? The voxel-based multplayer RPG that entered paid alpha earlier this year and experienced some extended neglect. Picroma's Wollay has come out from the woodwork with some information on what's to come for his pet project game.

Cube World's next update appears to have a number of changes that will affect all players:

  • Power will be scaled down to 20 from 100, but its use will be scaled down as well.
  • Individual areas will be turned down to 20x20 blocks instead of the current 64x64. This is to make for easier exploration and less travel time between cities.
  • Areas will have power levels so players can wander to those of their level range more easily.
  • Changes to the colors of creatures and dungeons to make the type of items they drop more clear.
  • Dungeon missions will no longer be daily, and bosses will take a couple of days to respawn.

There is more information on the above on the official site.

In this latest news update, Wollay also mentions he is working on underworld caverns, which will have entrances on the surface and be filled with monsters. This is the only actual new content mentioned (as opposed to tweaks) mentioned in the post.

Most of Cube World's fanbase has drifted from the game after it appeared Wollay had given up on the project. It's no surprise with EverQuest Next (and EQN Landmark) on the horizon and the extended period in which the community received no word from Picroma.

Treat your community well and they will treat you in kind; ignore them and they are very likely to do the same to you once they are tired of waiting. It's nice that Wollay is still working on the project, but the upcoming changes to the game may be too little too late for most of Cube World's previous population.

A Wild Wollay Appears! Cube World Still in Development Tue, 22 Oct 2013 03:17:03 -0400 Ashley Shankle

Picroma's Wollay and Pixxie have been nary but shadows since their brief appearances as Gamescom in August despite the alpha release of Cube World having gone public and available for purchase in late June. That has changed, in a way.

Wollay made an appearance on Twitter this weekend to reassure Cube World fans:

It's nice to hear word from the man himself, but it's difficult to feel positive about the future of the game with no information on what they have been working on since the game's last patch in July. It's been over three months. Can't we know something?

With Wollay back in the fray, perhaps we will be seeing some new content (and bug fixes) make their way to Cube World soon. The game's fans have waited this long and most said good-bye to their money long ago. Anything on what's to come would be nice at this point.

Upcoming Titles: The Road to Expectations Fri, 09 Aug 2013 17:23:44 -0400 Vijemo Media

It's easy to get lost along the Road to Expectations. We travel this path often, yet each time it holds the excitement of a new adventure. That is until we run into road construction, get lost in the Doldrums, eat subtraction stew, and get stuck moving water from a well with an eye dropper...

Maybe the Phantom Tollbooth simile doesn't work as well as I'd hoped, but that doesn't mean we don't have high hopes for the MMO's that are set to release within the coming year(s). The problem that arises was clearly stated in the last sentence. Simply put: THEY'RE NOT HERE YET!

A look towards the horizon shows the outline of several juggernaut games; ESO, WIldstar, Star Citizen, FFXIV, Everquest Next... Cubeworld... I'm sure there are more, but those are all I'm concerned with, and I'm the one writing here, so back off.

My problem is not with any of these games. In fact I'm extremely excited for all of them, and that's my issue, my concern. I'm the type that, once I get into a game, I give it an immense amount of time -- far more than any of the other games I may have lying around. This brings up my first point...


How am I supposed to have the time to level my Wood Elf Templar up to level 50 while my Scientist builds a new plug for my home in Wildstar, during which I'm expected to make 3 cargo runs in Star Citizen and dig a hole in Everquest? I may sound like I'm complaining, which I am, but I'm still looking forward to doing all these things, just not at the same time. I'm not the only one with a full time job am I? Maybe that's what should change. Maybe if I quit my job I can get all that's expected of me finished. Maybe one of you can explain to my girlfriend why I don't have any...


