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Not to be outdone by Sony's rapid-fire State of Play that unveiled the anticipated Resident Evil 3 remake, Nintendo held a 20-minute showcase highlighting indie games coming to Nintendo Switch from now until 2020.

There's a lot to unpack from the presentation, from a Golf Story sequel to Axiom Verge 2, Dauntless, and much, much more. Needless to say, if you're a Nintendo Switch owner and fan of indie games, there's a lot to be excited about heading into 2020. 

Let's get started with Sports Story.

Sports Story

Nintendo first served up a new trailer for Sports Story, the follow-up to the smash indie hit Golf Story. Sports Story, though, takes things beyond the golf course. It is a full adventure with tennis, golf, soccer, volleyball, baseball, dungeons, spies, and enemies to overcome.

Sports Story looks like it shares all the quirky humor of the original. The game will launch on Switch in 2020.

Axiom Verge 2

The next big surprise was, per usual, saved for last: Axiom Verge 2. Tom Happ, the creator of Axiom Verge, showed off a new sneak peek of the next installment in the series, Axiom Verge 2.

The Metroidvania sequel is very much in the same vein as the original, though this time around, you'll explore a wider variety of areas in a snow-themed world. Axiom Verge 2 releases sometime in fall 2020.


Gleamlight, a game developed by the makers of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, tells a different kind of story than the 2019 Symphony of the Night inspired Metroidvania.

Gleamlight is a mysterious journey told in stained glass style, featuring a sword as the main character. This sword fights the darkness with the help of children, though it's not clear what the darkness is yet or how the children are involved.

Still, It's a gorgeous looking game that obviously takes inspiration from Hollow Knight. However, one innovation here is that there is no user interface and there are no words. Gleamlight will launch on Nintendo Switch in early 2020.

Bake n' Switch

Bake n' Switch, a party brawler centered around little doughy things, looks as chaotic as Overcooked and has plenty of food-themed goodness and mind-crushing obstacles to overcome.

The goal here is to bake the cute ol' doughs and serve them up as offerings to angry deities, which naturally means it's everyone for themselves.


SuperMash takes inspiration from RPG Maker, letting you pick two game genres and create something completely unique out of it. Every game created in SuperMash is random and different, though you can control certain elements with DevCards.

Players can mesh six different genres together, from Metroidvania to stealth, shoot 'em up to JRPG. Games can be shared with friends and saved for posterity, and there will even be a story mode.

SuperMash will release in May 2020.

Sail Forth

It's not Sea of Thieves, but Sail Forth is pretty darn close. In this high-seas adventure, you'll explore the vast oceans with your customized boat, take on pirates, find hidden quests, and adventure to your heart's content.

Although much more detailed, the game's aesthetic evokes a very Burly Men at Sea vibe. However, there's a lot more to do here than replay the same levels over and over again for different endings.

Sail Forth will launch in 2020.


Dauntless, Epic Games' take on the Monster Hunter World formula, received an update during the presentation as well, along with a new expansion announcement in Stormchasers.

Part Monster Hunter, part MMORPG, Dauntless brings players together to explore a colorful world, take down massive monsters, and use loot to craft even better weapons and gear.

The other news? Dauntless is available on Nintendo Switch today for free, and Dauntless cross platform, cross region play, and cross save is supported on the Switch version.

Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HD

Oddworld has had a rocky relationship with Nintendo, but wild shooter Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath is coming to Nintendo Switch on January 23, 2020. It is currently available for pre-order.  

You will take on bounties, avoid enemies looking to turn you in for a bounty, and rely on your trusty crossbow that uses live ammo — literally live, like rodent bullets — to keep from pushing daisies in this action-adventure game set in the Oddworld universe.


Liberated, a cyberpunk-inspired game told in the form of a graphic novel, is basically a futuristic 1984. The world is always online, and the government takes advantage of that by keeping tabs on everyone at all times.

Liberated combines platforming and action and will launch first on Nintendo Switch in 2020.

The Survivalists

The Survivalists is a new crafting-survival game set in The Escapist universe where you train monkeys to help you establish a village on your deserted island. Because of course.

Gathering resources leads to new recipes that let you explore further on each procedurally-generated island, uncovering new items to help you survive. Of course, you uncover new threats along the way. The Survivalists will release in 2020.

That's it for today's Indie World news, but stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Nindies news as it breaks.

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This week, Nintendo unveiled a new Switch model that's not as exciting as it sounds. Gears 5 removed smoking but left all of the blood and guts the series is known for. And GameStop looks to stay alive by going retro. 

On top of that, we've got exclusive interviews with the developers of The Blackout Club, Teppen, and Redeemer. We have a few reviews, including Super Mario Maker 2 and Etherborn, as well as a handful of guides for some of the latest games, including Teppen, Dragon Quest Builders 2, and Dr. Mario World

Sit back. Relax. Enjoy. It's the weekend. What else are you gonna do? Play video games? 





Check back next weekend for another roundup of news, reviews, guides, and features. Be sure to check previous weeks for more content: 

Dauntless Fortune and Glory Update Brings Trials Mode, New Hunt Pass https://www.gameskinny.com/1vcoa/dauntless-fortune-and-glory-update-brings-trials-mode-new-hunt-pass https://www.gameskinny.com/1vcoa/dauntless-fortune-and-glory-update-brings-trials-mode-new-hunt-pass Wed, 17 Jul 2019 10:09:48 -0400 Joey Marrazzo

Yesterday, a new update to the free-to-play RPG Dauntless launched. Titled Fortune and Glory, it was released for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Fortune and Glory is the first expansive content update for Dauntless, and it includes a new Trials mode, brought along thanks to a new character that arrives in Ramsgate, Lady Luck. 

Of the update, Phoenix Labs said in a release: 

Trials will pit adventurous Slayers against dangerous, modified Behemoths and all-new environmental challenges, like terrain-transforming pests. With the clock ticking through each hunt, it will be up to Trials challengers to prove that they can execute under pressure. Trials are split into two difficulty levels: "Normal" and "Dauntless."

Completing Trials' normal difficulty will grant players Slayers with Steel Marks. Players can then use these to purchase unique rewards such as weapon mods and alternate special attacks.

More skilled competitors that have finished the Dauntless difficulty will receive Slayers with Gilded Marks. Those can be used to buy exclusive cosmetic rewards.

