Little Nightmares II Articles RSS Feed | Little Nightmares II RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network Little Nightmares 2 Hats Guide: All Locations Thu, 18 Feb 2021 11:47:26 -0500 Jordan Baranowski

Throughout your journey in Little Nightmares 2, you'll come across a few different hats. These don't change gameplay in any way, but you can swap out the ones you've found in the pause menu to customize the look of your character. 

You can actually find a dozen different hats as you play through, including the Paper Bag that you start the game with. Here's where you can find the other ones, broken down by region.

The Wilderness

Raccoon Hat

You'll find the Raccoon Hat in the first building you enter. After you move through the kitchen, you'll enter a hallway. Run down, towards the screen, and you'll find another door on the left. It is lying on the floor in that room.

Nome Hat

To find the Nome Hat, you have to have the Digital Content Bundle DLC, which comes with the Nome's Attic DLC puzzle. If you do, you'll see a Nome run past you after you get the key in the attic. Follow it into the room with the woman in the chair, and climb after it. It will hide in a few different areas, and you need to flush it out each time. 

  • Open the suitcase.
  • Throw a shoe at the cardboard box.
  • Open the drawer.
  • Jump on the chair cushion multiple times.

Then follow it into the next room. The nome will light a match, and you need to guide it along. Walk under the plank and towards the back wall, leading it past the bear traps, then under the shelf. It will wait there.

There's a luggage cart a little to the right of the shelf; roll it backwards, and the nome will hop on. Push the cart back to the right, and the nome will jump onto another shelf.

Keep moving right through the darkness, and you'll find a chain-link door that the nome will help you open. It will then light a lantern. Flip the switch to turn the lights on, then move back into the area with the luggage cart.

At the bottom of the screen in that room, there's a drawer you can pull out to then climb up onto the platform the nome followed. Follow the path it took (much easier now that the lights are on), and you'll find it in the room with the switch.

Rain Hat

The final collectible in the Wilderness is the Rain Hat. After escaping the enemy with the shotgun, you'll come to a broken bridge that Six will help you across. You'll see a bunch of cages in the background. Climb this tower of cages and leap to the one that's hanging. Jump up and down on it a few times and it will fall to the ground. It's inside.

The School

Soccer Ball Hat

This one is found on the playground just before you enter the building. Climb the steps towards the front door, jump over the railing, and this one is sitting on the top of the dumpster.

Tin Can Hat

To get this headgear, you'll need to reach the library. When you drop into this room, you'll see a rolling ladder in the background. You'll need to push the ladder one shelf over, then climb up and claim the headgear before moving the ladder over further to progress through the level.

The Hospital

Teddy Bear Hat

This one is early on, when you reach the X-ray machine puzzle. In the playroom that houses the stuffed animals, climb the shelf against the right-hand wall and grab the Teddy Bear headpiece.

Bandage Hat

After you sneak through the room where the doctor is checking on all the "patients" in the beds, you'll drop into the morgue. Pull out the drawer on the left, and Six will push you into the next room. Move past the table and go open the drawer in the background to find it.

Pale City

Mail Carrier Hat

This in the mailroom, right after you pick up the remote control. When you reach the room with all the letters, drop into the gap, and push against the left wall where the letters are spilling out. There's a somewhat hidden tunnel here with the collectible inside.

Newsie Hat

For this one, you'll have to reach the store in the Pale City. This is where you'll have to use a shopping cart to progress. It's located on top of some shelves.

To get it, pull the shopping cart over from the right (don't push it down the steps!) and use it to climb onto the top of the shelves. Then make your way over and claim it. You're the king of New York!

That's Only Ten!

That's only 10 if you include the one you start with. Where are the last two? One is the Mokujin Mask, which was a preorder bonus for Little Nightmares 2. If you preordered the game, it will be in your inventory from the very beginning. The other is the Fedora, which you will receive after beating the final boss of Little Nightmares 2.

Those are all of the hat locations in Little Nightmares 2. For more, consider checking out our other guides, such as our full school walkthrough and how to find the well-hidden glitching remains

Little Nightmares 2 Glitching Remains Locations and Secret Ending Wed, 17 Feb 2021 15:23:02 -0500 Jordan Baranowski

You may not realize it on your first playthrough of Little Nightmares 2, but Glitching Remains are key to understanding the game's minimalistic story. Not only are they often hidden away in locations that reveal important details, but finding all of them on your playthrough will actually unlock a secret ending that changes an awful lot about the way you interpret the story.

Some of the collectibles are out in the open and easy to find, but others are squirreled away and easy to miss. They look like shadows or little ghostly children, and touching them will cause Mono to clutch his head and twitch around about.

If you want to see everything Little Nightmares 2 has to offer, here is where you can find them for each section of the game. Beware: spoilers follow

The Wilderness

Glitching Remains #1

The first is found when you come across a broken bridge. Drop down like you normally would, but don't climb up the other side. There's a small tunnel on the right. Approach the screen, crouch, and move right to find it by a shovel.


This one is found before the section with the bear traps covered in leaves, right after you slide down the hollow log. Duck back under the log after sliding through, and you'll find another tunnel with the remains at the end.


The third is found in the outhouse. After you leave the first building with Six but before you enter the hunter's shed, you'll see a little outhouse in the background. Approach this and Six will offer to boost you up to the handle. The Glitching Remains is inside.


This one is at the very end of the Wilderness section. After you ride across the water and get to the beach, run up the beach towards the boxes in the background and you'll spot it.