Let's assume for a second that all these games will have the same payment method. I know they won't, But for the sake of Pete, just go with it. Here's our Model; $15/month with an in-game store. Five of the previously mentioned titles will likely have this setup, though some may offer a f2p method as well. That's $75 a month in subscriptions alone, add in any initial game purchase costs (Figure $60 per) your looking at $375 for your first month of play! For any of us willing to dish out an extra car payment, they better live up to our...


We give game studios a hard time if they don't meet our expectations. Rightfully so at times, if we're giving them money we'd expect a fair amount of customer service. But what we don't do as often is put pressure on the consumers. With all these heavyweights hitting the shelves, we as consumers need to make our voice heard. When we get games that meet our expectations, the producing company expects US to get the word out. Point being that if you find a game you truly enjoy, let them know. Future game developers will note the successes of their predecessors, and use these ideas to create bigger and better games than we have today.

The Road to Expectations may never seem to end, "But just because you can never reach it, doesn't mean that it's not worth looking for."

Trey Stevens is a Writer, Musician, and (of course) gamer. He hosts a Radio Broadcast on Nordrassil Radio, and is a proud member of Guild Umbra

Quote ― Norton JusterThe Phantom Tollbooth

Picroma, Get It Together - Cube World Needs Updates! Fri, 09 Aug 2013 15:51:27 -0400 Ashley Shankle

I love Cube World and I love going on adventures with a party of friends, seeing what we can find in the wilds, but Wollay and Pixxie have been so quiet as of late that it's starting to make me wonder what is going on over at Picroma.

It's understandable that a title in alpha would be in slow development, but Picroma's choice to enter paid alpha when there were no big plans or game-changing updates on the pipeline is questionable at this point.

It has been over a month and a half since Cube World entered paid alpha, and since that point there has only been one update. The official forums are still stuck in a time warp despite the DDoS attacks that barraged the site being long over, and the official Facebook hasn't been updated since June. What is going on here?

While I admit it may be a little early to get angry over a lack of updates, it certainly is not too early to wonder why things over at Picroma have been so quiet.

The most recent peep from Wollay was on July 23rd, upon which a small patch was applied and we got a tiny look at his plans for the game into the future. That's it; the end. The plans for what's to come weren't even in-depth--what appeared to be a shining light to hardcore fans now looks a little ominous to those simply looking for answers.

It's all right to commit to a slow development cycle, and it's even expected out of a two-person team, but the dynamic duo over at Picroma need to get on the ball with the community and be more open with what they are working on.

$20 for a paid alpha that has been neglected for the most part is borderline unreasonable in today's market. Showing a lack of commitment at this point in public development could really harm the game's chances for growth in the future. Cube World needs some official love, and as soon as possible.

Cube World Running Your Processor Hot? Limit Your FPS! Sun, 28 Jul 2013 22:57:19 -0400 Ashley Shankle

Boy, do I love some Cube World! But man, I hate how hot my CPU gets while running around on my Lizard Ninja. The jet engine noises coming from my fan are not suitable background noise.

If you're not using a newer processor, chances are Cube World is taking your CPU temperature up past 80°C and potentially into the danger zone of 95°C to 105°C. This is decidedly bad and is absolutely not a temperature range you want your processor to be sitting at. You do not want any of your computer components to get hot enough to slowly fry an egg on.

The latest patch released July 23rd adds an fps limit option that may help keep your CPU at a manageable temperature. If you are having overheating issues, try setting the maximum fps value to 30. 30fps may not be ideal for elitists but I and several others have seen lower CPU temperatures after this adjustment.

The default fps limit is 111fps, which both makes little sense and leaves the game to bounce between super high and super low frame rates as your processor jumps and chugs trying to render the game. Setting the maximum to 30fps means there is a ceiling to keep it from jumping too high and hence eating the entirety of your processing power.

Do note that this is not a sure way to fix the issue, and it will not necessarily get your temperature down to optimum levels. That said, I have seen a 5°C to 10°C drop in CPU temperature since limiting my fps. You can keep an eye on your core temperatures using a program like Core Temp (Note: Click 'More downloads...' instead of the big 'Download' button.) or one of the many other utilities floating around on the internet.