Rewards for both the Normal and Dauntless difficulties are exclusive to the new Trials mode and can only be found at Lady Luck's shop. 

For those who want to see how they rank compared to the other 12 million Dauntless players, there is now a Wall of Champions conveniently located right outside Lady Luck's shop in Ramsgate. There, players can see the top performers whether they play solo or in a group.

If a name isn't on the leaderboards this week, there's no need to worry: the Trials rotate every week, so players have numerous chances to get on the board.

Fortune and Glory contains 50 levels of content, and it is just the beginning of this season of Dauntless, which is named High Skies. The season will also include two consecutive Hunt Passes that include new content. The first pass revolves around a pirate theme.

Be sure to head over to our Dauntless guides hub page for more on the free-to-play Epic Games exclusive. 

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We also took a look at Stadia, including its release date, price, and games. Netflix is making a show based on Magic: The Gathering. Shenmue 3 got delayed again, and there's a lot more. 

Sit back. Relax. Enjoy. It's the weekend. What else are you gonna' do? Play video games? 


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How to Get the Godhand Exotic War Pike in Dauntless https://www.gameskinny.com/6f46i/how-to-get-the-godhand-exotic-war-pike-in-dauntless https://www.gameskinny.com/6f46i/how-to-get-the-godhand-exotic-war-pike-in-dauntless Fri, 07 Jun 2019 09:25:25 -0400 Sergey_3847

Rezakiri weapons and armor are some of the most powerful pieces of gear you can craft in Dauntless. The Godhand, a Rezakiri war pike, is so strong that it can continuously deal up to 200% damage.

If you've been looking for a way to get the Godhand weapon, but can't figure out how to do it, then follow our quick guide below for the answer. We lay out what Reagents you need and how to get them. 

Common Reagents

Before crafting the Godhand, you first need to obtain certain Rezakiri reagents by either slaying the behemoth or breaking one of its parts.

Below is a complete list of all common Rezakiri reagents needed for crafting the Godhand in Dauntless:

  • Rezakiri Chitin (slay)
  • Radiant Aethergem (tail break)
  • Cracked Biocrystal (head break)
  • Neutral Furyplate (2x leg break, raging neutral behemoth)
  • Neutral Skullgem (head break, neutral behemoth)
  • Luminescent Chitin (slay)
  • Exoskeletal Plate (2x leg break)
  • Elemental Furytail (tail break, raging elemental behemoth)
  • Elemental Tailgem (tail break, elemental behemoth)
  • Cataclysm Shard (slay)
  • Lustrous Tailplate (tail break)
  • Elemental Furyplate (2x legbreak, raging elemental behemoth)
  • Neutral Tailgem (tail break, neutral behemoth)

Special Reagents

The Godhand also requires special Arcstones that can be obtained either by slaying behemoths or farming them through Patrol Hunts. The Godhand requires 127 Dull Arcstones for a complete weapon upgrade.

The Rezakiri war pike also requires you to obtain 120 Shining Arcstones, which can be farmed in the same way as Dull Arcstones or by hunting behemoths Level 13-16.

But most importantly, you will need 150 Peerless Arcstones, which can be obtained only by slaying behemoths Level 17 and higher.

For more Dauntless guides, check out the list below:

How to Stagger Behemoths in Dauntless https://www.gameskinny.com/9kcnb/how-to-stagger-behemoths-in-dauntless https://www.gameskinny.com/9kcnb/how-to-stagger-behemoths-in-dauntless Fri, 07 Jun 2019 09:37:47 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Stagger is an important status effect in Dauntless. While it doesn't deal direct health damage to behemoths, it can leave them open to more high-damage attacks from your hunting party. 

Out of all of the weapons in Dauntless, the hammer is the best choice for the task. It deals the most damage from the start of the game, because its base multiplier is higher than other weapons.

It's true that other weapon types can stagger, but almost all of those must be buffed with Perks do deal worthwhile damage.

Axes come in a distant second. Two of them come with the Knockout Perk, making them good options if you just hate the hammer. However, they don't have any special stunning effects like some of the hammers do.

And as we'll see, axes also don't have an important hammer ability that simply melts behemoths. 

Using the Hammer and Aetherslam

The hammer may be slow, but it's extremely powerful. That power is magnified by the Aetherslam. It's a special attack you can pull off at the end of any combo that inflicts massive amounts of stagger damage at one time. 

Success hinges on the ammo canisters you see underneath your health bar, the same ones you use to power a Concussive Salvo. Save all four of the canisters for the Aetherslam combo. 

The most interesting aspect of this, as pointed out by PlayStationGrenade, is that if you land the Aetherslam correctly, all four of your ammo canisters will automatically reload. This time they will be supercharged, letting you deal even more damage if you can pull the combo off again. 

If you understand the timing, it's also possible to charge each attack in a combo by inputting the first command, then hitting the secondary attack button, then inputting the second command, and so forth. It's quite powerful. 

On an Xbox One controller, a basic attack combo followed by the Aetherslam would look like this: 

  • X -> X -> X -> Y

However, the charged variant followed by the Aetherslam would look like this: 

  • X -> Y -> X -> Y -> X -> Y

Essential Perks for Inflicting More Stagger

The three perks you'll want to have are Knockout King, Pacifier, and/or Weighted Strikes. 

How Perks Stack in Dauntless

To get the most out your weapons and armor, it's important to know that Perks stack. When you open a Hunter Core at the Core Breaker, you get a Cell. Cells then provide Perk bonuses depending on rarity.

There are three rarities: 

  1. Uncommon: +1
  2. Rare: +2
  3. Epic: +3

Each Perk can be increased to a maximum rank of +6 through a combination of Perk bonuses and rarities. For example, two epics or three rares.

Loadout screen showing weapons, mods, cells

Knockout King, Weighted Strikes, Pacifier 

Knockout King and Weighted Strikes are the most powerful for several reasons. First, both deal stun damage to behemoths whether they are enraged or not; Pacifier only deals damage to enraged behemoths. 

Second, but perhaps more important, both Knockout King and Weighted Strikes receive dodge multipliers once they reach +4. After dodging through an attack, you will receive a percentage boost (Knockout King) or point boost (Weighted Strikes). 