The School


This collectible is technically in the School region, but you find it before you reach the school. In the first section, you'll push a television off a ledge and Six will ride up a rope to a level above you. You'll need her help to jump across a gap. After leaping across, climb the stairs and go through the door on the left. You'll find number 5 there.


Number 6 is found on the playground, just before you climb the rope into the school. The school building is a big "L" shape; head to the juncture (past the stairs) towards a dumpster, and you'll find the remains.


This one is in the section right after Six is kidnapped by the bully enemies. After you move through the room with broken desks stacked in the center, you'll climb through a broken window on a door. You'll see a row of lockers when you drop on the other side.

Pull open the third locker  the only one without a latch  to find the remains.


This trinket is found on the stairwell just outside the chess puzzle. After climbing the stairs, go to the left and look for the remains next to a noose and two bottles.


You can grab this one after completing the chess puzzle and unlocking the door with the key you find. Roll the dish cart from the left side of the hall to the right, but don't go through the vent yet. Push open the door that the cart was pushed up against before you moved it, and you'll find the remains on top of the ice chest.


Number 10 is found after you escape the school. You and Six are back out in the rain, and you have to move a dumpster to jump onto a high ledge. After that, you'll see a small alley at the top of the screen with a paper boat in it. Approach and you'll find the last remains in this section.

The Hospital


Look in the room just to the right of where you find the flashlight. It's a "T" shaped room with a long hallway running away from the screen. Run up this hallway towards the wagon to find the remains.


This one is found after you solve the X-Ray machine puzzle. Once you've burned the toy and found the key, move upstairs and unlock the door. Run through the operating room and you'll find yourself in a large hallway lined with mannequin parts. Run up this hallway to find the remains.


After finding the first fuse, you can find Glitching Remains 13. In the memorable hallway where all the arms reach towards you from the sides, run up towards the metal bars instead of down through the arms. There's a small hole you can go through in the bars, partially hidden by the door. Go through this gap and enter the room on your left to find it.


You'll find 14 in the shower. Once you drop in, head to the top left corner and pull the box away from the wall. This will reveal a small vent, leading to a room with the remains inside.

Pale City


Look immediately after you escape the hospital. Once you drop out the window onto the street, run up the alley towards the manhole. Climb down the ladder into the sewers to find it.


After using the elevators to reach the top floor, you'll find this collectible. Look for a room that looks like the one in the image below. Inside, head to the lower left and pull the box away from the wall. This will reveal a little opening you can squeeze through. Find the remains inside.


The 17th collectible is found almost immediately after number 16. After you jump across a few rooftops and see the signal tower in the distance, you'll come across a wooden fence you climb to progress. Instead of climbing it, head behind it and work your way up the boxes and through the window. Find the remains inside.


You'll locate this one, the last you'll find in Little Nightmares 2, after leaving the mailroom. After you use the clothes-hanger zipline, jump back out the window you came through onto the roof. Head up through the other open window to find the last remains.

The Secret Ending and Other Rewards

If you manage to find all 18 hidden items, you'll unlock an extra scene in the game's ending. It doesn't directly explain things, but it does a lot to change the way we perceive this, should we say. sequel.

In addition to this little bonus scene, you'll also get several trophies/achievements for finding the trinkets. There's one tied to each region, so finding all of them in the Wilderness will unlock Wild Kids; all in the School will unlock School Kids; all in the Hospital will unlock Sick Kids; and all in the Pale City will unlock Pale Kids. In addition, the No More Remains trophy/achievement pops after you find all 18.

And that's where you find all of the Glitching Remains in Little Nightmares 2, as well as how you unlock the secret ending and a handful of trophies/achievements. Not bad for a couple of kids up against their worst nightmares! Check out our game page for more on this creepy little platformer, where we have a walkthrough on the school area, as well as where to find all of the game's headgear

Little Nightmares 2 School Walkthrough Thu, 18 Feb 2021 11:46:53 -0500 Jordan Baranowski

School is a rough time for almost everyone, and Little Nightmares 2 knows exactly how to play into those childhood fears. Nasty bullies, losing track of your friends, teachers who are out to get you. It's all there. This walkthrough will get you through it. 

The school is the second main area you encounter in the game, after the opening section in the wilderness. There are some tricky areas here, so here's how you get through this section of Little Nightmares 2

Beware: spoilers follow

Little Nightmares 2 School Walkthrough

Getting Inside

After you leave the wilderness, you'll start prowling through a ruined city. Take in the sights as you go, and you'll eventually walk through the cafe, just before encountering the school. This is where you'll find the first main puzzle section.

After you walk through the cafe, you'll find a pile of smashed televisions. Move to the wall on the right, and Six will get in place to boost you through a hole in the wall. In the next area, climb on top of the TV missing its screen and jump to grab the rope. Swing back and forth until you kick the other TV down the hole, pulling you up to a new area.

Jump onto the ledge and move to the left. Push the TV off the ledge, and Six will ride up to the floor above you.

Go back to the right and move up the stairs. Six will approach the other side of the large gap and catch you when you leap across. Go through the door on the left and approach the TV near the top of the ledge to find a Glitching Remains.

Cross the narrow beam, and you'll enter a room with a suit hanging from a noose. Squeeze through the next door, and you'll enter a room with a television putting out a strange signal. Walk towards it. Mono will place his hands on the screen.

Use the left stick to adjust the screen until it lines up straight, then do it a second time, and you'll be transported to a corridor. Run towards the door, and you'll eventually collapse back outside the screen.