Good luck, and happy adventuring!

Cube World Forum Community Content - Pokemon Models Thu, 25 Jul 2013 03:40:43 -0400 Ashley Shankle

Have a special place in your heart for Cube World and Pokemon? Have no fear, my friend! The Cube World Forum community is always hard at work at modifying the game to fit everyone's interests, and this time around we're looking at the Pokemon .cub mods available for you to make your adventure a little more to your liking.

Before the mods

One of the best things about Cube World is the fact that every in-game model can be modified, as can several other of the game's files to make for a more customized experience. In order to take advantage of these .cub file modifications, you must download a model editor and launch the game via a custom launcher.

You can choose either CWME or CWModelEditor to modify your files, and the custom launcher can be found here. Each link has directions on how to get things up and running. Be not intimidated! The modification process is simple and relatively painless.

Cube World x Pokemon

A thread on the forums is dedicated to the topic of taking the in-game monster models and swapping them out with Pokemon. Want to replace bats with Zubat? BAM! You can do that!

Want some more Bulbasaur in your life? BAM! You can do that too!

It is really amazing to see the dedication of fans when they put their mind to something! At the time of writing, there are 40 Pokemon monster reskins listed and available in the main thread. If you are feeling a bit lazy, you can grab the pack right here. There are even instructions to change monster names to their Pokemon counterparts in the readme file.

The 40 that are currently available are certainly not the last, as the forum's .cub Gallery mega-thread is packed with skins just waiting to be installed. If you do not feel like wading through a ocean of posts, sticking to the Pokemon-specific thread will get you plenty of reskins with some patience.

Gotta catch'em all with Ashe Ketchum

Want to make your Pokemon experience almost complete? One forum user has created a mod to swap out the Lizard race for Ash Ketchum, complete with hair color and cap options available in the character creation process.

Here is a link to the direct download of this mod, which can be installed using the same method as the Pokemon skins above.

Of course, these are not the only mods for Cube World. Be sure to check out the Modding/Downloads section of Cube World Forum to check for other mods that may tickle your fancy. New mods are being added all day everyday. Be sure to head on over and say thank you to the fans hard at work making the game all it can be!

Cube World Official Site Finally Updated, Upcoming Changes Listed Tue, 23 Jul 2013 22:13:59 -0400 Ashley Shankle

Cube World has proven to be very popular since its paid alpha release last month, even as a repeated barrage of DDoS attacks locked people from buying the game. People actually want a voxel-based exploration RPG--who would have thought?

After over two weeks with no updates from the dynamic duo over at Picroma, Wollay has stepped forward and made a post on the official site, giving an overview of what he and co-developer Pixxie will be bringing to the game in the near future.

There are a lot of possibilities with a game like this and I'm sure there are some features you would like to see before others, but these are Picroma's priorities moving forward with the game:

  • Bug fixes
  • DirectX initialization issues
  • Client and server optimization for improved performance
  • Remappable controls
  • Scalable GUI with improved low resolution support
  • More server configuration options
  • New content such as new creatures

It may be disappointing to hear we won't be getting any mind-blowing features with Cube World's next big update, but a number of performance and server improvements will make the game more accessible and easier to configure.

The small hiccup during the game's initial weeks seem to be over at this point, and now it's time to settle and play in Picroma's impressive sandbox as Wolley and Pixxie improve upon the groundwork we've already come to know and love. The next few patches will show whether they can make Cube World live up to its potential. Here's to the future, and to riding frogs into the sunset!

Cube World Review: The Deadliest Voxels Wed, 17 Jul 2013 11:34:13 -0400 Alan Bradley

At first blush it's tempting to call Cube World, the new voxel-based sandbox, a Minecraft RPG. It's got a big, procedurally generated open world whose boxy composition immediately recalls Mojang's famous cubes, and the overall aesthetic was clearly inspired by Minecraft's retro sensibilities.