For a clearer picture, here's how that breaks down per the Dauntless wiki:

Knockout King

Level Effect
+1  +5% Stagger damage
+2 +10% stagger damage
+3 +15% stagger damage
+4 +20% stagger damage
Next weapon attack after dodging behemoth attack +50%
+5 +25% stagger damage
Next weapon attack after dodging behemoth attack +50%
+6 +30% stagger damage
Next weapon attack after dodging behemoth attack +100%


Weighted Strikes

Level Effect
+1  +5 Stagger on hit
+2 +10 stagger on hit
+3 +15 stagger on hit
+4 +20 stagger on hit
+200 stagger after dodging through attack
+5 +30 stagger on hit
+200 stagger after dodging through attack
+6 +40 stagger on hit
+400 stagger after dodging through attack
Ranged swings and missile interrupt unstable behemoth attacks



Pacifier simply stacks stun damage by 10% per level, maxing out at 60% at +6. It is one of the more common Power Perks, and it is one you'll come across very frequently in the early game. 

Mods You Should Consider for the Hammer

You can also equip mods to your weapons:

  • Weighted Crown: The removes the 50% "penalty" for attacking the legs of a behemoth. 
  • Impulse Crown: This is secondary to Weighted Crown. It increases damage dealt using an Aerial Strike. It doubles damage when striking a behemoth in the head.  

Shrikedown Gloves in Dauntless

Armor You Should Consider

The Shrikedown Gloves in the Shrike armor set can reach Weighted Strikes +3 after reaching Level 10. Although they don't have any elemental strengths, they also don't have any elemental weaknesses. 

Both the Brow of Ice and the Arms of Ice in the Pangar armor set can reach +3 Knockout King at Level 10. 

As with Perks, there are other armors that increase damage across the board, but these are the most specific for stagger. 

Weapons You Should Consider

It's worth noting that all of the Skarn weapons provide some type of modifier at their base level. This essentially gives you a free Knockout King or Weighted Strikes buff on every weapon type in the group. 

Alternatively, all of the Pangar weapons are the same as well. 

How Do You Know You're Dealing Stagger Damage? 

Now that you know about the perks you'll need, it's worth noting that there are four damage types in Dauntless. Each is indicated by a different color: 

  1. Basic (white)
  2. Part (yellow)
  3. Stagger (blue)
  4. Wound (red)

Hit a behemoth in the head and in the legs. Damage values vary based on behemoth, weapon, perks, and weapon level. However, striking behemoths in the head is more damaging than striking them in the legs. 

Once enough stagger damage has been inflicted, small white spirals will begin to circle a behemoth's head. Continued hits will stun the beast and put it on the ground for a short period of time. 


Those are all the major things you need to know about inflicting stagger damage. For more tips on Dauntless, be sure to head over to our growing guides page for the game

Dauntless Guide: How to Get Light's Virtue https://www.gameskinny.com/wd46r/dauntless-guide-how-to-get-lights-virtue https://www.gameskinny.com/wd46r/dauntless-guide-how-to-get-lights-virtue Thu, 06 Jun 2019 10:13:29 -0400 Sergey_3847

One of the most valuable and unusual armor sets in Dauntless is the Rezakiri armor and its torso piece, Light's Virtue. It can be obtained from the parts of the Rezakiri behemoth, and it is mostly designed to increase the power level of your slayer.

Rezakiri armor consists of four pieces: Light's Crown, Light's Virtue, Light's Refuge, and Light's Walk. 

If you want to know how to obtain the Light's Virtue chest piece, then follow our quick guide below.

How to Get Light's Virtue

Common Reagents

Before farming for special reagents, you first need to obtain the common Rezakiri reagents:

  • Exoskeletal Plate (limbs/leg)
  • Luminescent Chitin (slay)
  • Cataclysm Shard (slay)

All of these reagents drop randomly from slaying or breaking various parts of the Rezakiri behemoths. 

Special Reagents

The most important reagent used in crafting the Light's Virtue is Dull Arcstone. You will need 30 of them, and the best way to obtain them is to complete Hunts for Patrols or by killing various behemoths Level 8-12.

You will also need 40 Shining Arcstones, which can be farmed in the same way as Dull Arcstones or by hunting behemoths Level 13-16.

Lastly, you will need 35 Peerless Arcstones that can be obtained by slaying behemoths Level 17 and higher.

Light's Virtue Resistances

Light's Virtue is most resistant against Radiant behemoths, such as Rezakiri and Valomyr. But it also has a weakness: it will not be as effective against Umbral behemoths, such as Shrowd and Riftstalker.

You can use the following utility cells to make Light's Virtue more resistant to various behemoths:

  • Aetheric Attunement: Increases lantern charge rate by 1/4/7/10%
  • Tough: Increases max health by 10/20/30/40
  • Endurance: Increases maximum stamina by 2/3.33/4.66/6
  • Tenacious: Increases maximum stamina regeneration by +1/2/3/4
  • Invigorating Stagger: Increases maximum stamina by 10/20/30?/40 after you stagger a behemoth
  • Swift: Increases movement speed by 1/1.5/2/2.5%
  • Blaze Resistance: Increases Blaze resistance by 1/1.66/2.33/3
  • Frost Resistance: Increases Frost resistance by 1/1.66/2.33/3
  • Shock Resistance: Increases Shock resistance by 1/1.66/2.33/3

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GameSkinny Weekend Download: New Call of Duty, Death Stranding, Dauntless, and More https://www.gameskinny.com/zgfw3/gameskinny-weekend-download-new-call-of-duty-death-stranding-dauntless-and-more https://www.gameskinny.com/zgfw3/gameskinny-weekend-download-new-call-of-duty-death-stranding-dauntless-and-more Sat, 01 Jun 2019 11:07:17 -0400 GS_Staff

Weekend Download is back, and this week we have a ton of reviews, some brand-new guides, and a lot of news. 

From the next Call of Duty to PSVR, Dauntless and Pokemon, Death Stranding, Super Smash, PixARK, and more, we've rounded up everything we've published in the past week. 

Sit back. Relax. Enjoy. It's the weekend. What else are you gonna' do? Play video games? 


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Check back next weekend for another roundup of news, reviews, guides, and features. 