Jump through the window to help Six pull the dumpster away from the fence to enter the playground. The building is in an "L" shape, so head to the juncture up past the main staircase. There's a Glitching Remains by a dumpster (the blue arrow in the screen below).

If you climb the stairs towards the front door, then move down to the top of yet another dumpster, you'll find the Soccer Ball Hat as well (the red circle). Finally, head to the lower right and climb the bedsheet rope to enter the school.

Getting to Class

Move to the right until you find a lever. Jump and grab it, and you'll notice something odd about the painting. Run up the hall in the middle of the corridor, then go through the door. There several objects here you can pick up.

Grab one and run back to the painting. When Mono changes the way he's holding the item, throw it at the painting to knock it off the wall, revealing a new path.

In the next room, jump onto the weak floorboard. Six will start jumping on it as well. Time your jump with hers a few times, and you'll open a trapdoor to the next section. As you move through the next few corridors, watch for loose floorboards that trigger swinging traps.

Eventually, you'll encounter a door on your right that leads to a janitor's closet and a hallway leading up towards a window and a toy sitting there. Approach closely, as a locker will fall on you if you run too quickly towards it.

Once the locker falls, jump on top of it, then over the ledge to the right. In the next room, crouch and trigger the trap that sends a light fixture swinging. It will swing over you if you're ducking. Jump on top of it and over the next obstacle.

In the next room, you'll be attacked by a group of Bullies. They'll trap you in a locker and capture Six. Once you free yourself, move right, grab the hammer, and smash the bully that's looking the other direction.

The next room has a pile of broken desks and another bully. Trigger the trap, and stay close to the screen to send a bucket swinging to smash the enemy. Jump on the chair and through the window of the door on the right.

Right after you land, approach the third locker (the only one without a latch) and pull it open to find a Glitching Remains. Keep moving right, past the elevator with the padlock, and you'll enter the classroom.

The School Classroom

Creep behind the desks whenever the teacher has her back turned, pausing if she looks out at the class. Keep moving right until you enter a small room full of cabinets. Start climbing the bookshelf to grab the key, but be ready: it will tip over once you get high enough.

After it does, quickly grab the key, and hide in the open box on the floor until the teacher shuts the door. This will open a small vent that leads back to the classroom.

Keep an eye on her pattern as she moves between the desks. Your goal should be to get back behind the desks, moving towards the elevator you saw on the way in. As you approach the door, the teacher will probably spot you. Just start sprinting, and you should be fine to open the lock and ride the elevator up.

Keep moving, and you'll encounter a bully drawing with chalk on the floor. Get it to notice you, but stay out of the reach of its tether: it will run at you and stun itself. Grab the pipe on the floor by the chalkboard and smash this foe, then break open the door to your right by hitting it with the pipe.

Climb up the desk and move through the vent until you fall out, knocking bottles to the floor below. Quickly move over the beam to the open box in the top left and crouch inside, as the teacher will come looking for you.

Once she stops looking, move over the other beams. You can grab the jar to avoid knocking it over, or you can move past it and hide in the other open box if the teacher investigates again. Jump to the bedsheet rope and climb up, moving over the beams until you come to a wooden plank standing upright. Push it over and walk across quickly, hopping into the vent and moving to the library.


A shadow moves past as the teacher enters the library. Drop to the floor, and you'll see a rolling ladder; move it over one shelf and climb up to find the Tin Can Hat.

Roll the ladder all the way to the right to get on the top of some shelves. When the books fall, start running. The teacher will burst through and snap at you.

Move quickly to reach the gap to evade her, and you'll come to a few towers of books. Jump to the first, then climb sideways to the other side to jump to the next. This will alert the teacher once again. Circle around the tower to avoid her spotting you until she gives up, then jump to the next area and hide behind the pile of books until she walks through the door.

Grab the box with the handle in the top left corner of the room, and drag it to the door the teacher walked through. Jump up to grab the handle, and move to the next area.

Climb up the staircase and head to the left. Near a few bottles, you'll spot a Glitching Remains. Move past the clock to the other side of the landing, and pick up the flat circle on the floor. Set it on top of the chess piece, climb on top, then jump to the door handle to encounter the chess puzzle.

The Queen's Gambit

In the room, you'll see a bully (deactivated) attached to a piece in the center of a chessboard. Move to the right and grab the drawing of the eye. It will flip up, revealing a drawing of the puzzle solution.

Jump on the table to take the top off the queen piece. Take it to the board, but just leave it on the floor for now.

Return to the hall and take the top off the piece you used to enter the room. Bring it inside, and place it on the piece on the left of the board so you can jump on the table and grab the king top. Put the king top on the piece just below the bully.

Take the flat rook top, and place it on the piece to the right of the black king, then put the queen top on the piece on the left, so the board matches the drawing. This will trigger the light on the right of that room. Use the top of the rook to jump onto this table, then jump and grab the light to open a secret door in the back.

Grab the key in this secret compartment, then exit the room and go back down the stairs. Head to the locked room on the right, and open it with the key you just obtained.

In the next hallway, move the rolling shelves from the left side to the right. You'll move them away from a door. Push through this door to find a Glitching Remains. Then climb the rolling shelves, and go through the vent to enter the kitchen. Grab the ladle off the floor, and you'll have to beat up a group of bullies.

The timing here is tricky, but take them all out, and one's head will pop off instead of shattering. Approach this head, and you'll put it on. Then move to the vent on the right to enter the cafeteria.