That's about where the similarities end. For those expecting to drop into Cube World, pickaxe in hand, and start carving up the terrain and building the ultimate fortress, brace yourself for disappointment. Cube World, at least in it's alpha state, has none of Minecraft's mining or construction elements, instead putting its focus squarely on slaying monsters, leveling up, and gathering epic, color-coded loot.

The Folly of Youth

Early on, though, the monsters most likely to engage you in epic battle might not match your expectations. Forget orcs and trolls; the deadliest foes your fledgling mage, warrior, ranger or rogue will face are owls and alpacas. And the owls are no joke: take them lightly and you'll watch your low-level hero get pecked to bloody chunks by these relentless feathered nightmares. And woe unto the lonely adventurer that draws the ire of one of the wandering bands of frogmen or undead; with seemingly just a stern glance, they will reduce your lowly character to ash.

So yes, the early parts of Cube World can be very challenging, but not insurmountable. The real issue, which might be partly due to how early in development the game is, is the almost total lack of information or objectives the game presents. It is also like Minecraft in that sense: without a wiki to explain some of its systems, it's difficult to get your bearings.

However, where in Minecraft the total lack of information is forgivable because the systems in place are relatively simple and can, through experimentation, be discovered on your own, in Cube World the dense numbers, systems, and mechanics are completely inscrutable without at least some explanation. With character and weapon stats and a convoluted crafting system, some in-game help would go a long way towards smoothing out the learning curve.

Gem in the Rough

That said, there's still a lot of fun to be had here, navigating the cities, castles, and broad open plains of Cube World's randomly generated biomes.

The action really ramps up in the game's dungeons, each of which is populated with a vicious boss, like the Hell Demon or Ember Golem. Fighting these tremendous foes is an exercise in patience and frustration, especially if you approach them without being properly equipped or without a fat stack of healing items at your disposal. Accordingly though, defeating them is both satisfying and lucrative, as they can drop incredible gear and award massive experience.

"You got a bright future, kid"

In any number of ways, it's obvious that Cube World is a very young game with a lot of rough edges, but it's also plainly evident that it's a game with massive potential. The voxel-crafted world is absolutely gorgeous at times, and the joy of discovery when wandering the topographic map lends a sense of almost childlike wonder to the proceedings. It's tough to whole-heartedly recommend it for purchase in its current state (though it is for sale on their website), but it's a game we'll be watching very closely.

Short Cube World Tutorial Videos to Get You Started Sat, 13 Jul 2013 03:36:06 -0400 Ashley Shankle


Looking to install custom skins into your game? Wintergore (featuring a Finn from Adventure Time skin) shows how to get your own custom skins in-game. More information and the custom launcher can be found in those Cube World Forum thread.


Force Strategy Gaming's slightly more detailed look at Cube World's crafting system.


Taking your character customization that much further with armor design customization.


A look at Cube World's weapon customization system and making your own personal weapon designs.


Take advantage of the double jump glitch to get more out of your adventuring!


Wintergore's third video shows how to get a pet to help you in combat or to use as a mount.


This short video shows how to farm unlimited ore using map seed number 7661989.


These first seven slides contain YouTube user Wintergore's short introductory tutorials for Cube World. The 8th slide contains Force Strategy Gaming's crafting guide for those of you looking for some extra instruction on making use of Cube World's in-depth crafting system.


This first video covers getting started with navigating your way using the map, as well as an introduction to crafting.

Did You Buy Cube World But Can't Find The Download Link? Fri, 12 Jul 2013 15:00:20 -0400 Ashley Shankle

Have you been visiting Picroma's site over the past few days in hopes you can buy Cube World? You're in luck: account registrations are up and for the time being the game is available for purchase and download.

In order to even find your way to the purchase page, you must register on the Picroma site and wander to the Buy Cube World page. The only purchase method currently available is PayPal. The price is displayed as £15, which comes out to approximately $20 USD in the PayPal checkout.