Dauntless Guide: How to Use Ostian Repeaters for Maximum Damage https://www.gameskinny.com/4ebdf/dauntless-guide-how-to-use-ostian-repeaters-for-maximum-damage https://www.gameskinny.com/4ebdf/dauntless-guide-how-to-use-ostian-repeaters-for-maximum-damage Fri, 31 May 2019 16:54:15 -0400 Jonny Foster

Now that you've found the Ostian Repeaters and decked yourself out with a good build, there's a crucial missing link for Dauntless' dual-wield weapons — how on earth do you use them?

Before you raise your pitchforks and take your "they're pistols, how difficult can they be?!" remarks to the comments, just listen a moment. Though the Ostian Repeaters can function as pistols, you'll do far more damage if you use them like shotguns. Deceptive, I know.

Allow me to explain; you might think you're Lara Croft, but you're really more like Overwatch's Reaper. Treat the repeaters like shotguns and stay at close range or you won't be getting the optimum damage potential from your weapons. There are two main reasons for this, which we'll explain in this guide. 

Keep Your Crosshairs Crimson

Dauntless has a handy system in place that tells you whether you're dealing maximum damage with your Ostian Repeaters: the crosshair

In the picture above, you'll notice a plain-old boring white crosshair. Take a glance at the image below, however, and you'll see the crosshair has turned blood-red. 

When the crosshair is red, you're in range to do maximum damage. If you fire your Ostian Repeaters at a greater distance, you'll realize you don't do much damage at all.

This is the main reason people write off the repeaters as a useless weapon, and will often bemoan their use — if you ever receive any complaints while you're loading into a hunt, just let your teammates know you are a competent dual-wielder!

Eviscerate Behemoths with Empowered Repeaters

The other important gameplay tip you need to understand for the Ostian Repeaters is the empowered reload system. By reloading your repeaters in close proximity to a behemoth, you gain an Empowered buff that increases your basic damage as well as your abilities. 

You have to be really close — pretty much melee range — to get this buff. Without it, the repeaters are a lackluster weapon choice, but you'll notice your DPS increases drastically when you do have it.

This is the other reason that you should treat the Ostian Repeaters more like shotguns; if you stay in close range, you can constantly remain empowered. You can tell how long you're empowered for by looking at your primary fire icon. It slowly turns from blue to grey as the buff runs out. 

While empowered, your chamber and grip abilities do more damage and gain additional effects, so it's vital that you learn to revolve your gameplay around staying empowered for as long as possible.

Dauntless Ostian Repeaters Build Guide https://www.gameskinny.com/cew2o/dauntless-ostian-repeaters-build-guide https://www.gameskinny.com/cew2o/dauntless-ostian-repeaters-build-guide Thu, 30 May 2019 10:14:06 -0400 Jonny Foster

So you've found the Ostian Repeaters in Dauntless, but now you're faced with a tough decision: how are you going to set up your build to use them most effectively? 

The Ostian Repeaters aren't like the majority of weapons in Dauntless; they're much more modular. Instead of crafting different versions with elemental effects, you craft Barrels to augment your elemental damage, leaving the Chamber and Grip to dictate your skills.

All of this can be swapped out between missions, so there's a lot of build variety. In this guide, we'll run through an early-game build to make using the Ostian Repeaters a little friendlier, and take a brief look at a popular late-game build to shoot for.

Early Game Build


Decide which barrel to use based on elemental damage. Each behemoth is weak to one type of damage and resists another. 

These are usually fairly obvious (Ice behemoths are weak to Fire, who'd have thunk it?) but for Neutral behemoths, it's worth taking your most upgraded barrel into battle.

Don't bother upgrading the Standard Barrel! It's no stronger than the other barrels, so you might as well spend your resources elsewhere.  


As it deals the most outright damage, the Salvo Chamber is the recommended chamber to equip during the early-game. The skillshot ability it provides is easy to use and deals a good chunk of damage. 

Even when progressing into late-game builds, the Salvo Chamber is often preferred as you don't need to worry too much about your positioning or aiming, so long as you're hitting the behemoth.


There are only two grips to use, and the highly preferred one is the Captain's Grip. This will give you — and your allies, if you use the empowered version — a 15% buff to damage and attack speed for 12 seconds. 

This is extremely useful in buffing your DPS, but you can consider using the Saboteur's Grip if another party member is already using this one.


You'll only have a handful of prisms to equip in the early-game, the best of which is probably the Snowdrift Prism. This gives the last four shots of your magazine small damage and frost damage boosts.


You won't have any mods to equip until you hit Repeater Mastery Level 6, when you'll unlock the Capacitive Magazine mod. 

This isn't exactly ground-breaking, but it can give you a little extension to your DPS by returning four ammo to the magazine for each ability used. So it doesn't conflict with the Searing Prism passive, try to time your abilities when you have more than four shots remaining, or none at all. 

Late Game Build

Here is a quick run-down of a late-game build. We will add more as we progress through the game. 

  • Barrel
    • The barrel should still be selected based on whatever element is strong against the behemoth you plan on fighting. Just make sure you're constantly upgrading all of them so you don't handicap yourself.
  • Chamber: Full-Bore Chamber
    • This is unlocked at Repeater Mastery Level 8, but you need to aim it through the longest part of a behemoth to get the maximum damage.
    • The Salvo Chamber is still a valid alternative if you don't feel like min-maxing.
  • Grip: Captain's Grip
    • This is still the best grip to use unless another party member already has it equipped.
  • Prism: Searing Prism
    • This gives the 10th successive hit 250 bonus blaze damage.
    • It's unlocked after killing a Scorchstone Hellion, a Threat Level 12 behemoth.
  • Mod: Lucky Magazine
    • This mod increases your critical strike chance by 2% for each round missing from the magazine.
    • It's unlocked at Repeater Mastery Level 16, and has amazing synergy with the Full-Bore Chamber, as your skillshot ability can critical strike.  

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Dauntless All Scales Farming Guide https://www.gameskinny.com/8pwis/dauntless-all-scales-farming-guide https://www.gameskinny.com/8pwis/dauntless-all-scales-farming-guide Wed, 29 May 2019 09:32:26 -0400 Sergey_3847

There is a whole slew of reagents in Dauntless, which can help players improve their weapons and gear for greater power. Some of the most efficient reagents in the game are behemoth scales that drop from various creatures depending on their rarity.

Some require players to slay behemoths, while others drop by simply breaking one of their parts. If you want to know how to farm for a specific scale, and which behemoths to slay for scales, then follow our guide below for a complete list of all scales in Dauntless.