Move past all the chaos, avoiding falling objects or getting too close to any of the bullies. Keep moving until you reach a small closet and the bully's head falls off your own and breaks.

For Science!

In this small room, climb the shelves in the top right to start moving upwards. Keep moving higher, walking over the wooden board on the lights, climbing another set of shelves, jumping to the rope and swinging across. Grab the brain in the jar, and throw it to the floor, then jump on the hook to follow it to the ground.

Pick up the brain, and throw it at the button on the wall to open the door. Move into the next room and through the vent, hiding under the desk until the teacher moves. When she's on the right side of the room, move to the middle section and hide. She will eventually take a knife out of the drawer and move to the next room. Push through the door to follow her inside.

Once inside, climb up the desk drawers so you're on the same counter the teacher is working at. Stay behind the jars, and she'll eventually turn her back. Pause at each section of jars, staying crouched until she turns her back each time. You'll hop over onto another table, then eventually through another vent. Climb the bookcase in this next room to go through another vent and encounter more bullies.

Pick up the hammer, and work your way through this (incredibly irritating) section of traps and bullies. You'll probably die here a few times as you work out the timing.

Eventually, you'll enter a bathroom where you'll find Six suspended in the air by a rope. Smash the bullies in this room, and use the hammer to hit the wooden boards to release your old friend. Exit through the window, cross the boards, and you'll be in a room with a piano.

Sweet Music

Use the lever in the back to lift the piano off the ground, then drop it on the floor. Climb on top of it, and time your jumps with Six to finish the hole and fall to the lower level. Approach the top left corner of this new room, and Six will boost you through the hole in the wall.

Sneak around the back of this room as Six jumps on the piano keys, distracting the bully. Grab the pipe and smash her, then pick up the key in the center of the room. Grab the screen, and Six will help you lift it open so you can reenter the piano room. Use the key to open the door on the right.

There's a bully in the next room, but keep sneaking to the right, and Six will take care of it. Pull out the drawer and use it as a step to climb over the dresser, then run up the stairs. Approach the flat surface of the cabinet near the door. Six will boost you up. Climb to the top of the file cabinet, then push the box off. This will allow Six to climb up and help you open the vent cover.

You'll find the teacher playing the piano. Only move when she's playing: if you make any noise when she stops to write, she'll catch you.

You'll need to get to the lever on the right side of the room, use it to lower the scaffolding, pull the wheeled box to the left side of the room, use that to climb back up, then cross the scaffold with Six.

She will hear you when you pry open the vent cover and chase you. Just keep moving, and you'll eventually escape to the street, exiting the school for good. Continue moving to the right, crossing a wooden plank over a chasm and wheeling a dumpster to access a high ledge, and you'll see a small alley with a paper boat in it. Approach it to get the last Glitching Remains in this section and pop an achievement.

Phew! That's it for our Little Nightmares 2 school walkthrough guide. Now you're on to the hospital. For more on Little Nightmares 2, consider checking out our other guides on hat locations and how to find all of the game's glitching remains

Little Nightmares 2 Review: Beautiful Nightmare Fuel Tue, 09 Feb 2021 12:04:40 -0500 Jordan Baranowski

The original Little Nightmares released to extremely positive reviews back in 2017. Its combination of grotesque and terrifying visuals, a mysterious narrative, and plenty of puzzle platforming made quite the splash.

Now developer Tarsier Studios is taking us back into this creepy little world with Little Nightmares 2, a game that builds off the style and successes of the original while adding some new ideas and continuing the story.

Little Nightmares 2 Review: Beautiful Nightmare Fuel

Little Nightmares 2 can be best described as an atmospheric puzzle platformer. You step into the role of a child named Mono, who wakes up in a mysterious world full of dangers. As you explore your surroundings, very little of the story is directly spelled out. You're not going to find audio logs teasing a big bad or a cackling villain explaining their master plan.

Instead, Little Nightmares 2 relies on its clever world building to hint at what has happened in the terrifying places you explore. The world is suffering. Environments are destroyed and dilapidated, filled with discarded belongings from before whatever calamity afflicted this world.

Clothing piled into dumpsters, flickering spirit children, and a mysterious television signal are just some of the many aspects you'll spot that indicate exactly how things went wrong.

As you pull levers, avoid traps, and puzzle out how to get through the next area, you'll want to explore every little side area to make sure you don't miss a thing. 

For the most part, the enemies in Little Nightmares 2 tower over you, and if they catch you, it's game over. In the first game, you can dodge and sneak past beings like the Chefs and the incredibly-long-armed Janitor. In Little Nightmares 2, there are a number of different types of confrontations; sometimes, you'll even have to take the fight directly to your foes.

The enemies you encounter here are every bit as horrifying and full of surprises. There were multiple times when trying to survive against these different foes made me jump out of my seat, as they're prone to bursting through doors or turning suddenly as you make a break for it.

Though the levels aren't laid out to look like it, most of your attempts to survive against these insta-kill foes are essentially timing puzzles. You'll need to hide under a desk here, cause a distraction there, and sprint into a narrow grate just as they reach out to grab you.

That means Little Nightmares 2 features a lot of trial and error; due to the nature of some of the game's puzzles, death will sometimes just hit you out of nowhere. Checkpoints are generally very close to one another, so it usually isn't too frustrating.


Sometimes, it takes a bit more "error" than I would like to figure out the perfect combination of events to get me to the next scene. In that way, Little Nightmares 2 is a game that sometimes desperately calls for a break. You can easily find yourself beating your head against the wall, restarting a section a dozen times and getting nowhere. That's before giving up in frustration.  