Do keep in mind the Cube World website is not completely stable just yet. If you find your way to the website but cannot make an account or find the link to purchase the game on the Buy Cube World page, try again later. The servers seem to still be under DDoS attack and are still not 100%.

I bought the game, but can't find the download!

After purchase there is no email notification and the PayPal checkout does not redirect to the download location -- and there is no download to be found in your account settings. [Edit: Some people are being redirected to a link to the My Games page, while some are not.]

I ran into this issue myself and was worried for a few minutes, until I took a look at the Picroma front page and carefully read the FAQ. If you have bought the game already, you can find it on the My Games account page.

What is bizarre about this is there is no other sign pointing to this page but in the FAQ, but your game download is there and is a compact 1.5MB. Once downloaded and installed your client will update to full size.

This is a bit of a run around just to get Cube World -- hopefully Picroma will make the My Games page more easily accessible to account holders down the line.

Cube World, a Crafty RPG Released Mon, 08 Jul 2013 14:02:26 -0400 Courtney Gamache

Recently in the gaming community, was the release of Cube World on July 2nd, 2013, from the developers at Picroma. This game, featuring a Minecraft style world made of blocks with the aspects of an RPG friendly world. Featuring HP bars above mobs found in Final Fantasy, along with the adventure driven mode, like in Legend of Zelda.

Are Minecraft and Cube World the same thing?

Minecraft and Cube World are two completely different games, although they look alike and can sometimes have the same features. Minecraft has so many mods that can alter the game-play but it's blue-prints are a creative based game. Cube World is a functioning game focusing on adventure and exploration, although the graphics are similar to that of Minecraft. Cube World requires no mods to achieve the same glory, unlike Minecraft.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not putting Minecraft down. I'm a really big Minecraft buff, but I do respect what Picroma developed with Cube World. I've played on many RPG Minecraft servers, and although they have mods that increase game play, I enjoy the vanilla-feel from Cube World, with it being just as it is.

From what I've played of Cube World in the past six days, it seems to be a very remarkable game for being just released to the public. I can't help but be impressed with what has been given, and become baffled at the thought of what could be in store for the future of Cube World.

Honestly, would you rather have to pack your minecraft.jar with mods instead of purchasing a game that accomplishes that, while also being in Alpha? Hands down, I'd rather buy and play both games and get the best of both worlds. Not only does it involve avoiding a daunting task that's a pain in your you-know-what, but you can enjoy what each game primarily has to offer.

Cube World Goes into Paid Alpha, But You Have to Wait Mon, 08 Jul 2013 01:14:02 -0400 Ashley Shankle

Cube World is an adorable voxel-based sandbox RPG that is looking to expand what most sandbox players expect from the genre. It's blocky, it's bright, it's flexible, and it's in its paid alpha phase. Mostly.

[Update: The site is a bit more stable now. You may be able to purchase today!]

Shortly after announcing the paid alpha launch, the servers were hit with DoS attacks that have forced the developer to take down registrations and the shop periodically at peak times. If you're on the site at the wrong time, you will not be able to register or get a change to purchase the game. Users must have an account before they can even get to the purchase page.

Hopefully this issue will be resolved soon, but for the time being there is a mini demo available on the official site. This demo is not a playable version of the game, but works as more of a benchmark to see if your computer can handle Cube World's intensive voxel visuals.

What's Special About Cube World?

Yeah, I know. We've seen a lot of sandbox titles over the past few years after the success of Minecraft, but each one has something unique to make it stand out. Cube World seems to want to make its mark on the genre with in-depth character progression, adventurer skills, and an active combat system among other things.

The developer's website has a great deal of information on what is in the works for the game and where it intends to go. Take a gander if you're not sure whether or not you want to invest in another sandbox title.

Keep an eye on the official site to see when registrations come back up to get in on the Cube World paid alpha. Once you are able to register, you can pay $20 to get into the alpha and all further phases.