How to Get All Scales in Dauntless

Follow the table below to find out which behemoth drops the scale you're looking for. There is also a "method section" describing if you need to slay the behemoth entirely or just break one of its parts for more effective farming.

Charrogg Charrogg Scale Slay
Firebrand Charrogg Charrogg Scale, Smoldering Firebrand Scale Slay
Scorchstone Hellion Scorch Scale Slay
Boreus, Lesser Boreus Icy Hind Scale Tail Break
Dreadfrost Boreus Psionic Scale Slay
Pangar Frosty Scale 2x Leg Break
Drask Thundering Scale, Jagged Spark Scale, Electro Scale Slay, Leg Break, Tail Break
Lesser Drask Jagged Spark Scale Leg Break
Stormclaw Volt Scale 2x Front Leg Break
Koshai Thorn Scale Head Break
Ragetail Gnasher Furious Rage Scale Slay

For example, if you're looking for Jagged Spark Scale, then you need to locate the Drask behemoth, and break one of its legs, or if you need Thundering Scale, then you need to slay the behemoth.

However, since Dauntless has hefty RNG, there is a chance that you need to repeat the required method over and over again until you get the desired scale.

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Dauntless Surges Past 6 Million Players In Less Than A Week https://www.gameskinny.com/gm70b/dauntless-surges-past-6-million-players-in-less-than-a-week https://www.gameskinny.com/gm70b/dauntless-surges-past-6-million-players-in-less-than-a-week Tue, 28 May 2019 16:28:26 -0400 Josh Broadwell

Phoenix Labs recently provided an update about the success of its new free-to-play, co-op RPG Dauntless, stating the game garnered more than 6 million players in under a week.

Dauntless released in beta form last year, and the current number of players absolutely dwarfs that which it boasted during the entire beta period.

So far, there have been more than 20 million hunts  which equates to more than 15 million hours spent in the game  13 million Behemoths defeated, and more than 25 million weapons forged.

Oh, and Bruna and Max, the game's dogs, have been pet more times than numbers can ever hope to represent.

Don't forget the game launched on May 21.

Phoenix Labs offers a few specific reasons why players might be diving into the game so much as well. For starters, like Respawn with Apex Legends, Phoenix Labs is listening to players and actively making changes based on player feedback. Equally important, work continues to take place improving queue loads, connectivity, and player capacity.

Phoenix Labs' Twitter account bears witness to these claims as well. Player capacity was adjusted multiple times in just one day, and recent problems with matchmaking were resolved within an hour of realizing the problem existed.

However, there's another important factor involved. Phoenix Labs said 60% of hunting parties are cross-platform, and it isn't just Xbox players joining up with PC players either. Dauntless, according to the developers, is the first cross-platform game to support the feature at launch. PS4, Xbox One, and PC players can all join up together.

That in itself is a substantial accomplishment, especially given the recent litany of stories, some from just this year, about Sony refusing to play nice in regards to the functionality. 

Dauntless Guide: How to Farm All Orbs https://www.gameskinny.com/udqdk/dauntless-guide-how-to-farm-all-orbs https://www.gameskinny.com/udqdk/dauntless-guide-how-to-farm-all-orbs Mon, 27 May 2019 10:33:27 -0400 Sergey_3847

Obtaining a powerful weapon in Dauntless is a significant step towards victory. But you can make your weapon even stronger by infusing it with the orbs that correspond to your weapon's element.

There are seven types of orbs in Dauntless, which can be farmed in two different ways depending on your level of progression. Below you will find both of these methods for both beginner and advanced players.

Method 1: Killing Behemoths

The best way to farm orbs in Dauntless is to hunt for patrols. But if you haven't unlocked patrols yet, then your only choice left is to hunt behemoths as you progress through the game.

Here are the types of orbs that you can farm from different behemoths:

  • Blaze Orbs from Blaze behemoths
  • Frost Orbs from Frost behemoths
  • Shock Orbs from Shock behemoths
  • Terra Orbs from Terra behemoths
  • Neutral Orbs from Neutral behemoths
  • Umbral Orbs from Umbral behemoths
  • Radiant Orbs from Radiant behemoths

When you complete the Go Forth and Slay main quest, you can switch to the second method for orb farming in Dauntless.

Method 2: Hunt for Patrols

When you achieve Slayer level 4, you can start the City on the Verge quest. This quest will give you the chance to unlock hunting patrols. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Hunt Skarn behemoth
  2. Hunt Shrike behemoth
  3. Speak to Arkan Drew at Ramsgate
  4. Craft Skarn's Defiance lantern
  5. Craft Shrike's Zeal lantern
  6. Speak to Janek Zai

When you're done with the quest, the hunting patrols will be unlocked in your Huntboard menu.

These patrols will grant you access to repeatable behemoth hunts that are perfect for orb farming. As a reward for each hunt you will gain extra 10 neutral orbs plus the orbs of the behemoths you have slain.

This is much faster than simply going on individual hunts and is the preferred method.

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Dauntless Guide: Finding a Ramsgate Instance https://www.gameskinny.com/1ra28/dauntless-guide-finding-a-ramsgate-instance https://www.gameskinny.com/1ra28/dauntless-guide-finding-a-ramsgate-instance Fri, 24 May 2019 09:39:29 -0400 Sergey_3847

Dauntless has just left the beta testing stage and is now available on PC and consoles. Unfortunately, since the very first day many players have been experiencing problems with matchmaking.

Many players report that they can't connect to servers being stuck at "Finding a Ramsgate Instance" or "Matchmaking in progress..." screens. 

This issue makes the gameplay rather unbearable. But there are a few things one can do before the server issues get fixed by the development team behind Dauntless.

Method 1: Check the Servers

This is not a direct fix of the problem, but it can at least save your time when trying to find a match in Dauntless.

Here is how you can check the availability of the servers:

  1. Go to Dauntless Servers Status webpage
  2. Check the Matchmaking status
  3. If the status is Operational, then proceed to play the game
  4. If the status is Degraded Performance, then wait and check back later

At this point you can't do much but wait before the game's servers will be upgraded and eventually be able to host all the players trying to find a match in Dauntless.