This is most apparent in the game's combat sections. There are some minor enemies this time around, and you can grab items littered around the environment to smack them around. This is easier said than done, however.

Usually, the weapons you find are as big as your character. Swinging them takes a lot of time, and it's incredibly hard to judge how far you'll swing and how quickly your enemies are moving. There are multiple sections that had me swearing because I would couldn't work out the timing for how to smack the different enemies that were charging towards me.

But more often than not, when I put the game down and returned with a clear mind, I breezed through the section I was stuck on in the first couple of tries. That "obtuseness" is the only aspect of Little Nightmares 2 I can fault, and even that has some old-school charm to it. You're going to die multiple times here; that's just par for the course.

Little Nightmares 2 Review  The Bottom Line


  • Extremely impressive atmosphere
  • Well-designed environments
  • Gives the player credit, not full of prompts and tutorial sections
  • Compelling story to uncover


  • Some sections are overly frustrating
  • Combat mechanics are unimpressive

Little Nightmares 2 is a lot more substantial than the first game, offering more foes and environments to explore. It also continues the story threads from the first game; even though you're playing as a new character, you'll encounter an old friend early on who will follow you on much of the journey. 

There's also a new central antagonist to deal with, and you'll see several hints of this nasty foe (and some of what they've done to cause so much destruction to the world) as you move forward through the different areas of Little Nightmares 2.

Finally, Little Nightmares 2 just feels good to play. The way everything flows together with hidden loading screens and a vast, interconnected environment, the way the massive enemies seem to be going about daily routines until they spot you, sending them into a terrifying rage — this game begs you to keep exploring its twisted world and rarely ceases to impress.

In short, Little Nightmares 2 is a must-have if you are a fan of the first game or similar platformers like Limbo or Inside. It's creepy and gorgeous, and it flexes the puzzle-solving areas of your brain. It isn't perfect, but it is one of the best in the genre.

[Note: Bandai Namco provided the copy of Little Nightmares 2 used for this review.]

Sample a Buffet of Horrors with the Little Nightmares 2 Demo, Creepy Gameplay Trailer Fri, 15 Jan 2021 12:45:32 -0500 Josh Broadwell

Little Nightmares 2 is out February 11, but Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One owners can get a taste of the dark puzzler action on offer now thanks to the Little Nightmares 2 demo.

Little Nightmares 2 follows Mono, a young child with a bag on their head, and Six, the raincoat-clad heroine from the first game, as they try to restore order in their dark world. A nearby tower emits a strange signal and transforms everything into nightmarish forms of their true selves.

Though we haven't yet played it ourselves, it looks just as creepy, if not more so, than the original. 

Alongside the demo, a new Little Nightmares 2 trailer gives fans a taste of what's to come, including a Resident Evil 7-style dinner from hell, a child's cafeteria twisted enough to make Dickens' Mr. Bumble quake in fear, and dozens of platforming and puzzle challenges awaiting Mono and Six.

In short, it's even more of what we already love from the original Little Nightmares

Pre orders for last-gen consoles and PC are currently open over on the Bandai Namco store for $29.95. Alongside those, fans can also purchase Little Nightmares 2 apparel (the Pale City and Mono Tees look pretty great if we do say so ourselves), as well as Stay Tuned bundles that include the game, its soundtrack, an artbook and steelbook, and a Mono and Six diorama. Currently, there's a waiting list for each of those bundles. 

Lastly, Bandai Namco is giving away a free Steam code for Little Nightmares until January 17, 2021, at 11:59 p.m. PST. Fans can enter here.

But perhaps even better, Little Nightmare-ites have the opportunity to snag a custom Little Nightmares 2 Switch console, which includes "a custom dock & Joy-Cons," a burlap sack, a Mono patch, a Six patch, a reversible hat, a Stay Tuned bundle, and the game. 

Four Limited Launch Kits are also up for grabs, which includes everything listed above sans the custom Switch console. 

The Little Nightmares 2 demo is out now, while the full game releases February 11 for PC (via Steam), PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, with free upgrades on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S coming later in 2021.

15 Horror Games to Play in October 2020 and Beyond Fri, 09 Oct 2020 17:26:25 -0400 Mark Delaney

October means different things to different people. Some see it as the start of sweater weather, while others stock up on the various pumpkin spice items at every grocery store and coffee shop in their city. For me, and maybe for you, it's primarily the spooky season.

Days get shorter, the orange lights go up around the neighborhood, and the horror vibes get more intense, making a scary game, movie, or book sometimes the only thing that will fulfill your intentions to have an unsettling night.

With so many horror games out now in Early Access, more coming out this month, and plenty not far behind, we rounded up what to put on your Halloween playlist in these weeks leading up to the unofficial holiday. Here are 15 horror games to play in October and beyond.


Visage has been in Early Access for a few years already, but it remains one of the most anticipated horror games to date because anyone who has played what's available has been left shaken. A gorgeous looking supernatural ghost story, Visage is perhaps the closest we'll ever come to seeing Kojima's PT made into a full game.


Have you ever wanted to go "squatching," where you head into the woods and hunt for Sasquatch? In Bigfoot, that's exactly what you do. Gear up, bring some friends, and no one leaves 'til you find the big guy's makeshift pooping grounds. More likely, he'll find you first, and when he does, it's not going to end well. 

Second Extinction

The newest game to hit Early Access on this list is Second Extinction, and while it's more like Left 4 Dead in that it's an action game with horror elements, there's still plenty to be scared about given all the mutated dinosaurs out to feast on you. This one comes from a small team within Avalanche, the studio behind Just Cause and Generation Zero, so players can expect a spectacle in addition to some scares.


It's a long list, but Phasmophobia might take the crown as the scariest game on it. It simulates real ghosthunting, like with electromagnetism readers, flashlights, thermometers  the whole deal. Alone or with a group of up to three partners, you'll load out of a van, head into a haunted house, and try to study a ghost living there before it gets you first. Phasmophobia even uses your voice chat and will sometimes focus on louder players, plus you can taunt the entity by saying its name  if you dare.

Launching Before Halloween

October's going to be a busy month for horror games. Here's what's coming in time for Halloween 2020.

Remothered: Broken Porcelain (October 13)

The sequel to 2018's strangest horror story looks like it's going to be another weird one, but I say that with endearment. Remothered's blend of old-school survival horror and new-school hide-and-seek makes for a unique experience, and after some demo time with the game earlier this year, I'm eager to see what the full story is set to unravel.

Amnesia: Rebirth (October 20)

Personally, no game on this list fills me with a more confounding sensation than Amnesia: Rebirth. It's the type of sensation I can only describe as the child of excitement and dread. Few games have ever achieved the heights of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and for Frictional to return to the series over a decade later suggests that they've got something special prepared. It may be tough to play this one with the lights off.

Pumpkin Jack (October 23)

Okay, so Pumpkin Jack isn't exactly a horror game. Maybe you could call it a gateway horror for very fresh eyes, but it's really not even trying to be that. Instead, it's one of the most well-timed releases of the year. Arriving just a week before Halloween, this MediEvil-like 3D platformer has all the spooky sounds and vibrant visuals of a classic monster cartoon like Scooby-Doo. It's developed by a single person, too, so if you like supporting indies, teams don't get any smaller than this.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope (October 30)

The team behind surprise PS4 hit Until Dawn went multiplatform with Man of Medan, the first game in Supermassive's The Dark Pictures Anthology. Now they're back with Little Hope, focused on the witch trials that harmed many innocent women a few hundred years ago. With a time-jumping story and a few famous faces, Little Hope will likely be a horror game of choice.

Saving Some Scares for Later

These horror games won't be ready to play before Halloween, but they deserve to stay on your wishlist for future frightfests.

Someday You'll Return (out now on PC, console launch coming soon)

Someday You'll Return is already out on PC if that's your preferred platform, but if you're waiting for the console launch, hopefully, you're not waiting too much longer. It's scheduled for 2020 and fans of both horror games new and old will appreciate it for different reasons.

Its central story of a father looking for his lost daughter is right out of Silent Hill, but the first-person adventure-horror gameplay feels much more modern. Being lost in the game's European woods means lots of opportunities for side attractions and peripheral scares too.

Once Upon A Time In Roswell

Not to be confused with the Tarantino movie of a slightly different name, Once Upon A Time In Roswell is, of course, a horror game about aliens. That's an unfathomably less-traveled space in the games industry, so it's exciting on that basis alone. But it's also more than an alien game. Sequences seem to also point to some weird repressed memories we can't yet make sense of, and it all takes place decades ago, giving it some period piece flair as well.

Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 has maybe been stuck in development hell for a while, but that doesn't change the fact that it's one of the most ambitious horror games announced. Hopefully, 2021 is the year we finally see it all come together. With a deeper story driven by player choice and a bigger world to explore, Dying Light 2 could go down as one of the best zombie games ever, or it may never see the light of day. Surely all horror fans are hoping for the former.


If Second Extinction's kind of *ahem* dino crisis isn't what you are looking for, maybe Deathground is. Think of it as Alien Isolation but with dinosaurs instead of Xenomorphs. Or even easier: think of it as a game where every moment is like when the kids hide from the raptors in the kitchen in Jurassic Park. Sounds good, right? It looks good, too. We don't know when we'll get to play it just yet, but for now, we'll practice holding our breath and not knocking over any pots and pans.

The Outlast Trials

I vividly recall reviewing Outlast 2 because no review assignment has ever tested my mettle, and this stunningly scary sequel from The Red Barrels could be more of that. Set in the deserts of Arizona amid a doomsday cult, the classic green-tinted camera work of the original game returns with new features, like soundtracking, and even more memorable scares. I get chills thinking about this one. Even as the sequel plans to introduce co op for the first time, I expect nothing less than another paralyzing demonstration in fear. You've been warned.

Resident Evil 8: Village

Resident Evil needs no introduction, but we'd be foolish to leave it off a list of our most-anticipated horror games. According to credible leaks that seem to be backed up by trailer footage, this latest mainline sequel is going to get weirder than ever before. Werewolves, witches, and more will make their series debuts, and that's the sort of departure that could drive away longtime fans. And yet, early playtesting has been nothing but glowing. It sounds like the REnaissance will continue.

Little Nightmares 2 

The name is perhaps a bit misleading, since the original Little Nightmares always had huge potential to give you nightmares. With its Tim Burton factor cranked to 11 and some truly harrowing encounters with the stuff of real-life night terrors, Little Nightmares earned its place among the generation's best horror games. It sits as a cousin to things like Limbo and Inside, and the sequel should only further cement its place as one of the best new horror series to emerge in recent years.