Method 2: Improve Your Internet Connection

In case the matchmaking server status is Operational, and you're still getting the "Finding a Ramsgate Instance" screen, then follow these steps:

  1. Disable any background downloads
  2. Switch from Wi-Fi to wired internet connection
  3. Configure your DNS Settings:
    • Go to Control Panel
    • Select Network and Internet
    • Open Network and Sharing Center
    • Select Change Adapter Settings
    • Right click on your network adapter and select Properties
    • Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)
    • Check Use the following DNS server addresses box
    • Use the following addresses in each box: and

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How to Get Ostian Repeaters in Dauntless https://www.gameskinny.com/d9i34/how-to-get-ostian-repeaters-in-dauntless https://www.gameskinny.com/d9i34/how-to-get-ostian-repeaters-in-dauntless Thu, 23 May 2019 10:08:00 -0400 Sergey_3847

There one ranged weapon available in Dauntless, and it is a pair of Ostian Repeaters. It is also one of the best weapons, and it's pretty fun to play. Luckily it can also be acquired at the early stages of gameplay.

The Repeaters can be modified using different barrels, chambers, grips, prisms, and mods. First you need to get the weapon itself, which requires players to complete two quests.

Follow our quick step-by-step guide below, if you want to get the Repeaters as early as possible.

Step 1: Talk to Katerin Sorrel

You will get the chance to unlock Ostian Repeaters after you kill the Lesser Embermane behemoth, which is a part of the game's main questline.

After you've done that and have at least Slayer level 3, you can follow these steps:

  1. Travel to Ramsgate
  2. Speak to Katerin Sorrel at Ramsgate Plaza
  3. Agree to do the Go Forth and Slay quest
  4. Hunt Lesser Drask and Lesser Boreus
  5. Speak to the Middleman, the Ramsgate vendor
  6. Infuse any piece of gear with cells
  7. Speak to Markus Boehr at Ramsgate Plaza
  8. Craft two Blitz Tonics
  9. Equip and use Blitz Tonic during a hunt

Go back to Katerin Sorrel and get your reward of 60 Rams and several schematics.

Step 2: Speak to Janek Zai

After completing the Go Forth and Slay quest you can finally talk to the Ostian fleet admiral named Janek Zai. You can find him near the fallen airship at Ramsgate.

When you're done talking to Admiral Zai he will give you a choice between grenades and Ostian Repeaters, which you can choose to equip in your loadout.

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Dauntless Guide: Best Armor Tier List https://www.gameskinny.com/1n4ws/dauntless-guide-best-armor-tier-list https://www.gameskinny.com/1n4ws/dauntless-guide-best-armor-tier-list Wed, 22 May 2019 10:20:21 -0400 Sergey_3847

When crafting a piece of armor or an entire set in Dauntless, players need to make sure that all of the components work really well with their weapon of choice and perks.

There are a lot of elemental armor sets in the game with many different perks, but some are especially useful, and thus gained a universally acclaimed praise from the players.

Below you will find five of the best armor sets in Dauntless, which can be acquired at different stages of the gameplay. You can either use parts of them or craft all four components of each set for a full synergy.

Nayzaga Armor

  • Strength: Shock
  • Weakness: Terra
  • Cell slots: Utility, Defense

Here is the only armor in Dauntless that gives you +6 Medic perk, which is so good for reviving your allies that you simply need to put all your effort into getting this set.

Even if you can't get all four components, at least try to get Shocking Gaze (helmet) and Shocking Heart (chestplate), as these two pieces provide you with the Medic perk.

The gloves and boots could be anything else that fits your weapon and overall build, unless you are interested in such perks like Aetheric Attunement and Insulated. The first one charges your lantern by attacking, and the other one allows you to attack electric shields.

Shrowd Armor

  • Strength: Umbral
  • Weakness: Radiant
  • Cell slots: Utility, Power

Just like Nayzaga set you also receive the Medic perk with the Shrowd armor, but only up to +5. If you aren't interested in the whole set, but would still like to get the Medic perk, then try to get the Bracers as they will give you +3 Medic alone.

However, the whole set is quite valuable due to Rage perk, which increases your damage the lower your health is, and Nine Lives perk, which gives your character a chance to not only reduce damage but even cheat death.

Honestly I just recommend to crafting a complete Shrowd set.

Rezakiri Armor

  • Strength: Radiant
  • Weakness: Umbral
  • Cell slots: Utility, Technique, Mobility

This set may be hard to acquire due to Rezakiri's impossible hit boxes, but if you can manage it, then you'll have one of the top-tier armor sets on your hands.

Rezakiri armor is very different from the rest of the sets in the game and is very much focused on damage instead of resistances.

Its three main perks are Energized, which increases your weapon's meter gain; Agility, which reduces stamina while dodging; and most importantly Cunning, which grants a chance to deal double damage.

All these perks are very good in combat, so it would be wise to craft all the pieces of this set and max the perks out for a primary DPS build.

Embermane Armor

  • Strength: Blaze
  • Weakness: Shock
  • Cell slots: Defense, Technique, Mobility

Embermane set is a complete opposite of the Rezakiri armor, as it is entirely focused on defense mechanisms.

Although the Evasive Fury perk increases your attack speed while dodging, the other two perks are all about protection. Fireproof perk protects you from being set on fire, which is great against Blaze behemoths, and Evasion perk makes you invincible while dodging.

The only piece of the set that can be ignored is probably the gloves, but the rest of the set is quite valuable, so try to get the helmet, breastplate, and greaves for maximum protection.

Pangar Armor

  • Strength: Frost
  • Weakness: Blaze
  • Cell slots: Defense, Power

This armor is a well-balanced set, which is especially great for Axe builds. It grants one offensive and two defensive perks.

Knockout King is an offensive perk that comes with a helmet and gloves. It simply increases your Stagger damage, which synergizes with such other perks like Pacifier and Weighted Strikes.

The chestplate and the boots provide your character with Fortress perk, which summons a protective shield while dodging, and Warmth perk, which protects against Chilled and Frozen status effects.

Altogether, this is a very solid set for beginner players before you enter The Maelstrom.

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Dauntless Launches Today with Full Cross-platform Support (Even PS4) https://www.gameskinny.com/01mpi/dauntless-launches-today-with-full-cross-platform-support-even-ps4 https://www.gameskinny.com/01mpi/dauntless-launches-today-with-full-cross-platform-support-even-ps4 Tue, 21 May 2019 13:47:22 -0400 Ashley Shankle

In truly a surprise turn of events, free-to-play Behemoth-slaying title Dauntless is launching with crossplay right out of the gate as a first for the PlayStation 4 platform.