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There are sure to be more great horror games announced over the coming months, so stay tuned to GameSkinny for news on their announcements, release dates, and more. 

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Looking for more horror games to play right now? Don't forget that quite a few already landed this year. Here are some to get you started:


For more, be sure to head over to our other lists showcasing the most anticipated games of 2020:




Developer: Duality Games
Release Date: 
TBD 2020


Unholy is a massive question mark at the moment. The game's visual aesthetic looks amazing (those tentacles coming out of the crib in the trailer are truly chilling). However, I have to wonder if Unholy will end up being similar to Inner Chains, where the art direction took precedence over the gameplay.


Unholy is coming from a new collaboration of developers working on four separate titles. While Unholy could crash and burn, I've got high hopes for a truly horrifying experience, where we play as a mother in search of her abducted child on a dying planet.


Darkest Dungeon 2


Developer: Red Hook Studios
Release Date:
February 2020


After dealing with rampant vampirism in Darkest Dungeon's The Crimson Court DLC and going mad from a terrible green glow with the Lovecraft-themed Color Of Madness expansion, we're finally going to get a true sequel to Darkest Dungeon!


Sadly, Darkest Dungeon 2 has no release window, so we may not get this one for a few years still. But it seems likely Darkest Dungeon 2 will arrive in Early Access at some point in 2020 to get through the same rigorous balance tweaks the first game saw.


Expect Darkest Dungeon 2 to be gruelingly hard, but with some major tweaks to the combat and town systems to reduce the infamous grind found in Darkest Dungeon.


Hopefully, we'll soon get to contract new terrible diseases and die of fright from massive heart attacks while facing terrors unknown!


The Walking Dead: Saints And Sinners


Developer: Skydance Interactive
Release Date: 
January 23, 2020


With a third TV series in the works and several spin-off movies due to arrive soon, there's no doubt The Walking Dead has just about been run into the ground. Forget beating a dead horse. Now we're just beating dead zombies.


So why include The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners on this list? Because Saints and Sinners is a VR game, and we need some more solid horror VR games, pronto!


The gameplay we've seen of Saints and Sinners so far makes interesting use of a backpack mechanic for more immersion, and there seems to be some character customization involved. Of course, the real goods will be in lopping heads off of zombies in the first-person.


The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners is one of the very few 2020 horror games with a firm release date: due to drop on January 23.




Developer: Phobia Game Studio
PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Release Date: 
TBD 2020


Carrion might appear to be the odd game out in this list, but this "reverse horror" platformer gives horror fans what they've always wanted. In Carrion, you can finally play as the amorphous "Thing" and wreak havoc on the scientists and military personnel trying to keep you from escaping!


Between the reverse platforming mechanics and the extremely bloody trailer, Carrion might end up being the surprise 2D horror hit of the year. Just watch out for those flame throwers!


Kingdom Of Night


Developer: Black Seven Studios
PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch
Release Date:
October 2020


This entry may not be quite what you're expecting based on our other picks. Kingdom Of Night is an isometric pixel-art action RPG dripping with dark atmosphere. KoN also happens to be filled to the brim with demonic enemies.


Serving as a nice counterpoint to the early access title HellSign, Kingdom of the Night's music, art style, and typography all nail the '80s horror aesthetic.


While you are unlikely to scream in terror at any point, it looks like you will have fun hacking apart werewolves, zombies, and other demonic entities with a machete. 


The Dark Pictures Little Hope


Developer: Supermassive Games
PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Release Date: 
TBD 2020


We don't know much about the next entry in the Dark Pictures anthology series that began with Man Of Medan. Though we know that Little Hope is coming soon, that it takes place in the dark woods, and that there may or may not be witches involved, everything else is a mystery.


Considering Man of Medan had 14 different endings and injected new life into the "interactive movie" sub-genre, it seems like a good bet anyone who loved Until Dawn or similar games will be right at home with Little Hope.


Remothered: Broken Porcelain


Developer: Stormind Games
PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch
Release Date:
TBD 2020


Remothered: Broken Porcelain contains some very clear nods to cult classic Rule Of Rose, a survival horror game released for the PlayStation 2 in 2006. I suspect Broken Porcelain will have an equally disturbing story and terrifyingly similar imagery.


The follow up to Remothered: Tormented Fathers, Broken Porcelain moves the series to an abandoned hotel in the middle of nowhere.


How a classic style in the vein of Rule of Rose will translate to modern gameplay remains to be seen, however. The revival of old-school horror games has been rather hit or miss in recent years.


The unfortunate Clocktower reboot, Nightcry, was slaughtered by negative reviews, while Remothered: Tormented Fathers also had its share of gameplay issues.


If done right, this could be the Silent Hill 2 of a new generation. 


Dying Light 2 


Developer: Techland
PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Release Date:
TBD 2020


Although more action than horror, there's plenty of zombie-slaying mayhem in Dying Light 2. Set to release in spring 2020, Dying Light 2 is shaping up to be something to look forward to. The game will feature choice-based gameplay and a more reactive world than the one found in Dying Light.


A recent 25-minute trailer shows off Dying Light 2's stunning visuals and map design. It's clear there will be different ways to approach missions as you try to keep humanity alive just a little while longer.


The Last Of Us Part 2


Developer: Naughty Dog
PlayStation 4
Release Date: 
May 29, 2020


OK, does The Last of Us Part 2 count as a horror game? TLoU2 has infected zombie-ites using hive intelligence, post-apocalyptic Seraphites getting brutally butchered, and a morbidly dark undertone oozing with dread and terror. 