Out today in full force, Dauntless is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Epic Games Store after a lengthy PC-only beta period. Interested players won't have to worry about the playerbase for a while with this one, considering the game is 100% cross-platform between the three.

While both Fortnite and Rocket League on PS4 have allowed crossplay for some time, Sony didn't let those through without a fight. Dauntless marks the very first game launching with crossplay compatibility, and it's not the dinky kind either, oh no.

Developer Phoenix Labs's "One Dauntless" vision is coming alive with this release, allowing players to access the very same account between platforms. You'll be able to play your characters on any platform with no restrictions.

Those who have played the game on PC prior to the game's full launch are able to link their Dauntless account with an Epic Games account to get in on the crossplay action. Check out this full guide to linking accounts on the official Dauntless website.

Is it a coincidence that Dauntless, an Epic Games Store exclusive, and Fortnite are both crossplay compatible on PlayStation 4? Who knows. Dauntless is the first game to launch on the platform with crossplay, but certainly won't be the last.

As for the game itself, Dauntless is much akin to Monster Hunter and scratches that itch fairly well despite the base differences between the two. It's free to play, so there's no harm in giving it a go on the platform of your choice.

While this may be an exciting milestone for Sony fans, the real excitement surely lies over at Phoenix Labs and their first full game launch. If you want more monster hunting action in a slightly different flavor, give this baby a whirl.

Dauntless Guide: Best Weapons Tier List https://www.gameskinny.com/r157d/dauntless-guide-best-weapons-tier-list https://www.gameskinny.com/r157d/dauntless-guide-best-weapons-tier-list Tue, 21 May 2019 10:20:06 -0400 Sergey_3847

Dauntless, a free-to-play monster hunting RPG, is now available on consoles. The game revolves around Slayers who hunt and kill behemoth creatures.

The weapon pool in the game is extremely large, and it can be really hard to find the best weapon for new players. That is why we offer you a tier list of the best weapons in Dauntless that will surely fit one of your builds.

Remember that certain weapons are good against certain types of enemies, but weapons mentioned below are known to the community to be the highest DPS weapons in the game across the board.

Inferno's Razor

  • Weapon type: Hellion Sword
  • Damage type: Slashing/Stagger
  • Elemental power: +80 Blaze

This weapon is made to deal a lot of damage with maxed out Overpower perk that can bring its total power to 550 points.

In addition, it has a unique ability to hit for extra 250 damage during a successive eighth hit. Together with the Blaze damage it will rack up to 880 total, which is simply brutal amount of damage.

With the help of the Reactive Hilt mod you can increase the chance of a critical hit while dodging, which is perfect for any DPS sword build.

Call of Dawn

  • Weapon type: Rezakiri Sword
  • Damage type: Slashing/Stagger
  • Elemental power: +80 Radiant

If you want your build to focus on killing Umbral behemoths, then there is no better weapon for it than this Rezakiri weapon.

The power level of Call of Dawn is very similar to Inferno's Razor, but it's unique ability allows you a 10% chance to hit enemies twice in one swing. If your damage output is maxed out, it means that you can hit for 1100 points of damage with this weapon.

So this is a great alternative to Inferno's Razor, if your goal is to strike Umbral behemoths.

Inferno's Burden

  • Weapon type: Hellion Hammer
  • Damage type: Blunt/Stagger
  • Elemental power: +80 Blaze

There isn't much difference in terms of damage between the Hellion sword and hammer, but the latter one gives you a quicker access to the extra 250 damage. Instead of the eighth successive hit, you will get the extra 250 damage on your sixth hit with a hammer.

Of course, the hammer is a lot slower than the sword, especially if you're using the Extended Clip mod. But if you're out of ammo, then its speed increases drastically and you can swing for a lot of damage really quickly with Inferno's Burden.

Raging Crash

  • Weapon type: Gnasher Hammer
  • Damage type: Blunt/Stagger
  • Elemental power: N/A

Elemental damage can be very effective against certain types of behemoths, but it can be as equally ineffective against those types of enemies that have elemental immunities.

That is why having a simple DPS weapon with no elemental damage like Raging Crash could prove to be a very effective choice, as it can basically deal with any type of enemy.

Inferno's Decree

  • Weapon type: Hellion Axe
  • Damage type: Slashing/Stagger
  • Elemental power: +80 Blaze

Unsurprisingly, one of the most powerful axes in Dauntless is another Hellion weapon, as it is undoubtedly the strongest DPS weapon in the game.

Just like the Hellion hammer it adds an extra 250 damage to each sixth successive hit.

But it's possible to make it deal even more damage under special circumstances with the help of such perks like Predator and Ragehunter.

Stalker's Mercy


  • Weapon type: Riftstalker Axe
  • Damage type: Slashing/Stagger
  • Elemental power: +80 Umbral

Non-Predator builds can be just as effective in Dauntless, and since that perk slows you down, it is a good idea to find a weapon that would deal a lot of damage without it.

Stalker's Mercy is an excellent choice for a faster axe build that can utilize the Molten perk for even more speed. But if removing the Predator perk would be enough for you, then it is suggested to use Cunning perk for that extra critical hit damage.

Ostian Repeaters

  • Weapon type: Reapeaters
  • Damage type: Barrel dependent
  • Elemental power: Barrel dependent

The repeaters are not only made for fun, but also some effective action.

Of course, everything depends on your choice of parts, and if you're looking to create a build based on Ostian Repeaters, then here is a list of components that will get you the max amount of damage:

  • Blaze Barrel
  • Marksman Chamber
  • Admiral's Grip
  • Brilliant Prism

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The Epic Games Store Is Adding Reviews, But There's A Catch https://www.gameskinny.com/nf0bw/the-epic-games-store-is-adding-reviews-but-theres-a-catch https://www.gameskinny.com/nf0bw/the-epic-games-store-is-adding-reviews-but-theres-a-catch Fri, 01 Feb 2019 15:11:01 -0500 QuintLyn

When it comes to selling anything in an online store, having a review system of some sort is almost obligatory. It doesn't matter if the company is selling physical items or digital ones, consumers will want to express their opinions on the products they purchase.