If you didn't cry in horror during the prologue of The Last of Us, then you just flat out aren't human. From what we've seen, you might be able to redeem yourself with TLoU2. 


Assuming no more delays impact The Last of Us Part 2, this massively anticipated sequel will release on May 29. It will be exclusively single-player at launch, predominantly focusing on story. Expect some gruesome deaths. And bring along a box of tissues for those tough moral choices. 


System Shock Remake


Developer: Nightdive Studios
PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Release Date: 
Q1 2020


I suspect I'd be mildly embarrassed if I went back and looked at how many times we've included the System Shock Remake on various "most anticipated games of the coming year" lists. 2016? Check. 2018? Yup, check.


Why have we been eagerly awaiting a full remake of System Shock year after year? Much like Half-Life and Deus Ex, System Shock would great influence other games to come. We directly have it to thank for the Bioshock series.


Unfortunately, like those other classics, it hasn't aged super well. One of the few games to truly deserve a remake, System Shock needs to be played by a new generation. 


Want to see where AI run amok and sci-fi mashing with horror really got its start in the PC gaming realm? I'll just note that the game is currently listed on Steam as arriving in 2020, so, we'll see if it happens this time...


Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2


Developer: Hardsuit Labs
PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Release Date: 
TBD 2020


With a hallowed horror classic like Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines, so much could go wrong in a sequel. 


While the lovably buggy nonsense of the original game's can be seen as endearing 15 years later, such a launch for Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 won't go over well today.


To say that Hardsuit Labs has a monumental task ahead of them is an understatement. The development team is tasked with capturing the essence of the original while presenting the more polished gameplay modern gamers expect.


Seeking to avoid a rocky launch, the game's release has been pushed back from its original March 2020 window. 


Can't wait that long? Coteries of New York, an upcoming adventure game from Draw Distance, is set to release in December. Coteries follows a format similar to that of visual novels, so don't expect anything on the scale of Bloodlines 2




Developer: Madmind Studio
Release Date: 
TBD 2020


Some are still steamed about Agony's botched release. Considering what was first delivered, that's understandable. But I'm glad there are indie developers pushing the boundaries of horror, even if the games aren't perfect.


Paranoid, also from MadMind, leaves Hell behind and delves into an 80's-tinged hellhouse dripping with drug-fueled paranoia. From the aesthetic to the presentation, here's a lot of potential in Paranoid. If done right, loss and addiction can be the most gripping terror horror has to offer. 


Hopefully, we'll find out next year. 




Developer: Madmind Studio
Release Date: 
TBD 2020


Let's go ahead and get the other scandalous horror game out of the way. We don't want you thinking we're a hentai site or anything.


Succubus is a spin-off of the controversial Agony, which was set directly in the bowels of Hell itself. Agony was the contemporary of the mythos-focused erotic horror game, Lust For Darkness.


The original Agony stirred not only the anti-nudity crowd, but also backers who felt deceived by Agony's marketing. Scenes were cut from the final product, and large parts of the game were censored before an unrated version was released.


Less a sequel and more a spin-off, Succubus puts players in the role of a demonic priestess out for revenge. Shifting perspective from poor, damned martyr sets Succubus up to be more action packed than Agony, but nonetheless hellish.


Lust From Beyond


Developer: Movie Games Lunarium
PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Release Date: 
TBD 2020


The erotic horror sub-genre might be more than just an odd blip on the radar.


A sequel to Lust For Darkness is set to take everything from the first game and make it bigger. Lust From Beyond will have a bigger world, more game mechanics, and the addition of a secondary rival sex cult known as the Scarlet Lodge.


The sneak peak beta we were able to play a few months back showed plenty of scares and deadly extradimensional vaginas. It teased both fully interactive sex scenes and significantly more pornographic imagery than the first game.


Based on what we've seen already, I wonder how on earth this game will stay on Steam. If you missed it when it first came out some months back, the prologue is now free to play on Steam.


Be warned, though: because it's an adult-only game, you have to change your content preferences to be able to see the deplorable game page.


Whatever Horror Game Red Barrels is Working on


DECEMBER UPDATE: Red Barrels has now confirmed the title as The Outlast Trials. Set in the Cold War, it looks to be a co-op horror experience revolving around surviving horrific tests.


The development crew behind the Outlast series began posting ads for new programmers back in April 2019. From that, it's clear something is in the works, either as a follow-up to Outlast 2 or an entirely new project. 


With that information, it's entirely possible whatever Red Barrels is working on may not come out by the end of 2020. But we're going to list the project here because we're already excited for the official announcement, which could come by the end of December.


As of this writing, all we have to go on is the image above, which reads, "Where freedom ends." Though it could be a title, the text is most likely a tag line for the project. 


Since both of the studio's previous games began with strong religious connotations before taking hard left turns into sci-fi territory, we have to wonder if a similar theme will continue in the next game. We also have to wonder if weapons will finally make it to a Red Barrels game.


A slew of horror (and horror-adjacent) games are in the works for 2020 and beyond. Covering just about every genre, from visual novels to platformers and even isometric RPGs, some of the most anticipated horror video games potentially coming out in 2020 might not be what you think. 


It's true that some of these might get delayed and release in 2021 or 2022. But the 15 horror games we've collected look like they have the most potential to release in some form over the next year. Many of the games look like they will knock our socks off and keep us sleeping with the lights on!


Let's take a look and see what's in store for horror fanatics over the next 12 months.