So, it should come as no surprise that Epic Games will finally be adding a review system to its online store. After all, EGS' major competition offers that feature, and to say it's heavily used by gamers on the platform would be a gross understatement. 

That said, there is going to be something a bit different about the review system on the EGS. Epic is making the review system opt-in for developers.  According to Epic founder Tim Sweeny, this decision is spurred by the issue of "review bombing" and attempts at "gaming-the-system".

Review bombing is a common issue on any site that allows general public participation. It occurs when consumers work together to leave negative reviews with the intent to harm sales of a particular item.

In many cases, such as the current review-bombing of the Metro series on Steam, these reviews have nothing to do with problems the consumers have with the item itself. Often the reviewers haven't even purchased the item in the first place, or are angry for other reasons.

Not surprisingly,  gamers are already questioning the decision. Many note that if developers have the option, they will not allow reviews. These gamers assert that an opt-in system "completely defeats the point of having review sections."  

On the other hand, some note that any dev that opts out of reviews should already be considered "shady" as a good game won't need to hide from reviewers, and the developers shouldn't be concerned about review bombing in the first place.

While review bombing is certainly an issue, Epic's current stance seems a tad harsh and overreactive. Surely there is a more centrist approach that could be taken.

For example, Epic could make it so that only those who own the game on the Epic Store can review the game. Although it might alienate some users who own particular games on other systems or through other storefronts, it would be a reasonable compromise among Epic, developers, and the gamers who use the marketplace. 

Still, this move is presumably another example in a growing line of how Epic Games plans to differ from Steam; it may be just another incentive for developers to forgo Valve's platform in favor of the EGS.

It remains to be seen how users will ultimately react. 


Epic Games Provides Price-Adjusted Refunds in Special Cases https://www.gameskinny.com/u82t3/epic-games-provides-price-adjusted-refunds-in-special-cases https://www.gameskinny.com/u82t3/epic-games-provides-price-adjusted-refunds-in-special-cases Fri, 01 Feb 2019 11:55:00 -0500 QuintLyn

Since announcing its own digital storefront just two months ago, Epic Games has made clear that it intends to shake up the digital distribution space doing some things a bit differently than its long-established competitors. 

Although it can be argued that some of these changes are more to the benefit of developers than gamers, the waves Epic has made are nonetheless industry-altering.

When the digital distribution shakeup began, Epic came out swinging with a profit-split deal that leaves developers with higher profit shares than Steam. Then things began to tidal wave when Ubisoft snubbed Steam, electing to release Tom Clancy's: The Division 2 on Epic's store.

Soon after, Deep Silver not only elected to publish Metro Exodus on the EGS, but it actually pulled listings for the game from Steam and other platforms. And, of course, early yesterday, Phoenix Labs announced it would be shutting down its own Dauntless launcher once the developer moved the game over to the EGS platform.

Amongst all of that, the Epic store managed to make yet another, if smaller, wave when WCCFTech published an article stating Epic had refunded one of WCCFTech's writers after it adjusted prices on some of the games currently listed in the store.

According to the article, the writer received an email from Epic stating that the company had adjusted pricing in his region "to be more [sic] favourable," and that Epic would be refunding him the difference.

However, according to Epic, such refunds aren't part of an innovative new business practice. Instead, such refunds are only applied in special cases.

In an email to GameSkinny late Thursday afternoon, representatives said if users have overpaid for games prior to the application of regional pricing in a certain area, the company refunds the user the difference. 

Looking at the Bigger Picture to See the Finer Details

WCCFTech's article ponders whether or not Epic might be looking to fix some of the pricing issues often brought to bear by regional pricing. To better understand what's actually going on, we need to take a quick, oversimplified look at how prices are affixed to games around the world. 

In the United States, taxes are applied at the register and vary from state to state. This means that when a game costs $60, gamers can easily pay upwards of another $6 in taxes.

However, in the case of, say, the United Kingdom, taxes are accounted for in the sales price of the game. So when a U.K. citizen buys a game, it costs exactly what the sticker says it costs.

Of course, digital sales have been somewhat of a different beast. For some time, certain U.S. states have charged tax on digital products while others have not, even despite a recent Supreme Court ruling.

Let's look at an example: Subnautica: Below Zero currently retails for $19.99 on Steam. If a gamer buys Below Zero in the state of Georgia, which currently exempts "canned software" purchases from its sales tax, that gamer pays $19.99, or face value upon checkout.

However, if a gamer were to purchase Below Zero in another state, such as Ohio, which does not exempt digital purchases from its sales tax, that same gamer would be charged $21.14 upon checkout. 

This type of discrepancy is often exacerbated in other regions of the world. As laid out by this in-depth article by PC Gamer and referenced in the WCCFTech article above, publishers adjust game prices based on region so that they are more balanced with specific variables, such as brick-and-mortar storefronts.  

Of course, there are myriad reasons why certain pricings might be more or less competitive in specific regions. However, this oversimplification of the forces at work might become increasingly moot as governments the world over continue to make changes to tax laws in relation to digital sales.

A quick look at the site Quaderno shows how countries are adjusting tax laws to increasingly include digital sales and the companies that make games. But of course, even if taxes are initially paid by the seller, its a safe bet gamers will be paying in the end.

Circling Back to Epic and Its Price-Adjusted Refunds

With this in mind, it's easy to see why some would hope that Epic's recent price-adjusted refunds are a signal the company is stepping up to encourage developers and publishers to adjust regional prices so that things are more balanced. 

So, while Epic generally won't make changes to game prices on its own, it would be nice to think they might convince publishers to do so.

Considering that, it's not inconceivable that some might think that's exactly what happened here; that this price-adjusted refund might be the first in such a pivot. But as it turns out, the refund was the result of Epic Games implementing regional pricing in the EGS, something that Steam and other stores already have.

Being that Epic recently added more than 230 countries to its regional pricing list, it's safe to assume any further adjustments will be relatively minimal. 


That said, even offering an automatic refund for such an issue seems to give Epic extra points.

In the amount of time we've used Steam, we don't recall the company ever automatically refunding players for an error on their end, although there have been players who have received free games due to pricing errors during a Winter or Summer Sale. 

In fact, if you take a peek at Steam's refund system FAQ, you won't see anything like this mentioned at all.